Powerful Full Moon Money Spells

Powerful Full Moon Money Spells

These full moon money spells are wonderful for bringing money and prosperity into your life. You can also cast these money spells for others which brings you more luck and increases the power of your spirit. The full moon is my favorite time of the month, so many powerful spells can be cast and moon … Read more

Powerful Green Candle Money Spell

Green Candle Money Spell

This is our covens green candle money spell. It only needs household items and can be cast regardless of your experience with spellwork. It may require some time however and it’s important you take your time with it. There are a lot of different types of money magic and rituals to improve the finances in … Read more

Powerful Herbs for Prosperity

Herbs for Prosperity

Nothing could be simpler than using herbs for prosperity. If you want to bring more success and money into your life just use some of the spells I am about to share with you and you will increase your wealth easily. One of the best things about this magic is that it is already in … Read more

Burning Bay Leaves for Prosperity and Luck

Burning Bay Leaves for Prosperity and Luck

I’ve always been a huge fan of burning bay leaves for prosperity and luck. We have a lot of different spells to invite prosperity and wealth into your life but a combination of a bay leaf and some basic candle magick makes it both a potent ritual and easy to cast with nothing more than … Read more

Powerful Good Luck Spells to Win The Lottery

Good Luck Spells to Win The Lottery

We’ve covered various luck and financial prosperity spells in the past but one of our biggest requests is for good luck spells to win the lottery. Magick can absolutely help invite success into your life (and in a big way) but it must be said, that although there are many white spells that can bring you … Read more