Types of Witches [Witch are You?]

Types of Witches

It is important to know what other types of witches exist so that you can understand your own craft and power. Knowing what kind of witch you help you play to your strengths and your magic will be stronger. There are a lot of different types of witches and it’s great to know what kinds … Read more

How to Make a Book of Shadows [Coven Guide]

How to Make a Book of Shadows

As a witch, you will need to know how to make a book of shadows, this will be your constant magical companion, it is the closest friend a witch can have on their magical journey. There are many different ways to create your book of shadows and there are all kinds of versions It is … Read more

How to Start a Grimoire Easily

How to Start a Grimoire

There are no hard set rules on how to start a grimoire but there are some guidelines that might make it easier for beginner witches. The first thing we teach our initiates when they start a grimoire is to make it their own, treat your Grimoire carefully and with respect and begin one as soon … Read more

What is a Grimoire?

What is a Grimoire?

I am often asked what is a grimoire and the answer is very straightforward. A grimoire is a book of spells and magic. Grimoires have been around since the dawn of writing. There are some ancient magical texts in existence and new ones are created by every day by covens and witches all over the … Read more

Witches Guide to Tea Magic

Guide to Tea Magic

Tea Magic is essential for all witches, this has been around for thousands of years. Tea has amazing healing and magical properties and I am going to share some of my favorite ways to use tea and some of the best teas to prepare. Every witch has their own favorites and go-to teas for all … Read more

How to Tell If You are a Witch [Easily]

How to Tell If You are a Witch

Our coven has been asked how to tell if you are a witch long before we ever started to bring ourselves into the modern-day. A witch is someone who practices magick. Their practice is about raising and directing natural energies to fulfill their dreams, desires, and their witchcraft involves connecting to nature at a spiritual … Read more

How to Make a Wiccan Altar

How to Make a Wiccan Altar

Like a lot of spellwork, Wiccan altars are as varied as the witches who use them. This is our coven’s guide on how to make a Wiccan altar but there’s a lot of variances you can use. Take this as a rough guideline rather than a hard set rule. From solitary witches to entire covens, … Read more

Being a Witch Without Knowing

Being a Witch Without Knowing

Being a witch without knowing it is more common than you might think. Many younger initiates in our coven felt drawn to the craft by a pull they couldn’t quite explain. They might not know much (or anything) about witchcraft but they feel a pull towards…┬ásomething. Are you a witch without knowing it? Being a … Read more

9 Rare Natural Witch Characteristics

Natural Witch Characteristics

While many people identify as witches, and actively practice witchcraft, there are two different types of witches. Some call on the gods and goddesses and harness the energy around them to craft their spells. Other witches, however, are born with an innate ability to do this with a mere thought. These witches are known as … Read more