Powerful Protection Spell for Someone Else

Powerful Protection Spell for Someone Else

Protection magic is a key part of every coven’s book of spells. We’ve covered protection spells for yourself before but there are times where a protection spell for someone else is needed. This might be a friend, family member or even a complete stranger you feel could use some help.

Protection spells are a very popular and common type of spell because they can be very effective at protecting you against all types of negative people plus their negative words and actions. By taking action and protecting yourself, you feel empowered and no longer have to live in a shadow. You can also cast protection spells to protect those you care about, which again is a very positive thing to do, but like all spells, these protection spells must be cast with good preparation, thought and care.

If you fear that a friend/ family member or your partner is suffering from negativity, you can certainly go on the offensive ‘to turn the boat around’ and end their run of bad luck and bring positivity back into their life.

Protection spells can be successful but need to be performed carefully as they are powerful. Having said that, you do not need to know the source of the negative energies for the protection spells to work.

There are many different types of protection spell that can be used for many different reasons. There are straight forward simple ones that can be cast, but also much more complicated ones that require a really high level of concentration and these are best left to the most experienced witches. It is important to remember that spells do not always go to plan so it is vital that you think things through and plan well.

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When is a Protection Spell for Someone Else Needed?



There are no hard-set requirements or rules for protection magic. If in doubt, you’ll do no harm by casting a spell to try and help protect them. It helps if you know as much information as possible, such as what type of protection they need from what type of negative energies- for example have they been cursed, received threats, having unexplained bad luck or are they suffering from emotional trauma?

If you know what you’re protecting them from you can tailor your spell to protect from people or protect from bad spirits for example.

Preparing Your Spell

It is really important that when you cast the spell you are not vague in any way otherwise the person you intended to be protected might not be, but another friend with the same first name will be! Make sure that you know your friend/relative/ partner’s full name. Do you have a photograph of them or do you have a ‘taglock’ you can use? A taglock is something that belongs to them or something they have used for example a lock of hair or piece of jewelry or the plastic cutlery they used for yesterday’s take away.

Choosing Your Spell

There is a huge selection of different spells to choose from and it is good to take some time to understand if you have chosen the most appropriate spell. Having read the ritual for casting the spell, do you feel confident that you can cast the spell or is it a little complicated? It is far better to use a simple spell and do it well rather than struggle with a more complex one that you do not perform effectively. Make sure you read through all the information about the spell as usually a success rate is given and also information about how quickly the spell will start to work and for how long.

Planning Your Protection Spell

Your chosen spell may be most successful if it is cast at a certain time of day or during a particular lunar phase. Some spells need equipment such as a candle, parchment, pen or certain herbs, so these may take a little while to gather.

Preparing Yourself to Cast

Preparing a protection spell for someone else is no different than casting a protection spell for yourself. You should always start by preparing your ritual area and casting a protective circle before anything else.

Psychologically it makes a huge difference if you are feeling relaxed and well balanced. It is a good idea to cleanse your space before you cast the spell and also to cleanse yourself in a bath with an added herbal infusion. Prepare yourself mentally so that you can focus on the person that you are wanting to protect and clear your mind of all other bits & bobs- be really careful with your thoughts and words throughout your spell casting. Give yourself plenty of time and make sure that you are not going to be disturbed.

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Easy Protection Spell for Someone Example

For this spell, you will need:

  • A white candle
  • Some salt
  • A photograph of the person you want to protect.

On a table in your room, make a circle of salt and place the photograph in the circle – if you have a photograph of them with you, even better.

Stand the white candle next to the photo and light it. Think about and visualize the person you want to protect and then say these words out loud:

Please protect XXXX (insert the person’s full name here), send only good vibes and only good energies his/her way. Create a magical shield, strong, powerful, and sturdy, to protect her/him…so mote it be.”

As the candle continues to burn, spend a few moments visualizing the person you want to protect and think about how you want them filled with positive energy. Visualize them bathed in light and repeat the chant. Extinguish the candle with wet fingers and repeat this spell for three days until the candle has completely burned away. You can repeat this spell as often as needed.

Protection Spell for Someone Else Who is Travelling

This second spell is a protection spell that is strong and good for protecting those you love while they are far away and also if they are traveling. It takes a little more preparation.

For this spell you will need:

  • One candle in the shape of a man or woman (depending on who you want to be protected).
  • A pin for writing, one clove of garlic, three candles – red, white and black.
  • Some sea salt.
  • Cloves and some clove oil.

First, write the full name of the person you want to be protected in the wax on the front of the figure candle – do this seven times with the name going from the feet towards the head. On the back of the candle, write why you would like them protected.

Draw a cross in salt on a table in front of you and stand the figure in the center of the cross. And as you do so, repeat why you want this person that you care about very much to be protected. Place the cloves around your wax figure including on the cross and visualize them and why you want to protect them.

Cover the figure candle with garlic skin like a shield. Next, add your clove oil (or any other you prefer). Anoint your three colored candles with the oil and then place them around the figure candle. Light them and spend a few moments visualizing the person you want protecting and importantly, why. Extinguish the candles, but don’t blow them out.

Power-Up Your Spells

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