Quickly Cleansing Negative Energy With Sea Salt

Sea salt is one of those amazingly powerful ingredients people often underestimate. Cleansing negative energy with sea salt is the simplest and most effective way of dealing with negativity.

It’s so potent that any use of sea salt mixed into a ritual can help cleanse negative energy from a space. For extra potency, however, there are specific rituals you can perform which have been specifically based around its use.

Negative energy can come from all sources, it can be your own energy which has been tainted by something unknown around you. Or it can be negative energy because your magick has been tainted because you have overused it, or not carried to any self-cleansing magick in a while.

Often it comes from one person aiming their negative energy directed at you, this can be because they have a grudge against you for some reason, or they are simply jealous of you. this can manifest itself in a bad feeling, something you just can’t put your finger on, or it can be something deeper like a curse they have put on you.

I am going to share a number of rituals and spells that can help cleanse negative energy. Some of these will simply get rid of bad energy in your home or around you, some will be much more potent and directed against the person who has set a curse on you. I will start with the removal of a curse as this stops all your positive energy and weighs heavily on your inner spirit.

Before casting any of these rituals yourself, make sure you take the magick ability test so we can find your innate strengths and improve your potency.

How to Remove a Curse With Salt

The first thing to say with a curse is that you have a number of options you can bend that curse back on the sender, or you can put up a protective shield that simply lets the curse fall like an arrow at your feet.

Bending the curse back on the sender is relatively easy to do and I will share how to achieve this, however, it is never my recommendation that you do this as your first action. Using your spirit in this way leaves a shadow that is hard to shift and weakens your powers in the long term. If you feel it is justified, as a short-term measure you can use this method but it is not a positive use of your magick.

sea salt

Send the Curse Back to the Sender

I am going to give you two ways to do this, one is a quick method that provides you with an instant bounce back to the sender and is useful if you have just become aware of the curse and need to act quickly and have access to rock alt or better still Himalayan salt.

If you can wait until night when you can harness the power of the moon please do so. If you cannot wait and you feel the curse needs attention right away you can do this during the day.

Boomerang incantation to send back the curse

Ease of use: Beginner

Effectiveness: 4/5


A handful of Sea salt or Himalayan salt

How to cast the spell

Stand in sight of the moon holding the salt in your right hand.

Name the person who has cursed you if you know their name, say their name 3 times. You will now have their attention.

Cast the salt into the air, before it lands back on the ground say their name again

Now send this curse packing by incanting these words;

I return this curse to whence it came

I send thee home in full shame

This salt carries your name

This salt clears my veins

My intention is clear

This curse won’t disappear

It is yours to reclaim

It cannot return

On you it will burn

This incantation will be difficult on your spirit, you may need to use a cleansing spell later and it would replenish your energies if you were to use your powers for the good of others for the next 3 days. It will do no harm to carry a piece of black tourmaline with you until you feel your powers restoring.

black pouch spell

Black Pouch to Send Back the Curse

A second ritual for sending a curse back to the sender is to use a simple potion and place it near the curse sender if possible. If you do not know the exact source of the curse, you can make up the potion and simply carry it with you in your pocket. If they know you, it is likely you will be in their vicinity at some time.

Ease of use: Beginner

Chances of success: 3/5


Black Pouch

Red Ribbon

Sea Salt

Crushed sage

How to cast this spell

Make up a potion with a handful of salt some crushed sage put it in a small black pouch sealed with red ribbon.

Black is the color of protection and red is passion, you are sealing into that pouch your intention to return that spell right back at them. to make it more powerful, you can speak their name three times as you seal the bag.

If possible place this pouch within 500 yards of their home or office or regular place and they will feel the energy bounce back. It is important that you realize you are sending the full force of the curse back on them.

Similar to the boomerang incantation this bounce back spell may cost you some of your own positive energy. You will need to carry some black tourmaline with you for a while until you feel your energies healing. sending out some cleansing energy to others over the next 3 days will restore some of your positive energy.

Removing the Curse by Self Protecting

This is always my preferred method of dealing with a curse, to simply stop it in its tracks and salt is essential in any strong self-protecting spell. Salt has been used by witches for thousands of years to protect themselves and their homes from negative energies, .it is a simple part of feng shui for the witch’s home.

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Protecting Your Home From Bad Energy

The Corner Feng Shui Ritual

The simplest form of preventing bad energies from entering your home is to use the wisdom of the ancient withes and to place a small black bag of salt and a garlic clove at each corner of your home this was always known as the witches feng shui.

I like to add essential oils to boost this energy, I put three drops of sweet orange oil and three drops of lemon to these pouches. If possible one of these in the earth at the front of your house, in line with your front door if you can. This simple protection will stop the carrier of a curse from bringing it into your home and will protect your home from negative energy.

red candle spell

Candle Spell for An Energy Cleanse

In addition to the corner protection, it is also easy to light a candle in your home and burn this not in fear but in love. Burning a red candle and surrounding yourself with love including self-love is the best protection against negative energies, your own included. Placing this candle in a bowl with sea salt releases all negative emotions cleansing your energy as it burns.

Burn the candle nestled in sea salt simply as you relax and replenish your physical self and energies or alongside other energy cleansing rituals.

I leave these sitting around my home and frequently light them when I feel and negative energy around me. Often the negative energy can come from casual sources like work, and you walk this energy into your home, carrying it in our aura. The simple act of lighting the candle can disperse this energy from your karma.

Using Himalayan salt in this simple act can enhance the transfer of negative energy to good and adding cleansing oils such as peppermint or tea tree can boost the karmic value of the intent whilst the flame burns.

Using Salt Water in a Spiritual Cleansing Ritual

Water is a fantastic carrier for sea salt and a way of symbolically washing away negative energies. The easiest way to do this is to pour the saltwater away whist using a simple incantation.

Ease of use: Beginner

Chances of success: 4/5



A handful of salt

How to cast this spell

Mix the salt with the water in a bottle. you will be pouring this away so best if you can do this outside.

Be careful not to pour it on any plants as this is harmful to them and you want to remain at one with the universe. This ritual will help you attract positive energy as you pour away the bad.

You have a number of ways to use this ritual, if you are doing a house clearing and cleanse you can pour i at the four corners of your home. This will stop any negative energy from entering your home.

If you wish to cleanse yourself of negative energy, you can cleanse your hands in this cleansing water before you ask the Divine for a deeper cleanse.

In either case, a simple incantation will enhance your magick powers here.

You can use a short incantation such as:

Flow from me that which I do not need

From this negativity let me be freed

These two ways to cleanse the energy around you and within you can be used as often as you like. Repeat them on each full moon if you are feeling strong negative energy drowning your spirit. You can use the incantation at any time.

it may also help to carry a little pouch of sage salt and your own special protection crystal in your pocket or purse and used this short incantation at any time you feel negative energy around you.

Deeper Cleansing of the Spirit of Negative Energy

You may feel that you need this at different times. It is a good idea to carry out this ritual after you have sent a boomerang spell to return a curse. It may be you feel the need for this when all the energies around you appear negative. Your inner spirit and powers depend on you being able to send out your natural positive energy into the universe. Deep cleaning of the spirit is never wasted. I’ve posted a cleansing ritual for negative energy which was similar but this has more of an emphasis on the use of sea salt.

Ease of use: Beginner

Chance of success: 4/5


A sage smudging stick

A full back of salt

A range of crystals that you have used for other spells

A rose crystal not used in previous spells

How to Cast This Spell

For this deeper cleanse stand in the center of a circle of salt. Place your crystals in front of you. this will bring their power into the circle and will cleanse them for your next spell. the rose crystal brings love to your circle, the ultimate protection from negativity.

Burn your smudging stick and as you wave this sacred smoke around the area inside your circle you can meditate on the Divine quietly or ask for her intervention by using this simple incantation.

Hear me gently speak

I ask for you in your mystique

To bring to this place

All of your weick

My story of magic here unfolds

Cleanse my heart my soul my tools my whole

Sit quietly in your circle until your herbs have filled the air. Now you may gather your crystals and return them to their sacred place. To walk out of the circle simply clear a small exit to allow the negative energy to leave with you.

You may repeat this cleansing ritual at each full moon if you feel the need, however, it is pretty powerful and one ritual should carry ou forward for a good few months.

If you sense there is a strong curse, you can do this ritual before you boomerang ritual so that you enter that frame of mind very strong and in touch with your inner spirit and positive intention.

It may be useful for those of you who have dealt with curses in the past to revisit your book of shadows and select additional herbs and particular oils that have assisted you in previous incantations.

I find using rowan berries boosts my powers in times of great challenge. I don’t like to overuse them but a particularly strong curse requires a strong response and these witches berries power to the battle you face.

I carry silver with me to deflect the strongest curse and if you have it a small silver box with the Himalayan salt can be carried around occasionally to ward off the curse’s effect until you have time for the incantations.

All of these rituals are about energy one way or another, and you must replenish yours and remember the sender of any curse weakens their own powers considerably this makes you the strongest of the tow and the carrier of good intentions will always have the warmth of the Divine to rely upon for protection. Remember your spirit can tap into that poe=wer when you stay in a place of good intent, the sender of the curse is lost to all of that. you are more powerful being connected to the universal energy of good.

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