Spells to Make You Beautiful [Powerful Beauty Spells]

Spells to Make You Beautiful

There are so many spells to make you beautiful and all of them delightful to do. There are spells with teas, bath spells, candle spells and I love all of them. It is not an unfair use of witchcraft to spend a bit of time on ourselves and use our casting to refresh ourselves and … Read more

Ancient Spells to Get Powers [With a Modern Twist]

Ancient Spells to Get Powers

These spells to get powers help you unlock your true abilities. Harness strength you haven’t tapped into hidden strengths you weren’t even aware of. You can work on unlocking specific powers or allow magick to unlock inner strengths you hadn’t even thought of. Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to adapt a lot of old … Read more

Powerful Wish Spells That Work Instantly

Wish Spells That Work Instantly

Wish spells that work instantly are amazingly simple to cast and are perfect to use when you need a quick fix to something. Wish spells work really well when your Wiccan powers are strong and your magical influence is at its peak. These are the easiest spells to cast when you have something very specific … Read more

Powerful New Moon Spells

Powerful New Moon Spells

Casting new moon spells is an amazing experience as it is a time of cosmic reset. A perfect time to set new intentions and reinvent yourself and your life. During the new moon phase of the month, you have about three days to cast spells with the new moon as your backdrop. most of the … Read more

Quickly Cleansing Negative Energy With Sea Salt

Cleansing Negative Energy With Sea Salt

Sea salt is one of those amazingly powerful ingredients people often underestimate. Cleansing negative energy with sea salt is the simplest and most effective way of dealing with negativity. It’s so potent that any use of sea salt mixed into a ritual can help cleanse negative energy from a space. For extra potency, however, there are … Read more

Powerful Spells for Tonight’s Full Moon

Powerful Spells for Tonight's Full Moon

Every coven worth their salt keeps careful track of moon phases and these are some of our powerful spells for tonight’s full moon. These are often cast together as a coven but they’ll work well for a solo witch as well. It’s important to remember that the full moon amplifies any kind of spellwork but if … Read more

How to Use Chakra Candles (And Their Affinity)

How to Use Chakra Candles

A lot of our spells involve candles in various ways but some types are fairly specific. I wanted to cover a specific example on how to use Chakra Candles and break down each candle into their meanings. Now, obviously, there is no one single way to use chakra candles. They can be worked into many different … Read more

Powerful Cleansing Ritual For Negative Energy

Powerful Cleansing Ritual For Negative Energy

I always say there’s more light and love in the world than dark or negative energy however it’s certainly true the more spiritually attuned you are the more you’ll notice negative energies around you. You can use this cleansing ritual for negative energy in your home, office or anywhere else you feel needs it. It never hurts … Read more

Powerful Protection Spell for Someone Else

Powerful Protection Spell for Someone Else

Protection magic is a key part of every coven’s book of spells. We’ve covered protection spells for yourself before but there are times where a protection spell for someone else is needed. This might be a friend, family member or even a complete stranger you feel could use some help. Protection spells are a very … Read more

Powerful Protection Spells Against Negative Energy

Protection Spells Against Negative Energy

Everyone can do without negative energy and luckily there are a number of protection spells, symbols and stones that can help ward off negative energy, negative thoughts and negative people! You can protect yourself, your job and your home with protection spells that will act as a protective layer and ensure that you are not … Read more