Modern Day Witchcraft

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An Ancient Coven in the Modern Day

Our coven is a family tradition stretching back a long, long time. Our coven Grimoire has been passed between generations and now, we're adapting it for the digital age.

Our goal is to bring a new age of digital witchcraft to the modern day. Adopting witches across the world into our digital coven.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Learn From the Guides

We cover a lot of topics around Wicca, modern-day witchcraft and spellwork. If you're not sure exactly what to look for, you can scroll the blog here.

Learn From the Videos

From guides to live group castings, you can join us on YouTube for weekly videos.

Take the "Magick Ability Test"

Where you born with the power? Take our magic abilities test.

Let Us Cast a Spell For You

Our coven gathers most nights and always at full strength on full moons and special events. We can cast a spell on your behalf tonight. Just send us the details for a change your life spell.

Latest Spells

Wiccan Heart Chakra Clearing Spell (White Magick)

Wiccan Spell To Break A Curse (White Magick)

Wiccan Scented Candle Love Spell (Love Candle Magick)

Wiccan Banish Negativity Spell (Banishing Magick)

Wiccan Home Protection Spell Jar (Protection Magick)

Wiccan Abundance Spell Jar (Manifestation Magick)

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Magickal Properties

Amethyst Magical Properties

Lavender Magical Properties

Cinnamon Magical Properties

Rosemary Magical Properties

Hyssop Magical Properties and Uses

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Latest Guides

Types of Witches [Which are You?]

How to Make a Book of Shadows [Coven Guide]

How to Start a Grimoire Easily

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