Powerful Love Spells [And How to Cast Them]

Our coven has covered a lot of specific types of love spells. If you’re just getting started you should begin with:

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Powerful Love Spells

Does Love Magic Really Work?

So the TL;DR here is yes. As a practicing witch of over 20 years, I can tell you that I’ve seen a lot of love magic in my time and I’ve seen the kind of fruitful relationships it can bring forth.


I feel like I (sadly) do need to explain that love spells don’t force someone to fall in love with you. What they do is entreat the energies and help knit the universe together with your intentions. It creates a magnetic force between the two of you drawing you together.

Love magic can be used with your crush, an ex-lover, or a complete stranger although the better you already know them, the faster you’re more likely to see noticeable results from your spell cast.

There are many, many different types of love spells from simple candle spells to complex coven rituals. I find sigil magic is amongst the most potent type of love magic and will generally be the first thing I suggest.

As with any kind of spell cast what really matters most is that you’re clear and honest about your intentions.

How Fast Do Love Spells Work?

Here is the unsatisfying answer you won’t want to hear – it depends.

There are a lot of factors at play here. Some of us will see a result of a love spell almost instantly. You might see your phone light up the moment you finish your cast.


It depends on many things, from how potent the spell was to how close the two of you already were before the cast. It can also depend on external factors. If other people are actively doing the same thing or if third party spirits are involved for whatever reason.

Sometimes you might not see meaningful results for weeks or even a few months.

Spellcraft is a continual process. Once your cast is done and your intention is out there into the universe, things will start to move in your direction. Depending on the type of spell it might be a slow starter and gain in potency over time.

Types of Love Spells

You’ll see our covens complete list of love magic at the bottom of this page. That’s where we keep our most up to date spells which you can either copy or adapt for your own book of shadows.

While those are our specific spells there are many different types of spells. Some are more potent spellcraft than others but all of them will help release your intentions to the universe.

Love Candle Magic

People disregard candle magic far too often just because it’s so simple. Many young witches start their training with candle magic but there’s a reason it was so popular. It works.

Candle magic is simple but effective. It can be a single witch on their own or an entire coven taking part and all you need is a candle. Some rituals are more complex than others but they all boil down to infusing your intentions into a candle and burning the wick – similar to releasing a sigil spell.

There are some details you need to carefully pay attention to here. Like the type of candle you use and how you treat the candle afterward. It is very important you are using a specific candle for your spell however, don’t use a candle you’re using for everyday use.

Love Candle Magic Spells

In all of the candle spells I going to share with you I suggest you use a deep red candle, red candles evoke passion, love and fire. The candle should be kept solely for use in your love spells, the energy and intentions you pour into your candle is too powerful to be wasted in everyday use.

Hot Firey Love Spell

This is a fabulous spell to bring love and passion into your life. This can be used to bring love and passion into a relationship you have already that needs a little fire or it might be to stir the embers of passion and love in a relationship that is just a friendship or to beckon love into your life. This spell invokes all your powerful senses sight touch smell and taste and hearing to summon love into your life.

You can name the person you want to aim the spell at or leave it open to invite love in from a surprising new source.

The apple is a sign of temptation and adds the extra invitation to turn a friendship into a relationship.

Level of Difficulty Moderate

Chances of Success 4/5

Stuff you Need

Red Candle

Red Rose Petals

Jasmine Oil

Red Apple


How to Cast the Spell

Sight Light the red candle and visualize the person you want to be warmed by the heat of the candle, to share that heat with you.

Touch Sprinkle the rose petals around the candle as an offering of love and sensuality

Smell Put three drops of jasmine oil on your wrist or sprinkle around the candle. Jasmine in a love spell increases your sense of attractiveness and confidence and this aura goes into the air with the heat from your wrist or candle.

Taste The red apple represents temptation and inviting someone to share that with you. Bite into the apple and savor the sweet taste.

Hearing Say or chant these words to bring more love into your life, If you have a bell use it, the ringing attunes your intention higher and intensifies everything you say making it more likely to be heard.

I am ready for love to come along

I am ready to hear it’s song

We are touched by the same moon

Now it’s time we are in the same room

I want you to touch my face

We will create that special space

Moon Goddess I confess

I wish everything for their caress

Repeat this 3 times. Ring the bell 3 times if you have one.

Magick Tip

This magic spell is much stronger if the candle is kept lit for 3 hours so that your love intention burns solidly into the universe.

Love Sigil Magic

Sigil magic is a little more time-consuming but it is almost always my preference for a love spell. Similar to candle magic, you charge a piece of paper or cardboard (sometimes wood but this is rarely required) with the intention of your spell and release it several days later.

Sometimes people avoid sigil magic because they find it too complicated or think their artwork matters. This couldn’t be further from the truth however as you can do this with as little as a pen and scrap of paper.

Love All Lit Up Spell

This is one of my favorite sigil spells, you can literally feel the heat coming from this one. It does require you to set fire to a small piece of wood so you need to do this outside or have a large bowl available to keep yourself safe.

Fire is all-consuming and so is the love you ask for with this spell. This works best when you already know the person well and want to intensify their feelings for you. It could be a friendship you want to change or a new relationship you are in and you want it to grow.

Level of Difficulty Moderate

Chances of Success 4/5

Stuff you Need

A small piece of wood (a lollipop stick will do)

Matches or lighter

Red Pen


How to Do the Spell

This sigil spell is best done at night within sight of the moon, if you time it right the night of a full moon brings extra light and love into your spell.

Light the red candle you keep for your spells, it is even better if this same candle has been used in other incantations as your energies are already poured into it.

Write the name of the person you are thinking about in Red Pen, again the color of love and flame.

Now sit beside your candle and call their name 3 times. Ring the bell 3 times. Repeat this step 3 times. This calls their attention to you.

Now the most important part of the spell, burn the wood you have written their name on. Do not hold onto the stick as you burn it, you want to release the energy and fire around their name into the air and let it be taken across the skies by the Goddess of the Moon.

Sit at peace until the burning embers are gone. You can meditate on the person for whom you quietly burn by inwardly chanting their name and yours mingling both by the light of the moon.

Ring the bell to end the spell

Magick Tip

I always use Witch Hazel or for really intense power Rowan branches to burn as these are the natural resource of any white witch, mine are grown in ancient woodlands so are used in times of special need. If these are available to you and this person is important to you use that wood instead.

Warming up to Love Spell

This is more of a slow-burning simple sigil spell that requires a bit more time signifying your patience for love to develop over time.

Level of Difficulty Easy

Chances of success 3/5

Stuff you need

Big Red Candle

Red Pen

Paper (pink if you have it)

How to do cast the spell

Light the candle

Using a tiny bit of paper write the person’s name on a piece of paper if you are aiming this at someone in particular. If you are just looking to summon love into your life simply draw a small heart.

The reason you keep the paper tiny is you are sending a signal up into the universe that you are connected to all the other tiny fragments of the universe and you are looking to join together with another in love.

You must now burn the paper with the flame

The really important part of this spell comes next, you must burn this candle over a full lunar cycle. This means you burn it for 30 minutes every night for a month so that every arc of the moon listens to your spell and has a role to play in bringing love to you.

This slow-burning love spell tells the universe of your patience for love and your willingness to sacrifice 30 minutes every night to honor the moon.

Ring the bell on the last night of the month to signal the end of the spell.

Honey Jar Love Spell

Honey jars have a wonderful history in folk magic and are especially common for bringing back an ex although it can be used for a new relationship as well, it’s not usually the first spell I’d suggest.

Similar to a sigil it involves you writing your intentions down on a piece of paper (including names) however instead of ripping or burning the paper to release it, you add it to your honey jar full of symbolic love herbs.

It is, perhaps, the hardest to prepare but once your jar is set you can leave it for weeks at a time. We have guides on creating your own honey jar love spells here on Spell Guru but I would suggest only doing this if you’re prepared to get the ingredients.

I am sharing the simplest of these spells with you so you can try for yourself casting a honey spell.

Level of Difficulty Moderate

Chances of success 4/5

Stuff you need

A Jar of Honey

Red Pen

Paper with your intended lover’s name written on it

A handful of Rowan Berries

3 drops Lavender Oil

Fresh Ginger Root

A handful of Rose petals

A red ribbon with the person’s name written on it

How to cast the spell

This spell is one of the easiest honey spells to cast in that all you have to do is put all of the ingredients in a saucepan and slowly simmer while chanting inwardly the person’s name. Honey binds the person to us in warmth and love the ginger adds heat and lavender soothes Rowan berries are magical in all sorts of ways and adding them to the mix brings potency and witch power.

When this has cooled pour it all back into the jar add the name on a small piece of paper seal the lid well tie with the ribbon and keep safe. Your spell will last for as long as you keep this jar safe.

Magick Tip

I only use Heather Honey for this spell and rowanberries collected from ancient hills. The heather is the flower of passion and I dry my own to add an extra kick. If you can use honey from a local farmer, the purer the honey the purer the spell.

Can a Love Spell Backfire on You?

Like much spellcraft the answer is… yes and no.

Correctly cast and with clear intentions your spell is not going to cause you (or anyone else) any actual harm. At the worst, your spell isn’t going to work in which case you’ve just wasted your time.

In some (rare) instances your guide or spirits around you might be trying to tell you that this isn’t the relationship for you. If your candles are blowing out during the ritual or you’re seeing noticeably less of the other person after your cast this can be a sign. Your spell might still work in the short term but it might be a message that this relationship isn’t in your best interest.

If your candle wick is spitting or struggling to light this might also be a sign from the spirits that your spell can work but it just needs some extra power.

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Are Love Spells Un-ethical or Dangerous?

Spellcraft is full of controversial topics and disagreements. There are plenty of covens who won’t get involved in any kind of love magic but are they right? Are there any ethical problems or risks to casting a love spell?

The main problem people have with the idea of love spells and magick interfering with romance can be summed up by the best-known part of the Wiccan Rede:

An’ ye harm none, do what ye will

Using magick to tempt someone into a healthy relationship doesn’t directly cause harm to anyone but the usual argument we hear comes down to manipulating their free will. I can understand where they’re coming from but here’s the thing.

Love spells do not interfere with their free will.

You can’t (despite what some people tell you) force someone to fall in love with you against their will. I’m well aware there are corners of the internet (and the world) where people will happily take your money and tell you otherwise.

But this is not the reality of magic.

What love spells actually do is entreat the energies of the universe to draw them to you. You’re not forcing anything on them or harming them in any way. If anything, you’re helping guide them towards a relationship that could have happened further down the line anyway.

There is no ethical issue with love spells.

Are love spells dangerous?

I’ve heard the argument that working with any kind of higher energy or spellwork can attract the attention of negative entities. To be honest, I’ve been a practicing witch for over 20 years and I’ve yet to see any real risk to this.

If (and I do mean if) you’re trying to use these spells in a way which brings harm to someone else then you’re going to run the risk of attracting negative energies back onto yourself but that’s not the kind of thing we’re doing.