How to Use Chakra Candles (And Their Affinity)

How to Use Chakra Candles

A lot of our spells involve candles in various ways but some types are fairly specific. I wanted to cover a specific example on how to use Chakra Candles and break down each candle into their meanings.

Now, obviously, there is no one single way to use chakra candles. They can be worked into many different rituals however it is important that you’re properly matching the correct candle to the right chakra. Do this properly and you can use chakra candles to bring your body and spirit into balance. These candles are a wonderful and simple way of bringing spiritual healing to yourself and others. Chakra means ‘wheel’ and refers to energy points in your body. These are spinning discs of energy that should be kept open and aligned for perfect physical and spiritual health. There are 7 chakras and I am going to tell you how to work with each of your chakras using the chakra healing candles.

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What are Chakra Candles?

chakra candles

Chakra candles are wonderful energy healing candles that help you harness your natural healing powers. We commonly use those when casting healing spells for others. We have 7 chakras in our energetic body systems. These amazing energy points are based around our major organs but also relate very powerfully to our emotional and spiritual well being.

When one of the chakras is blocked or just not working right we are more likely to get ill or become depressed. We can damage our chakras in all sorts of ways, by not looking after the body or the spirit. Our body and minds work in harmony and we are healthier when the energy between our chakras is open and flowing.

When we work on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, we can promote with ease the flow of energy through our chakras. The candles area way of making that work easier.

The practice of meditating on our chakras has been around for thousands of years, and the prana which is this incredible energy and light centered in each chakra allows you to focus your healing and meditation exactly where it is needed most. The candles bring more light and power to that healing process.

There are 7 chakras each one is represented by a different color and so the candles reflect the chakra they work most closely with by being the same color, very useful when you are working on several chakras at once.

Using Chakra Candles

As I said, these candles for healing your chakras are all linked to each chakra. Each candle works with a different chakra the 7 chakras all have Sanskrit names and color attached. These healing candles will bring warmth, light and focus to your intuitive spirit in all your healing practices.

The candles are commonly used as you practice your yoga to enhance the focus on the area that you are working on, physically and spiritually. they are also commonly used in meditation.

Each candle has a color associated with the chakra it is connected to.

Each Candle has a ‘voice’, a statement it makes about you, or the person you are healing every time you light it.

Each candle is unique to the spirit and energy of the person who owns it. Do not burn the candle for more than one person

Root chakra candle

root chakra

The Base or Root chakra (Muladahara) is at the base of our spine. This is like the foundation of the house, if it is unsound the rest can crumble. This relates to our sense of security and safety. When this is out of whack we can be anxious depressed fearful, this can result in nightmares or sleepless nights. Physically this shows in backache and mobility issues.

The color associated with this chakra is red. It is associated with the element of the Earth.

Using the Root Chakra candle, a red candle, light the root chakra candle and meditate on making this stronger, creating your own security and stability. The candle should burn for the length of your meditation.

To do this, sit on the ground, become aware of your pelvic floor at the bottom of your spine. Focus your energy on healing that area.

You can chant your Bija Mantra as you focus your eyes on the light of the candle. The Bija Mantra to use here is IAM. This is a lovely grounding meditation and should be used every evening. Because this is often associated with anxiety it is best done before bedtime. Because this is associated with earth if it is possible to do this meditation outside.

This candle flame has a voice as it burns into the universe it says ‘I exist’. Burning this candle asserts your right to be in control and builds your self-confidence. Burn this candle whenever you want to remind yourself of your core strength.

Sacral Chakra Candle

sacral chakra

The Sacral chakra (Svadhistna) is in the lower abdomen, above your pelvic bone below your navel. This chakra is responsible for your creative and sexual energies. It is all about sensuality and freedom of thought. When this chakra is out of balance you may feel blocked with no creativity it may also mean your sexual energies are blocked, the emotions attached to this can damage your spirit.

The color associated with this chakra is orange so too is the candle. The element is water

As you light your candle your Bija Mantra for meditation is Vam, chant this as you focus on your sacral chakra by placing your hand on your lower abdomen. It will help if you drink water before and after the meditation as this is a water element.

You will feel freer, more successful optimistic passionate when this chakra is open.

This candle flame has a voice that burns int the universe it says ‘I desire’. Burn this candle to remind yourself of your inner creative spirit and your sensuality.

Solar Plexus Candle

solar plexus

The Solar Plexus chakra (Manipura)

This is your gut chakra, somewhere between your navel and rib-cage. This controls your digestive system, and emotionally your sense of power in the world and drive for control. When there is a disorder in this chakra it can cause obsessive behaviors singular focus and digestive problems.

This is associated with yellow so has a yellow candle the natural element is fire.

When you use your candle here for meditation you will chant Ram which is the Bija Mantra to bring you a more balanced sense of control and lead you to your natural destiny.

The voice of this candle is ‘I control’ Light this candle when you think things are chaotic and you are losing your sense of any control over what is happening to you. Equally, you can light it when you sense that your need to control everything and everyone around you is rising up. This balancing candle flame will help.

This is a powerful solar plexus candle in that the natural element is flame so it burns all the brighter when your intentions for balance are good.

Heart Chakra Candle

heart chakra

The Heart chakra is where it says, in the heart. Not unsurprising then that is all about love and compassion. When out of kilter this brings heart problems physically and emotionally. This lovely chakra is all about how we send out and receive love both romantic and in other ways. A joyful peaceful chakra when open.

The color of this chakra candle is green and is connected to the element of air.

Using this candle in meditation is lovely. It is all about sending out positive warmth and love outward, paying it forward and receiving it warmly back. This meditation can be done with a few people sharing warmth and love. The mantra associated with this meditation is Yam.

The result of this meditation where you focus on bringing love in and sending love out is an openness to love being the core of your life. This heart chakra candle is amazing for sending love into the air and bringing it back to the person burning the candle.

Like all the other healing candles this can be lit at other times and has a voice of its own. This candle when lit says simply ‘I love’

Throat Chakra Candle

throat chakra

The chakra located at your throat is well named as the throat chakra (Vishudda in Sanscrit). This is all about the voice and communications and particularly speaking your truth. Problems here relate to not being able to ask for what you want, or being able to do this is a balanced way. It can also manifest itself in not being able to truly say how you feel about someone or something, generally, you will feel no one listens anyway.

The color of the throat chakra candle is blue, the element it is associated with is ether

When everything is in balance here you will feel able to communicate well what it is you feel, to tell your truth and be open and honest, and to listen to others as they speak. We all need to work on our throat chakra at times, and this can link with work on the heart chakra. Often the two candles burn well together.

Use your throat chakra candle in meditation when you feel you are not being listened to, to you have a difficult message to get across. Light the candle and meditate on your communication problem Your chant is YAM.

Not only can you use this candle on one of your energy centers but you can usefully have the candle burning in your home when you want help in a difficult conversation. This will bring you self confidence and increase the power of your conversation, your message will be clearer.

The voice of this candle speaks clearly and simply repeating ‘I express’. You can burn it and repeat out loud an emotion you are feeling like love or compassion and send that into the ether.

Third Eye Chakra Candle

This is located between the eyebrows and relates to your intuition and your ability to tap into this sense that lets you know what is really going on with you and your surroundings. this is really al about the strength of your spiritual connection, your ability to reach inside and beyond yourself. Physically when this is weak you may experience headaches or dizziness. Emotionally when this blocked it is because it is out of kilter with your root sacral or heart meaning they are not opened.

This candle is indigo and it is associated with light.

Using your third eye candle for mediation requires you to really find a peaceful time in your day, this is such a spiritual candle that it cannot be used without meditation and should be kept in a safe place when not used.

Light the candle and sit peacefully, checking in on your other chakras before you move to your third eye. The power presented here in this meditation as you use your Bija Mantra SHAM can be strong as you find an connection to your inner spirit.

If you are healing with candles and extending your healing to others it might be wise to revisit this meditation for yourself to replenish your energy.

The voice of this candle is ‘I am the witness’ the eye sees the bridge between the perception of reality and the spiritual self.

Crown Chakra Candle

crown chakra

The Crown Chaka (Sahasrara) is above the head, it is the union of ourselves and others a complete spiritual connection. This is an incredibly important chakra keeping this open helps you surrender to the divine to keep your consciousness open. When this is blocked you can feel disconnected, isolated, alone and depressed.

The color of the crown chakra is violet, and the light will burn violet white.

This is such a spiritual candle that I suggest lighting it in moonlight, or at the very least indoors with the curtains open to allow moonlight in.

Light your crown chakra candle and start your chant. The chant here is OM. In this meditation, you seek spiritual acceptance from yourself to just be. Release your will to the divine. Here you seek cosmic consciousness so this mediation will take much practice and for you to be open to failing so many times to release your expectations and in so doing find everything you need.

Using essential oils at the same time will bring extra energy to your mediation, ylang-ylang and chamomile are good here.

The voice of this candle is the strongest and quietest whisper it says ‘I am that I am’ Burn it only in a meditative state.

How Do You Make Chakra Candles?

chakra candles pack

These are easy to buy but if you prefer you can make your own, and this can bring them extra power. Making them is not easy, however, you now know what colors you need for each and you can make them for every person you intend to use them with.

I make them with pellet wax, steering to help them burn slowly. A strong wick to hold the flame and send the message upward. I pour this heated mix into molds using mold sealant.

I add a variety of essential oils and dye discs for each one.

You can use a candle making kit following all the instructions carefully because the important ingredient is your own magic and spirituality you bring to each. I use my meditative chants appropriate to each one as I heat each one. I set them under a full Moon and ask for Selena’s blessing as I select them for the person I need them for.

These are then stored in a safe place and are placed back in the moonlight before use if they have been packed away for any considerable time.

If you choose to buy them, you can offer them to the Moon Goddess for a blessing and add drops of essential oils as you store them.

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