Spells to Make You Beautiful [Powerful Beauty Spells]

Spells to Make You Beautiful

Hidden deep within our coven’s Grimoire are these spells to make you beautiful. These magical rituals focus on inner radiance as well as outer charm. Step into a world where authenticity and self-love intertwine with spiritual practices, and allow yourself to bloom like never before! 🌼

There are spells with teas, bath spells, candle spells and I love all of them. It’s never an unfair use of witchcraft to spend a bit of time on ourselves and use our casting to refresh ourselves and cast a beauty spell that is all about us.

I do caution you against using this ritual without the right intent. If the results are important to you, make sure you take our magick ability test so we can pinpoint your innate strengths before casting.

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Goddess Glow Ritual

Goddess Glow Ritual

Transform your aura with our enchanting Goddess Glow Ritual, designed to bring out your inner beauty and radiance. Lovingly crafted for Wiccans, this potent spell includes a symbolic green ribbon to support your journey toward self-love and confidence. ✨

You Will Need

  • Green Ribbon – symbolizes growth and harmony
  • Candles (preferably white) – representing purity and enlightenment
  • Rose Quartz or other pink stone – to attract love and compassion
  • Sage or incense – for cleansing and purifying the space
  • A bowl of water – signifies emotional healing and renewal

Preparing Your Ritual

  • Cleanse your space – Tidy the area where you’ll perform the ritual, and light sage or incense to purify the energy.
  • Set your intention – Spend a few moments reflecting on your goal for this ritual: embracing self-love and enhancing inner beauty.
  • Arrange the items – Prepare a small altar by placing the candles, mirror, rose quartz, green ribbon, and bowl of water in front of you.
  • Meditate – Take deep breaths and clear your mind; visualize yourself surrounded by a radiant, glowing light.
  • Ground yourself – Feel connected to Mother Earth by imagining roots growing from your feet downward into the soil.

Casting the Spell

  • Light the candles – While focusing on their illuminating energy, light the white candles and place them beside the mirror.
  • Hold the rose quartz – Cup the stone in your hands and feel its nurturing warmth, allowing your heart to open to love and compassion.
  • Anoint with water – Dip your fingers into the bowl of water and gently touch it to your forehead, heart, and throat, symbolizing a connection between thought, emotion, and expression.
  • Tie the green ribbon – Wrap the ribbon around your wrist or ankle while envisioning an empowering link between yourself, nature, and growth.
  • Recite the chant: “Radiant glow within me shine, beauty blooms as love combines. Goddess bless my heart’s desire, kindle within me inner fire.”
  • Gaze into the mirror – Look at your reflection while repeating affirmations of self-love and acceptance to reinforce positive thoughts about yourself.

Aphrodite’s Blessing

Embrace your inner radiance and reveal the enchanting essence that lies within with Aphrodite’s Blessing. This sacred infusion will gloriously unveil your natural beauty and leave you glowing like the divine love goddess herself. ✨

You Will Need

To perform Aphrodite’s Blessing, gather the following easily accessible items from your home:

  • A small bag – Preferably one with a beautiful design that resonates with you.
  • Rose petals – Fresh or dried, symbolizing love and beauty.
  • A mirror – To reflect your inner glow and affirm your worth.
  • A white candle – Representing purity, healing, and illuminating your inner radiance.
  • Your favorite perfume or essential oil (optional) – Enhancing self-love and confidence.

Preparing Your Ritual

  • Cleanse your space – Tidy up the area where you will perform the ritual and cleanse it by burning sage or incense, allowing the smoke to envelop the space.
  • Meditate briefly – Calm your mind and set a positive intention for manifesting beauty and confidence in yourself.
  • Arrange your items – Place each item on a small table or altar, with the white candle at the center to represent your inner light.
  • Dress comfortably – Choose clothing that makes you feel good about yourself while also feeling relaxed and at ease.
  • Prepare an affirmation – Write a personalized statement declaring love, acceptance, and appreciation for yourself and your natural beauty.

Casting the Spell

  • Light the white candle – As you do, envision a bright, warm light filling your space and surrounding you with love and self-confidence.
  • Hold the mirror – Gaze into your reflection and recite the affirmation you prepared, truly believing in its power.
  • Chant (with your eyes closed if possible): “Oh, radiant Goddess divine, through your blessing, I now shine. Beauty within me, set free, Glorious grace for all to see.”
  • Scent the rose petals – Sprinkle a few drops of perfume or essential oil onto the rose petals (if using) and then place them in the small bag.
  • Seal the spell – Grasp the bag gently in both hands as you visualize an ethereal light encompassing it. Close your eyes once more and say: “Aphrodite’s beauty flows through me, In mind, body, and spirit—I am free. Blessed be”

Keep the rose petal-filled bag close to you—carry it in your pocket or purse or place it under your pillow—to continue channeling Aphrodite’s Blessing into everyday life. 💖

Magick Ability Test

Magick Test

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What Kinds Of Beauty Spells Can I Use?

I am going to share my favorite spells with you so you can enhance your own beauty. You will have most of the ingredients already because of your other castings.

My favorite beauty spells are:

Moon Spells

The moon brings power and energy to our beauty spells. It can be a simple matter of being with the moon at peace when you cast your spell, or you may be calling on the moon to help your beauty spell.

Two of my favorite beauty spells are the simplest moon spells. I prefer to cast them both at the time of the new moon, those come round once a lunar month.

The new moon comes just before the full moon and is a time of change and waiting for an unveiling of the new.

Paper Moon Spell

Using paper commits the intention, or thing you are asking for, to last longer than the spoken casting. If you write it down and bury your spell in the earth under the moon for a whole lunar cycle, pretty much a month, you are casting a spell that will last for a month.

How to cast the paper spell

  • Write what it is you wish for on paper
  • Bury this in the earth under the new moon
  • Ask for the energies of the Goddess to bring her power to your intention
  • Leave your spell written in the earth for a month
  • Unearth the spell at the end of the month
  • Give thanks to the Goddess for listening to your beauty spell

Pin Spell

Sacrificing a tiny bit of your magic blood to the earth in exchange for your wish is the basis of this moon spell.

  • Prick your thumb with a clean pin
  • Let one drop of blood fall to the earth
  • Repeat your incantation or intention out loud as you do this
  • Use a clean cotton pad with a drop of tea tree oil to salve your thumb and send your cleansing offering to the moon Goddess

This spell should only be used once a month maximum under the new moon when change rumbles behind the face of the moon.

You can combine the tea and the bath spells with the moon spells, and it is a brilliant place to use all of your incantations.

Note: Before casting a spell yourself, make sure you take our coven’s magick ability test. It’ll help you find your innate strengths and focus your spellwork.

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Tea Spells

You can use these tea spells with any other kind of magic beauty spells. It is a good idea to always be in the right frame of mind for using your witchcraft, and often the tea spells take you to that magic space.

Brewing Up For Beauty

Tea spells are one of the loveliest ways to cast a spell for beauty. The scents and smells and the relaxation that come with simple tea spells are a wonderful start to a beauty spell.

The best tea spells take time, concentration and some incantations, not just a simple tea stir and fleeting wish for beauty. The right mix of tea and a simple incantation can really help over time.

How To Brew The Tea

With all tea spells I use water that has been left in a jar in the moonlight, this brings extra energy and makes your magic spell more powerful.

I always warm the pot and use a maximum of 3 tea spells daily. The best time of day to cast beauty spells of any kind is at night. it makes sense to have your tea at night; for this purpose, I never use ordinary tea with caffeine.

Tea Recipes

The following tea recipes will all promote beauty for different reasons and are perfect to use in combination with any tea spell.

A good night’s sleep, indeed lots of good night’s sleep is good for the mind and body and really helps your eyes shine and your skin glow. Cleansing your body and spirit will add to your external beauty.

Tea to Promote a Good Night’s Sleep

This deep sleep tea will not only bring you a deep night’s sleep, it is useful when you have skipped a few nights, it also supports dreaming, so for those of you who want to use lucid dreaming as part of your magick, this is the tea to use. The valerian may take some getting used to so perhaps use very little to being with.

  • 3tsps dried rose petals
  • 1/2 tsp valerian leaves
  • 3 tsp dried lavender flowers

For a lighter, gentler sleep tea

  • 3 tsp dried rose petals
  • 3 tsp dried camomile flowers
  • 1/2 tsp basil

Teas for Detox And Great Skin

For cleansing blood and connecting with the spirits and achieving your wishes, a very straightforward tea is very useful, easy to make and works well on its own or before you cast another spell.

  • 3 tsp of dried dandelion flowers
  • 1 tsp honey

A good detoxification tea is a great way to bring a shine to your skin and eyes, and this tea used with any other spell will be protective and cleansing, removing toxins from the body and spirit.

  • 3tsp young nettles
  • 1 tsp parsley
  • 1/2 tsp lavender flowers
  • Juice of half a lemon

Teas For Love and Attractiveness

For love and attraction tea a simpler tea might suffice. This tea is good when you are thinking of working on your beauty routine with attracting someone in mind.

  • 3 tsp raspberry leaf
  • I tsp honey

This final magical working tea recipe. This tea is rather special for beauty, rosemary leaves are for heart and circulation and youth.

  • 2tsp rosemary leaves
  • 1 tsp lavender flowers
  • grated peel of 1 orange

Tea Magic for Beauty

Brewing your tea is the first part of the tea ritual, use water bathed in the moon, do not try to use this ritual more than three times a day, and do take your time with these rituals. It is always best used at night, particularly those that being sleep and for those focused on your face.

The tea ritual follows a few simple steps:

  • Cleanse and energize the water by leaving it in a closed jug overnight in the moonlight
  • Brew your selected tea mix
  • Allow the infusion to brew for at least 3 minutes
  • Sit with your Wiccan intention in your head and heart as it brews
  • Turn your cup 3 times anticlockwise on your saucer
  • Pour into a cup slowly concentrating on your intention
  • Drink your tea slowly
  • Exhale after each sip
  • When you finish turning your cup 3 times clockwise on your saucer
  • Repeat your intention/ incantation 3 times when you finish your cup of tea

Sit with your cup very slowly, inhale the scents and energy from the herbs, allow the infusions to permeate your spirit, do not rush before or after the tea.

If your desire for beauty focuses on one part of your body, face, eyes, hair or skin, concentrate on that as you sip or speak.

If you are taking this tea at night, particularly the tea to encourage sleep, have your bedroom cleansed of bad spirits ready to receive your body.

Bath Spells

These are most relaxing and when we are relaxed and naked and in the element of water, we are at our most open to our witchcraft. I find myself in the bath slipping naturally into casting spells without intending to do it.

The simplest spells to cast in the bath are incantations, as these are simple and in the bath, you don’t have access to other tools.

If you are fortunate and the bathroom has natural moonlight, this will draw down the power of the Goddess. This Wiccan power brings love in the window and love and beauty go hand in hand.

Adding oils to the bath will add to your casting and make your magic more powerful. Adding oils to any beauty spell makes your beauty all the greater.

Oils have to add to a bath to a carrier oil or cream, they are never to be ingested, or added to the skin without something to dilute them.

Oils to add to appear more attractive

  • 3 drops jasmine
  • 3 drops neroli
  • 3 drops ylang ylang

Oils to rejuvenate and bring youth

  • 3 drops Rosemary oil
  • 3 drops citrus oil

Casting Spells In The Bath

Adding oils to the bath is a great way to create the atmosphere for a spell, the scents and steam rise to create a sense of warmth and mystique, the air and the water combine as powerful elements.

All you need is to find your spiritual center in the bath and create a simple incantation or intention. you can use any of the incantations repeated below, or find one to suit your needs. You can focus on you appearing beautiful to yourself and others as you incant and cast.

Using oils in the bath and hair the smells bring you a sense of confidence about your beauty and your magick. Any spell you use when water, oils, powerful intent, and focus o your beauty will combine to make your beauty spell work quickly and with ease.

Simple incantation

Bring my hair gloss

My eyes light

Moonshine my inner bright

If loss there needs to be

Make it so

So mote it be

If you want something even simpler I find the perfect one for the perfect face is this one:

Make my face

Full of grace

Remove all trace

Of cares and woe

So mote it be

This is a favorite of our coven who happens to look like a very young coven.

beauty spell potion

Lotions And Potions

There is a place for the kitchen with and the green witch in beauty spells. It helps to know what herbs and spices and fruits and foods bring us heath and beauty. The witches’ kitchen is often full of all of the ingredients that help beauty along.

Making lotions and potions is apart of the art of the kitchen witch, often concerned with well-being and cleansing relying on herbs and the things of the earth to support the magic.

Moisturizing Creams and Almond Oil

All of the oils that are added to the bath can be added to gentle moisturizing creams and carrier oils such as almond oil and used as lotions for the body. Use very little oil in the mix, but these can help bring magic to your creams and lotions.

These oils are intended to be 3 tablespoons oil or moisturizing cream 1 drop oil.

  • Using the oils or lotions rub your hands in the creams/oils
  • Smooth it into your skin/ hair
  • Repeat your incantation or intention

The essential oils will add to your magical powers and each oil will bring different strengths to the spell.

Rosemary oil will bring youth and rejuvenation

Rose oil cleansing and refreshing for hair and nails

Peppermint oil for brightness and freshness of mind and body

Lavender oil for cleansing and rejuvenation

Jasmine oil for boosting your confidence and skin-replenishing

Bergamot oil for hair soothing and healing

The Element Of Water

Water is one of the essential elements in the watches toolkit. In using water in beauty spells it is best to have the water loaded with energy from the moon. Leave the water out overnight in a jar to absorb the moon energy before using it in your craft.

Beauty Is Always Thirsty

The simplest way to use water as part of a beauty spell is to drink water you have left in the moon overnight.

Sip the water slowly and focus all your intentions for your beauty spell, you can use an incantation instead.

When you have drunk from the earth, give thanks to the Goddess for the gift of water and beauty.

Skin Deep

Soaking in the bath is the perfect way to absorb the earth’s energy particularly when you have added oils, this is the perfect time for any of the incantations I have shared above.

Water is one of the key elemental spirits and invoking the power of water as part of your bathing rituals by adding a jug of moon water can enhance any beauty spell you cast whilst soaking.

If you do not have time for a bath you can make your own rose water to have handy to splash on your face as you send out your incantation to the Goddess. Simply add three tablespoons of rose petals.

Rosewater you can make this by adding petals to distilled water, soak for a few days and strain.


I have already shared a few incantations you can use in your beauty spells.

You can incorporate these into your tea ritual, your bath ritual, or as part of any moon ritual.

Incantations are endless and as this is your beauty spell, you will be able to make this yours. Keeping them as short as possible can help for repetition, and can help really focus your intention.

Beauty spells are all different, people want different things from their intentions, it can be an overall attractiveness spell you cast, or you may ask for a change to some particular part of your body.

A few simple incantations I share with my coven members are these;

Beauty is as beauty does

See my deeds

Hear my needs

Let my beauty shine out bright

Let it speak out in the night

So mote it be

For all-over gorgeous

Make this body slim and sleek

Let grace shine on my cheek

Eyes that sparkle

Lips that smile

Let me walk that golden mile

You can write your incantations and intentions down, record them in your book of shadows, create them as you drink your teas, create them in your bath. They are magical because they are yours.