Powerful Cleansing Ritual For Negative Energy

Powerful Cleansing Ritual For Negative Energy

I always say there’s more light and love in the world than dark or negative energy however it’s certainly true the more spiritually attuned you are the more you’ll notice negative energies around you. You can use this cleansing ritual for negative energy in your home, office or anywhere else you feel needs it.

It never hurts to use a cleaning ritual for negative energy when entering a new home or space whether you feel something or not but if you feel something negative this should be done sooner rather than later.

I’ll share a couple of different rituals with you as well as my own personal advice I use when dealing when negative energies in a home. If you haven’t already I do suggest taking our magic ability test so we can pinpoint your strengths properly.

Feeling a Negative Energy

All around us, there are lots of positive and negative energies all the time. Most of these go by completely un-noticed but sometimes you might feel something more specific. It might build up over time or be something sudden, sometimes it’s just a build-up of our own emotions or (in rarer cases) a spirit present.

Each of us faces setbacks in our lives that lead to hard times; unfortunately, because we are brought up to ignore negative energies, they keep cropping up. In the end, this ends up affecting our positive energies and our relationships.

When left unchecked, the negativity we experience in our lives affects our mental health; it also messes with our emotional state in subtle ways where we don’t even realize. To keep balance in life, we are advised to take time once in a while to evaluate our inner energies.

Doing so helps us gradually start expelling off the negative energy that was almost taking over our lives. Such healing is a beautiful thing; and also a cautious way to us when it comes to keeping our spirits both full and pure.

Getting rid of the negative energy also gets rid of anything that was/is affecting our psyche using a sage is a perfect place to start. Now that we have covered adverse energy effects, we should move on to getting rid of negative energy.

Below, we cover a few critical steps you should prepare adequately to rid yourself of the negative energy effectively.

Preparing for a Cleansing Ritual

Once you get in the right zone, start by clearing your mind. The best and easiest way can either be through deep breathing exercises in a solitary place or by doing meditation. Allowing your mind to clear out makes it possible for a natural energy flow, which helps you connect better with reality.

After getting into the right headspace, the next step involves recognizing the cynical energy affecting us. Narrowing down the exact issue helps us clear and learn why we have an energy imbalance and the best way to get rid of the same.

Some of the things likely to bring an imbalance include; toxic relationships, poor health, wrong financial decisions, quarrels with the family domain, etc.

After noting the thing contributing to the imbalance in our lives, we move to the next stage, which involves analyzing the negative passion. We probe further to find out why we are suffering in life and going through a lot of emotional turmoil and look for the best ways to clear the same.

The instance we start answering said questions, we begin to understand why we are being affected by this vivacity and the best way to get rid of the negativity. We begin to clear our minds’ pessimistic spirit by using specific paths such as physically destroying a symbolic liveliness piece, prayers, visualizing the negativity, or through spoken mantras.

The Best Basic Yet Popular Cleansing Energy Path

Before we proceed any further, we should evoke a word of caution, kindly note that the rituals mentioned below may not be useful for every individual. Again not all types of sage will work for you. The best way to proceed is by selecting an energy cleansing ritual that will be a natural and successful path for us.

The main point of undertaking a spiritual cleansing activity is to create a fully immersive experience for the body and mind to connect safely. Such a connection successfully gets rid of any harmful energies.

Rituals You Can use Now

This is far from an exhaustive list of ways to deal with negative energy but these two rituals are some of the quickest and easiest you can use.

Salt Bathing for Negative Energy

salt bath for negative energies

Nothing comes close to cleanse energy (pessimistic) than bathing in salty water. It’s a holy endeavor recognized worldwide as a spiritual symbol. Purity in both Judaism and Christianity faiths is amongst the many ideologies that stem from water.

Hence why a salt bath is perfect for washing away bleak energies. Experts advise that using healthy, yet unrefined salt mineral herbs will help us enjoy a soothing and spiritual presence that will be a perfect cleansing session.

Avoid using other bathing products while undergoing this ritual as they’re likely to disrupt the ritual’s natural aroma and messing up the whole process. We need to set aside a spiritual cleansing session from our daily bathing activities. We need to respect our energy like we do any other rituals we undertake for the ceremony to work.

Smudging for Negative Energy

smudge stick negative energy

For some cultures, nothing beats smudging when it comes to getting rid of evil spirits. The process involves the burning of herbs such as white sage, we can also use abalone shell to eliminate bleak energy in a particular area, but any form of sage is okay. The process is often associated with religious ceremonies, mostly those revolving around warding off demonic spirits.

We are informed that the overall meaning of smudging ceremonies is to cleanse all sorts of gloomy energies. To make sure the ceremony is functional, we should use a herb or sage of our choosing that is convenient and equally effective. To better prepare, we need to familiarize ourselves with every herb and sage so that it becomes easier to find the perfect fit!

Other Spells and Rituals for Negative Energy

If you want to go beyond a simple ritual we have:

If you want further guidance on performing your ritual take a few minutes to find your magickal affinity:

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