Powerful New Moon Spells

Powerful New Moon Spells

Casting new moon spells is an amazing experience as it is a time of cosmic reset. A perfect time to set new intentions and reinvent yourself and your life.

During the new moon phase of the month, you have about three days to cast spells with the new moon as your backdrop. most of the new moon rituals are about reinvention and new starts and I will share the best of moon magic with you here.

Before casting any of these spells make sure you take our coven’s magick ability test. It will help you find your innate strengths and make your spellwork much more potent.

What Does a New Moon Mean Spiritually?

Please remember that moon phases do matter and these spells do require a new moon. You can check the current moon phase here. I’ve seen many younger initiates become impatient but there are plenty of other rituals you can do on other nights of the month, if a spell is designed for the new moon then be sure you have the right phase before beginning.

The new moon happens once a month when the moon sits between the earth and the sun, the sun shines on the dark side of the moon, the side we never see from earth. The side that faces the earth is not illuminated at all so the moon is invisible to us.

It is like the sun cloaking the moon for a few days, gradually we are given a delight crescent of light and the sun uncloaks the moon

One of the amazing things happens during this time, the sun and moon’s energies are conjoined and the power that radiates from this is amazing. It is a wonderfully deep and spiritual time.

This rebirth of the moon is a time of rebirth for us, we have the opportunity to use this new moon to cast spells that join in the moons reignition. It is a fresh and exciting time, but all is still hidden and the new moon in all her forms yet to be revealed.

Spiritually the moon represents our inner hidden selves, the feminine energy and desires. In this hidden space, we have time to replenish our mystic energy and get ready to join in the rebirth of the moon.

Our coven also has many full moon spells and other rituals for any night of the month, but the night of the new moon is a night to cherish and take advantage of.

New Moon Spells Are Special

The kinds of spells that can be cast now to take advantage of this reawakening are really all about the new and harnessing energy.

The energy around the new moon is new and exciting. This is a wonderful time to invest in growing your own karmic energy and to reflect and commune with the Divine.

The kind of spells worth casting in this phase of the moon cycle are spells that are all about changes and manifesting what you want to happen new and fresh starts in work and love. This a time of heightened emotions and a great time to ask for help with your feelings.

New Moon Baths

Harnessing the energy of the new moon will allow you to replenish your own energy so this is a wonderful time to enhance your connection to the energies of the moon.

One of the simplest ways of doing this is to indulge yourself and refresh your spiritual energies with a moon bath. There are three different ways to do this. The first is to use water that has absorbed the energy of the new moon to bathe in.

You Will Need

  • A jar of water
  • Handful Rock salt

Preparing The Ritual

Leave the jar with water with the salt added outside on the earth under the new moon overnight.

The water will absorb the energies of the new moon and the salt will add a cleansing power.

Casting the Spell

  • Stand under the new moon
  • Pour the water full of new moon energy over your palms
  • Ask for your energies to be cleansed and renewed

New moon Goddess

Fill me up

Banish sadness

From your lightness

Let me sup

So mote it be

Moon Bathing for Setting Intentions

Another version of a moon bath is to use the time for relaxation and reflection on new intentions and new beginnings whilst bathing.

This bath can be taken in different moon phases for different purposes. At full moon, this ritual can be used to celebrate a new start but here it is a time for reflection and communing with the powerful energies of the moon in deciding what changes you want to manifest.

You Will Need

  • A bath
  • A jar of moon water
  • Frankincense oil

Preparing The Ritual

Collect a jar of water that has been left under the new moon overnight.

Casting the Spell

  • Add the jar of water to your bathwater
  • Add 3 drops of frankincense
  • As you bathe reflect on what it is you want to manifest in your life.
  • Ask the new moon to bring energy to your desire with the following incantation:

I want to manifest my desire

I want to set it on fire

Bring me light keep me within sight

Let me lift it higher

So mote it be

New Moon Spell

Final Moonbathing Casting for Energy

One very simple use of this high energy time is to ask for the energy of the hidden moon to help shed light on your path. To help you plan how you go forward with manifesting your desires.

You Will Need

  • 3 Drops of Frankincense oil

Preparing The Ritual

You will need no preparation for this ritual.

This works best when in the last part of the new moon which usually lasts about three nights. In the later part of the new moon phase, we see a slither of light peeping through as the moon pushes its energy out.

Casting the Spell

  • Simply stand on the earth barefoot under the new moon
  • Apply a few drops of frankincense oil to your head chakra
  • Ask the moon to bring its energy into your new decisions
  • Ask the moon to manifest your deepest emotional desire

Making Your Spellwork More Potent

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Rituals For The New Moon

Another new moon ritual to consider is to sit in silence on the earth during this time to connect with the energies and your own emotional and magickal energies.

There are a number of manifestation spells that work really well because of the hidden qualities and the energy flowing from the dark side of the moon at this time.

New Moon Manifestation Spells

Having cleared your spirits and energized your magick psyche it is now time to use this lunar phase to create a strong new moon spell.

Every witch will know that this is a very powerful time for manifesting changes in your life, be it love, money or career or any other area of life.

A full candle spell is a wonderful way to honor the phases of the moon. This however is the best time to use candles to illuminate the magical darkness cast by this moon.

An easy new moon ritual is to add the candle to one of the moon bathing activities. This brings extra power and draws the attention of the moon. These moon rituals are perfect for setting up new moon intentions,

New Moon Candle Spell for Manifestation

At this phase of the moon, it is best to use a black candle to catch the shadow of the moon and the flame will fuel your intention to the energies around you.

You Will Need

  • 1 Black candle
  • 3 Drops of frankincense oil
  • 3 Drops of orange oil
  • 3 Drops of cinnamon oil

Preparing The Ritual

The most difficult oil to find is orange oil. It can be easier to scrape a little oil direct from the rind of an orange. this is the purest oil of abundance.

Casting the Spell

  • Light the candle and place on the earth
  • Mix the oils together and anoint head and heart chakras with the oils
  • Center your spirit with the Goddess
  • Ask for whatever it is you want to be manifested
  • Name what it is your heart desires then repeat this incantation 3 times

Bring to me, what I desire

Put all else upon the pyre

I burn for this, I plea with thee

Let me it acquire

So mote it be

This in itself is a very powerful manifestation spell. This phase of the moon lasts for three days, it is possible to use this manifesting spell three times during this period. Do not use it more than once a day.

A final ritual you can use at this time is both powerful and simple.

You Will Need

  • 3 Candles
  • Optional Hawthorne Berries
  • Water to hold the spirit of the moon
  • Cinamon spice

Preparing the Ritual

Leave a jar of water out overnight on the first night of this moon allow it to absorb the energies that abound.

Casting the Spell

  • Pour the moon water into the earth allowing it to soak in
  • Place the three candles on the earth
  • Light all three
  • Place a handful of cinnamon spice around the candles
  • Add the Hawthorne to make the power stronger
  • Allow the candles to burn completely, as they burn focus on what it is you want to manifest

Let me have this in this place

Let me change with all your grace

So mote it be

This spell casts a long shadow and lasts a long time, the length of the burning of the candles brings down a lot of power.

If you have used one of the cleansing baths earlier this will be all the stronger.