Powerful Spells for Tonight’s Full Moon

Every coven worth their salt keeps careful track of moon phases and these are some of our powerful spells for tonight’s full moon. These are often cast together as a coven but they’ll work well for a solo witch as well.

It’s important to remember that the full moon amplifies any kind of spellwork but if you include it into your spell it improves the potency even further. These spells are specifically made to be cast under the full moon and should be used as such.

If you haven’t already, we do suggest taking the magick ability test so we can help narrow down your innate focus before casting them for yourself.

I love Full Moon spells as I know that Selena the Greek Moon Goddess is charging across the skies in her chariot and the Full Moon shows her in all her glory. We walk under the moon every night taking her for granted in our skies.

If we take the time to ask for advice from all her infinite feminine wisdom we are likely to be far more successful and happy. The Full Moon appears in our skies every month, so we have an opportunity then to really call out and touch the power shining down upon us.

I am going to share a number of rituals for the Full Moon and for the New Moon. You can use these tonight they are so easy and it is wonderful to use your spiritual senses in harmony with the lunar cycle. You might already feel powerful attunement with the moon phases and feel a surge of energy as the new moon draws close (a common natural witch characteristic).

How to Do a Ritual

The important thing to remember in any ritual is to bring your positive energy and intent with you to any spell or ritual. Your own magick will be lit up by the Moon’s special grace. I am going to give you 3 rituals for the New Moon.

If you can do all 3 together this is definitely a good sign that you will be granted what you need from the Goddess of the Moon. Full Moons are all about results resolutions and manifestations. Powerful times in the lunar cycle.

I have kept these moon rituals as simple as possible as it is unlikely you will have many ingredients to hand at short notice to be used under the Full Moon tonight.

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Rituals for Tonight’s New Moon

You can always check the current moon phase here.

Visualization Ritual

The first ritual for a full moon I will share with you is the simplest and the most powerful visualization.

Simply stand under the Full Moon, close your eyes, focus all your intent on your heart’s desire. Bringing your inner spirit up through the soles of your feet out of your mouth, ask the Moon in all her glory to shine down on you. Visualize her heat and power warming you.

When you feel you have the Moon’s full light upon you ask for Selena the Goddess of the Moon to scoop up your desire and place it in her chariot as she races across the skies. This will require you to see it happen, Selena in full white robes and shield sparkling with stars and six white steeds charging.

This simple honoring of the Moon Goddess in asking her indulgence will mean you have invited her power into your life.

Selena is a God of great passions and love and determination so if your request has anything to do with love she will bring immense power to bear. Her heart soars to see lovers in love and this is where she excels in her magick she has a powerful energy.

Repeat out loud your request to the Moon and imagine your words being swept upwards.

Stay in the light until you feel it leave you.

Full Moon Simple Candle Ritual

The second ritual is equally simple. Light a candle under the New Moon, this must be a new candle not used for my other ritual. Write the question you have for the moon or the wish you have to bring something into being, to manifest something. Set it alight and set t on the ground, let the elements of air and lights carry this upwards to Selena.

if you see them fly you will know your intentions have been listened to, your own Wiccan powers have been attuned to the Goddess. If they settle on the ground you have a little more work to do, you can begin a short meditation using your candle as a way of heating your intent and sending it towards the Moon.

You can repeat this ritual a number of times for different intentions.

A Ritual for others

The third ritual is a reminder that the world does not revolve around you. The moon in this glorious phase shines its light on good deeds and love. This is a time of renewal and for sending out positivity and love and connectedness with others. This is a perfect time for a healing intention.

Standing with your arms wide under the Moon send up an intent for someone else, you need never tell them you have used this ritual for them, you can simply enjoy the fact that they will benefit from your selfless act.

As you ask the moon for guidance or help for someone in need or simply to send them love and prosperity, Selena will listen to this and the echoes of your own wishes and will speed help and magick in your direction.

All witches know that power constantly used selfishly drains your powers and weakens your connection to the Divine. Including at least one thought in your three intentions for other balances your spirit.

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What to Do on a New Moon

New Moons are incredible there are 12 New Moons as the Moon passes through its phases. they all bring energy and new beginnings as they pass through each of the zodiac signs. The amazing thing about the Moon in its New Moon phase is that it keeps the New Moon hidden from us.

The Moon on these nights is between the Earth and the Sun. The Moon is lit up but facing away from us, all that power and new birth and most people are not conscious of it. But you with your Wiccan sensibilities have a record of the moon phases in your book of shadows. You know it is a perfect time for a Moon ritual.

New Moons are an interesting exotic time for a manifestation, they are full of magic and each New Moon brings its own astrological power to bear.

The most powerful time to use your magic with a New Moon is to use the New Moon in your birth sign. if you can time this right whatever you ask for has a greater chance of being manifested.

Simple New Moon Rituals

You will need a candle, fresh for this ritual, not used for any other magic. With a pen and paper, you can burn some fresh sage to add more magick to both spells. You may have other witchcraft tools you regularly use and feel free to add a few more if you feel their strength, but I am keeping these simple for those just beginning and so that these are easy to do.

I will give you two of my favorite and most powerful rituals. Each of these must take place in the correct phase of the Moon for maximum effect and

New Moon in Taurus Incantation

This is a Moon of great prosperity. A fab time to do a quick spell harnessing the bull to charge at a new opportunity to make it successful. This combines this phase of the Moon with Taurean Power. Taurus is ruled by Venus so this is all about comfort and luxury and the manifestation of success in love and money.

This ritual requires you to understand the phases of the moon and you may draw on your book of shadows for additional ingredients if they have served you well in the past.

Once again this comes with the caveat that our spiritual energies are stronger when shared for the greater good and unselfish acts sprinkle our magic so manifestation for others is a powerful way to use this spell.

First, light your candle and burn your intention which you have written in red pen then repeat 3 times

Venus above us shower your love

Shine through the shade shown above

Bring Taurus to bear to drive through this night

All to the Divine the good and the right

I simply ask you to bless my request

It’s not always I ask on my own behest

Your hidden New Moon is full of white light

Let the shade not dissuade my desire of this night

Now take your candle inside and keep it lit until the Full Moon.

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Meditation Ritual

The final Ritual is a short Meditation best used in Virgo. This is a time of taking stock and asking yourself some questions about where you are going and what you will do next. The usual Virgo analytical powers come to bear in this phase of the Moon. Be careful not to be over critical with yourself here, however it may be good to seek the advice and powerful wisdom of the feminine power of the Moon in this phase.

Simply ready yourself by sitting on the ground, with your candle lit and your intent clear. You will have decisions to make and making the space for a meditation on the questions you are asking right under the Virgoan Moon will bring greater clarity to the answers you seek.

Your meditation simply requires you to quiet your inner voices and doubts to focus on your question and to ask for the feminine powers of insight from the moon. I find it helpful to rely on my crown chakra to get in touch with my inner spirit to build a bridge to the powers I need to help. I channel this using my OM chant, you might find this helpful.

The length of this mediation will depend on the complexity of the questions you are asking and on how refined your attunement to your spirit is. this simple powerful ritual can bring you clarity River the full cycle of the moon that follows.

Improve Your Spell Potency

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