Witches Guide to Tea Magic

Guide to Tea Magic

Tea Magic is essential for all witches, this has been around for thousands of years. Tea has amazing healing and magical properties and I am going to share some of my favorite ways to use tea and some of the best teas to prepare.

Every witch has their own favorites and go-to teas for all sorts of spells and different purposes, magic teas are all about the blend of herbs and spices you make and then how you use them as part of your magic kit. My favorite witchy tea is one I use every evening to repair my spirit and connect me with my own inner powers, especially when I feel I have used a lot of my powers in casting spells. At the end of the page, I will share my special spirit restoration tea recipe or tea witch tea as I call it.

I’m very excited to share this with you today as tea magick is one of my favorite topics, maybe even a close second to honey jar spells.

What Is Tea Magic?

Tea magic is something witches and healers have known about and practiced for centuries. It is a great way of performing magic rituals and a great way to learn your craft as a witch as you will learn a bit about the different herbs and spices and fruits and their uses.

There are a few key ways of using tea magic

  • Brewing magic tea with your intention and drinking the tea. Tea magic can be this simple, brew the tea, add your intent to the brew let it stew then drink the tea. This is at it’s simplest form and can work with other wish magic. the brew you make is what matters here.
  • Tealeaf reading is one of the oldest forms of divination and can be used with any kind of tea leaves.
  • Charming your brew, careful selection of your magical ingredients and infusing each with your magic before use.

Note: Before trying this for yourself, make sure you take our coven’s magick ability test to find your own natural affinities.

Properties Of Different Teas

Black teas are the most commonly known teas in the west. Black tea has been oxidized longest so is useful in spells that need a little more patience and time. it is associated with energy and luck it does have higher caffeine than other teas so drink less to keep your spirit clean. It is a good tea to use in tea leaf reading.

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea, made from the leaves of the camellia sinesis plant, it is only allowed to partially oxidize. Oolong tea is associated with protection healing and strength. Oolong milk tea is a lovely form of oolong tea that tastes creamy and is useful when your magickal powers are low and potentially overused and you need an instant soothing and restorative potion.

Green tea is best known as a healing tea with antioxidants to soothe the body and mind, it has less caffeine than black tea. Green teas are useful in tea magic as they are purer with less caffeine. Green teas are associated with health healing and divination.

White tea is unusual and its name comes from the silvery-white hairs on the plant it comes from. You can buy it in many flavors usually bold and fruity and floral so adding to its power. White teas are associated with healing kindness and immortality.

Herbal and Fruit teas can be bought, one of my favorites is mango fruit tea. but the magic is always stronger purer and more intentional when you prepare the blend yourself. These fruit teas and herbal teas can be blended by you for every magical purpose you can desire.

Tea Leaf Reading

This is one of the oldest forms of divination and you can use any tea to practice this magic. It requires you to be in a state of equilibrium to perform so I recommend that you do this when your magical energy levels are high. the tea leaves in a china cup will reveal more to you if the cup of tea has been poured with strong energy. The tea does not have to be caffeine-free, in fack lain black tea leaves are what I mostly use for readings.

You Will Need

  • Loose tea, black tea is the easiest.
  • A china cup.
  • Teapot, preferably china.
  • Water preferably left outside in a jar under the moon for extra divination power.
  • Milk (if drinker prefers milk tea).

Preparing The Ritual

Make the tea in the usual way. Use 3 tablespoons of loose black tea for a pot of tea. I like to use moon water for all my witchy teas and this means leaving a pot of water out under the moonlight before using. This is given from the earth and contains no chemicals.

Pour the tea into the cup without straining the leaves. you can add milk her to make milk tea, this will make no change to the ritual, and in Celtic magic tradition milk tea is most commonly used. Wait for the leaves to settle then ask the person to drink the tea, they will leave the leaves in the cup as they drink.

Reading The Tea Leaves

  • The leaves are now ready for you to read. Sit with the cup and ask your spirit to guide your reading. Lift the cup to your spirit and share the reading with the person who has invited you to read for them. It is important you only read when invited to do so. To read a future for those who have not invited you risks your magick inner spirit damage.
  • In reading the leaves there are many common images that appear and guides on interpretation, but you must trust your own inner spirit to tell the story of what you see.
  • Deliver this with kindness and positivity adding guidance and warnings only where the leaves guide you to do so.
  • When you have finished place the cup on the saucer upside down and turn 3 times. This disconnects your spirit from the reading.

tea magic

Preparing Tea Magic Simple Intentions

For the simplest tea magic, you can just brew the tea of your choice. You can use any loose leaf tea, passion fruit tea, milk tea, black milk tea, mango green tea is good here.

Let the tea sit in the pot then pour into a china cup, use a strainer unless you can going to follow up with a reading. As you pour focus on your intention let the tea sit a few minutes and sip slowly focusing on your intention with every sip. You may find it easier to say your intention out loud or whisper it into the cup.

This can also be incorporated into a longer mediation session, using tea at the end of your mediation and thereby concentrating your intention, this will undoubtedly focus your energies on the wish or intention you bring to this simple ritual.

If your powers are finely honed and your visualization powers are strong this may be sufficient for you to do as tea magic and your intentions will materialize.

This is a fantastic way to channel your magic energies and bring calmness to your day and peace and focus on your thoughts.

Brewing Powerful Magic Teas

For stronger intentions and manifestations I like to harness the magical power that tea presents to me from our ancient Wiccan history and use plants and flowers to bring me stronger magic. You can brew endless mixes of herbs flowers and spices for every kind of intention.

When you find a mix that works for you add it to your book of shadows for reference and to hand down through the ages. you can make a batch of that tea and store with your magical supplies.

You can make these teas from scratch with a whole range of dried herbs and flowers. You can select these herbs and flowers and spices that have the most significance for the intention that you bring to your magic tea. For example, you might use herbs for prosperity in your tea to attract wealth and abundance.

I always add honey or sugar to sweeten these teas, both bring their own magical properties sugar as an attractant to increase the power of your ingredients and honey particularly when you want to bind the properties of each ingredient together. You can use both! It will taste better when sweeter.

You Will Need

  • 3 Tablespoons of Magical Tea ingredients for each pot you will brew.
  • You can make the tea from any blend of herbs and spices you like.
  • China Teapot.
  • China Tea Cup and saucer.
  • Water ( I like to use rainwater energized by the moon for more powerful spells).

I have listed a broad range of ingredients you can use, some fresh, mostly dried is fine. all have magical properties. Many of these are in your kitchen cupboards already, and it is always worth having a good stock in your witch’s kitchen for a whole range of spells. This list is not exhaustive, there is ore you can use and your Wiccan powers and energy grow.

Fruits for Tea Magic

Elderflower protection; prosperity; healing

Apple love; healing; immortality

Orange love; luck; money; solar energy

Plum healing; protection

Passion fruit harmony; love

Rasberry protection; love

Rhubarb fidelity; protection of the home

Strawberry love; luck

Blackcurrant drives out negative influences

Herbs And Spices for Tea Magic

Coriander love; lust

Cardamon love; romance

Fennel purification;protection

Lemon longevity; strong bonds of friendship

Mint wealth; prosperity

Hot pepper exorcising negative energies

Saffron laughter; joy enhancing; psychic powers

Tarragon wisdom fertility divination

Marjoram love; happiness; health; money

Nettle curse-breaking; protection

Parsley lust; fertility

Sage wisdom; wishes; longevity

Thyme psychic powers; courage

Bay healing; strength

Ginger fire; energy; action

Basil wealth; protection; purification; strength

Cinnamon luck; money; wealth; luck; spirituality

Nutmeg attracting new money; luck

Vanilla restores magical energy; mental powers

Camomile money; sleep; purification

Dandelion divination; wishes; connecting with the spirits

Allspice money; business success

Calendula success in legal matters

Chili fidelity; passion

Clove protection against negative forces

tea magic properties

Preparing The Ritual

Add each of the dried herbs and spices and dried fruits you choose to your jar and shake. Select the herbs and spices according to their magical significance for the spell you want to cast, and remember you will be drinking this so err on the side of caution for the stronger tasting ingredients. Add just a sprinkle of any of the very strong flavors as their power will be strong in tiny doses.

if you feel uncertain you can use green tea as a basis for your tea and just add any of these ingredients depending on what the purpose of your spell is. You could do the same with black milk tea if that is more to your taste, many prefer a milk tea and adding a few of the sweeter spices can work here too.

You can adjust for flavor as needed and strength of the spell.

Combine at least three of these ingredients for each tea, and use the quantities that you feel you need.

I always add honey or sugar to taste both add to the magic and help your taste buds.

Casting The Spell

The tea magic here is the same as with most, except that here you have put a lot of Wiccan energy into making a tea which already has a powerful meaning and the scents send magic into the air as it brews.

Pour boiling water over a few tablespoons of your magical tea and allow it to brew.

After a few minutes pour the tea through a strainer into the cup.

Now focus deeply on your intention and inhale the magic as it steams from your cup

Wait 3 minutes for the tea to cool in your cup distilling wit your intentions and releasing your power into the liquid

Sip your tea and give thanks for the magic you have released

When you have finished drinking, turn your cup upside down on your saucer and turn three times.

Magical Tea Recipes A Starter For Ten

I have guided you so far in saying that tea magic is limitless in the kinds of magic you can use it for, and have given you a whole range of ingredients you can combine depending on what it is you want to achieve.

Magical Workings Tea

If you know you are going to be casting a lot of spells in the day, particularly those for casting out negative energies and spells concerning love you can prepare your inner spirit by drinking this tp prepare mind and body.

  • 2 Tablespoons rosemary leaves
  • 1 Tablespoon lavender flowers
  • Grated peel of an orange
  • Honey to taste

I drink this every morning as I cast spells every day. It may be you use this more sparingly so store the mix in a jar and use only what you need.

Tea To Bring In New Love

  • Passion fruit tea
  • Dried apple
  • Pinch cinnamon
  • Pinch crushed cardamons
  • Tiny pinch crushed chill
  • Honey for bindingTea for success in a new venture
  • Green tea or milk tea
  • Pinch ginger
  • Pinch allspice
  • Pinch cinnamon
  • Orange peel
  • Fresh or dried mint

Magick Tea Affinity Test

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Spirit Restoration Tea for a Tea Witch

I promised I would share the tea I use every evening to restore my spirit and divination powers. I make a batch of this herbal and fruit tea and store it. I always use a jar that I previously have blessed under the full moon.

I use only fresh rainwater I collect in a jar and always leave it under the moonlight to gather the energies of the moon.

I never share this tea with anyone else, the tea ceremony is sacred for me and I sit at the window where I can see the moon

Before drinking I close my eyes and give thanks for the powers the moon allows me and ask for a rejuvenation of the powers to cast again.

My Moon Spirit Herbal Tea ingredients are equal quantities of :

  • Dandelion
  • Vanilla
  • Bay
  • Blackcurrant

I add honey for sweetness, health and to bind me to the moon spirit, I add ginger when I need an extra boost of energy.