Powerful Protection Spells Against Negative Energy

Everyone can do without negative energy and luckily there are a number of protection spells, symbols and stones that can help ward off negative energy, negative thoughts and negative people! You can protect yourself, your job and your home with protection spells that will act as a protective layer and ensure that you are not harmed by any negativity – which at its least can be very draining and is more often than not, detrimental and threatens your health and well-being.

Negative energy could be coming from a person or spirit. It does help if you know the cause but, if in doubt, you can always cast a protection spell anyway. There’s no risk in doing so. If you do know it’s coming from a person, we have specific protection spells against negative people you can use as well.

Protecting yourself with spells is not without risk if you are relatively inexperienced at casting spells, but there are many ways to effect spiritual cleansing using crystals and special herbs like sage. The results are the same, they will effectively banish any negativity that is getting to you be their thoughts, words or actions.

The key to success is to have a positive state of mind throughout and to turn your protection spells into a daily routine as a one-off session at trying to dispel the negativity will not often prove successful.

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Start With Positive Thinking

negative energy If you want to achieve balance in your life, you need to get rid of any negativity and replace it with positive energy. The first way to achieve this uses positive thought. It is a ritual that is simple and easy to use on a daily balance to help restore the balance in your life.

You need to find a quiet and tranquil room, hold your lucky stone or symbol in one hand and sit right in the center of the room. Close your eyes and imagine the door is in front of you and is leading you out into the countryside. You can feel the gentle breeze on your cheeks and you can hear it rustling the leaves. There is a path in front of you and it leads into a large clearing with lush grass. You feel the warmth of the sun on your face and you ask the sun to fill you with positive energy so that all the negative energy can be driven away. You stand and focus on the sun, its brightness and its warmth. You can sense that it is beginning to sink in the sky, so you turn and head back to your room. You open your eyes, feeling totally peaceful and energized.

A Chant to Protect Your Space

This chant is a very powerful one as it is a Wiccan chant. Before you start using any chants or spells, you must ensure that your thoughts are totally focused on your aims and what you would like to achieve. Wiccan beliefs are based on the natural rhythms of the earth and this is why many of the chants and spells are about protection and well being. This simple chant can be used whenever you feel you need protection in your space and you can use it as often as you like. The chant needs to be said clearly, with conviction and the firm belief that it will give you the desired protection:
“Protect this home from all that is dark. Protect all who dwell here too. Protect this place where we reside. Protect with light that is true.”

Protection for Yourself Against Negative People

This protection spell is powerful so you must be very clear in your mind before you use it that you are seeking protection from negative people. This spell will help you to feel really confident and relaxed. You need a quiet peaceful room to cast this spell successfully.

Imagine that you are surrounded by a golden mist. The lights in the mist are all focusing on you and keeping the darkness at the edge of the mist well away. Say the following words out loud:
“The breath of life and the lights in my mind creates protection that brings me comfort. Like the air I breathe is pure I am surrounded with a golden orb of mist. This golden mist will constantly purify and separate me from all negative energy. May my space be well protected”

The Moon Protection Spell

The moon is very powerful and this spell is a good one to use if you feel you are in any danger and you need to cast a stronger spell. You will need to gather a few things together and these are a small white candle, a blue pen, a small piece of paper and an astrology book or website.

First, look up your zodiac sign and the planet that is linked to it. Then look and see how many moons your planet has and the names of the moons. On the piece of paper, write your full name on one side and the name of the planet on the other. Place the candle on a small table in front of you and chant the names of the moons followed by your full name. Repeat this chant as you light the candle. Hold the paper to the flame and continue the chant until the paper has burned away. Imagine how warm and comforting the room you are in is and smell the candle smoke. Let the candle burn right down whilst you focus on the positive energy entering your body. Extinguish the candle using two wet fingers and be confident that you are now full of positive energy.

There are so many different spells, chants and rituals to try and it is good to keep on trying until you find ones that feel comfortable to use and instill confidence in you. There are many different ones to be found on the internet or you can buy a book such as the best selling 100 Protection Spells by Ann Murphy Hiscock which will certainly answer many of your questions and concerns too.

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