Ancient Spells to Get Powers [With a Modern Twist]

Ancient Spells to Get Powers

These spells to get powers help you unlock your true abilities. Harness strength you haven’t tapped into hidden strengths you weren’t even aware of. You can work on unlocking specific powers or allow magick to unlock inner strengths you hadn’t even thought of.

Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to adapt a lot of old spells to modern-day use. A lot of these have highly specific uses to manifest certain things into your life. These spells however don’t focus on any specific ability, instead, they help you unlock your own individual strengths and amplify your power.

I’ll show you a couple of different spells from our Grimoire. The preparation is the same for all of them.

Preparing The Spell

We need to prepare both the ritual space and yourself before casting.

Prepare Your Ritual Space

The preparation for this kind of spell work is as important as the ritual itself. Cast at a time and place you’re not rushed and won’t be disturbed. If you’re not able to keep your focus throughout the entire ritual it’s not going to do you much good.

Begin as you would with any spell. Have any items or equipment ready and next to you. Cast your protective circle around your ritual space before beginning.

Preparing Yourself

Before continuing, you need to completely clear your mind. Some prefer to stare at a candle flame for this but you can also do it just by closing your eyes closed. Allow your mind to clear and your attention to be drawn inward. Take your time with this step and don’t attempt to rush it.

This is the most important step to this entire ritual process and should not be skipped. You can’t hone new powers internally when your mind is distracted with mundane things.

If you haven’t already, make sure you take our coven’s magick ability test. It’ll help pinpoint your innate abilities so you know how to focus them properly.

Using Power Honing Crystals

This is optional but if you have them available, there are several crystals well suited to manifesting new powers and strengthening existing ones. If they’re carefully cleansed and charged with your intention they can be used within your ritual.

Just make sure to have them inside your protective circle. You won’t need to actively include them in the ritual unless you choose to.

Once we’re ready, pick a ritual you’d like to perform. Some are more complicated than others but use whichever calls to you.

“Magick Strength” Ability Boost Spell

power spell Witches have long imbued objects and jewelry with magickal energy and used to amplify their abilities. This ritual allows us to charge excess energy into an object to help focus our magick strength over time.

You can set the intention of an item for a specific purpose or your magick potency in general. Each item should only be used for one purpose at a time however so if you want to work on different strengths and powers you’ll need more than one item.


You Will Need

You don’t need any traditional altar items for this but you’re (of course) free to use them if you wish. Our adaption is made to be cast with simple household items.

  • A white candle
  • A piece of jewelry or piece of string to tie around your finger if jewelry isn’t available.
  • A piece of paper or card.
  • Something to write with.
  • Something to anoint with. You can use an essential oil specific to the kind of power you’re trying to work on, peppermint oil as a general choice or, if you don’t have oil, a little pure water will work.

Preparing the Spell

Place your candle at the northernmost point of your circle. Take your paper and write the type of power you want to focus on clearly in the center.

Anoint the paper with a few drops of oil (or water) and place it just below the candle. Place the piece of jewelry (or string) on top of the paper.

Take your time with this next step. Focus your mind very clearly on the power you’re trying to work on. Visualize your ability growing in your mind’s eye and only continue once you have a very clear visualization of your new power.

Light the candle (carefully) and place your hands over the item and paper. Repeat the incantation while holding your focus on the visualization of having this potent power.

On this night and in this hour,
I seek to hone this single power.
Hone for me this energy,
Let this item hold the memory,
Every night and every hour,
Amplify this sacred power.
So mote it be.

Use your mind’s eye to draw energy from the candlelight, through your palms and into the object. Continue until the stream of energy finishes.

Once you’ve completed the ritual blow out the candle but do not close your circle yet. Leave the item and paper within the circle for at least a few hours. Afterward, close the circle, dispose of the paper but you need to be very careful with the item now.

Using the Object

This ritual can be repeated over multiple nights to continue to charge it. The more time and energy you put into an item the more careful you’re going to need to be with it.

When performing spells using the object you only need to wear it and you’ll start to notice its effects over time. If it was a piece of string, simply tie it around your finger.

Do not wear the item constantly throughout the day. Store it somewhere safely between casts.

Note: This is different from a ritual like making protection amulets. Our goal here is to charge the item with our intent to hone energy, not charge it with a specific use as protection.

Take the Magick Ability Test

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“Inner Energy” Power Manifestation Incantation

This is a simple ritual that doesn’t require anything apart from time and focus. This is a good ritual to begin manifesting your powers but will lack the potency of some of the more complicated spells.

While keeping your mind focused and your attention inward, use your mind’s eye to slowly search your body for a flicker of energy. You’re looking for something untapped and eager to emerge. A small but energetic thread of energy we can pull on.

Keep your focus lightly on this energy. Pay attention to its movement and repeat this chant.

This power within me,
this inner light.
Power so slight needs drawn into sight.
Energy within,
power and might.
Draw out within me this night.
So mote it be.

Power spell incantation
Focus on the energy and allow it to slowly grow. Continue to repeat the chant while this light is growing and continue to keep your focus intently on it.

Close your circle once done.

Continual Progress

It’s difficult to give a timeline for this kind of ritual. You may see results very early on but, even if you do, this is a continual process and gaining any kind of power requires continual work.

You can repeat these rituals over time, meditate on your results so far and adapt the ritual to be more specific to the power you’re trying to manifest. Tracking your progress in your book of shadows is something we often suggest to our initiates.