How to Start a Grimoire Easily

How to Start a Grimoire

There are no hard set rules on how to start a grimoire but there are some guidelines that might make it easier for beginner witches.

The first thing we teach our initiates when they start a grimoire is to make it their own, treat your Grimoire carefully and with respect and begin one as soon as you feel comfortable in doing so.

A Grimoire is one of the best tools you can use to improve your spellwork and one of the only physical things you really need when getting into witchcraft.

What Is a Grimoire?

A grimoire is a book containing all the knowledge you need as a witch. It is an amazing reference book with spells, incantations, uses for herbs and spices, rituals, the list is endless. You can write your own spells and rituals or copy ones from elsewhere (like here at spell guru). Anything that relates to practicing your craft.

Such grimoires have existed since the dawn of writing. Some are passed down through generations within families or covens. They’re not just a way for you to remember your spells and rituals but a way to pass on the knowledge you’ve gained over time. When you have written your grimoire you can share with your coven, or you as a coven can create a shared grimoire.

If you’d like to get into a little more detail, our coven does have a guide on what is a Grimoire which gets into more of the detail.

How to Start a Grimoire

Note: Before starting your Grimoire make sure you take the coven magick ability test. The sooner your spells and rituals are focused on your innate strengths the sooner your spells will see real results.

The Book: The Bigger The Better


A grimoire is the best go-to book for any witch. It will contain a lot of essential information. No matter what level you are there are always new things to learn, and so much to remember.

It stands to reason then that you will have a lot of information to gather. The size of the book you use will matter, start with something that is a decent size. An A4 book is what we use in our coven. We have created many volumes over time, and add new books when each one is complete.

The quality of the paper is less important than the energies it contains, our coven increases the energies of the paper by asking for it to be endowed by the energies of the moon during a new moon phase. This is a time when the moon is hidden from view and the moon’s energies for change are at her strongest.

Our coven always uses a leather-bound book, this is our ancient tradition and we honor that to this day. You can use any book you prefer. Our coven gives thanks for the animal sacrifice and handles the book with care and respect each time it is used.

What to Put in a Grimoire

I have seen all kinds of grimoires, some witches have a book for spells, a book for rituals, one for herbs, etc. If this is how your mind works, and you like things very organized you can do it this way. There are no hard and fast rules. Remember this is your reference book so organize it in whatever way you want.

A good way of starting is to ask…if I was looking for a love spell where would I look? If I wanted spells for the Full Moon where would I look? What herbs would help me cast a love spell during a full moon?

Now you know you need some way of putting together a book that is organized enough to just let you jump right into love spells, it might be you have a section for new moon spells, and you absolutely want a whole section just on herbs.

However you do it, set it up so that it makes sense to you that’s all that really matters.

Possible Chapters For Your Grimoire

Many witches use the grimoire to write down how to make objects such as bracelets, witch’s ladder, amulets, ointments, DIY oils and potions, talismans, and much more, there is no limit to the information a witches’ grimoire can contain. Each page will be rich with knowledge, magical craft, learning passed down over the ages. Another witch will often share their witchcraft with all and all that learning belongs in your grimoire.

Any spells or rituals or simple incantations that you want to copy from deserve a place in your grimoire as they are also added to the grimoire of my coven.

All things magical belong in your grimoire. Your grimoire is a detailed dictionary with gorgeous detailed explanations and information, and for every magical purpose

  • Spells
  • Rituals
  • Incantations
  • Herbs
  • Potions
  • Moon Cycles
  • Crystals
  • Cleansing Ceremonies
  • Tarot cards
  • Angel numbers

These are just the starting headings, you will add many more as your magick knowledge increases. As a smile tip I would divide up the spell chapter or volume into the headings you use most, you will fill this up very quickly.

What Kind of Book To Use

The grimoire can have all sorts of formats, there are those who create them and store them on laptops, there are those who use looseleaf binders, some prefer solid bound books. Whichever way you want to create it, remember it is a precious resource, it is a treasure of Wiccan knowledge captured over the centuries. Above all it is a working living breathing book of magical knowledge, not to be taken lightly.

My preferred format is to use a large solid book. In my coven, we have many volumes, and the number is growing as we continue to share the learning.

It is likely that you will add new volumes as your witchcraft skills increase, it is likely if you are in a coven that you will have several books. These magical guides are an invaluable way of passing along the ancient craft and magical ingredients knowledge.

The Difference In a Grimoire and a Book Of Shadows

A grimoire is a reference book for all the knowledge you as a witch can put together, or that you share with your coven. It is a magical reference book, each page filled with details on how to go about your craft. This book, though not commonly shared, is generally shared with other witches from time to time so that you learn from others.

A book of shadows is more personal to each individual witch, these are secret and rarely shared even inside your own coven. The book of shadows is really all about your personal journey as a witch. It will have a record of what has worked for you and what hasn’t worked. It will be a personal journal detailing the emotions and energies you go through as you develop your craft.

This book of shadows will often be written alongside the grimoire, they will be stored separately, a witch will never allow her book of shadows to be seen or touched by someone they do not choose to share with. The book of shadows will be bound closed by an incantation that only the witch who owns it will be able to open it.

Keeping Your Grimoire Safe

This book of witchcraft cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. There is a lot of power and magical energy in the grimoire.

It is important to protect this witchcraft so seal the grimoire with an incantation that you share only with those in your coven, or another witch with whom you choose to share your knowledge.

Seal the knowledge from the view of any non-witches by casting a simple protection spell on your grimoire book before you start using it.

It is possible that some parts of your grimoire will be more powerful than others, seal these chapters with an incantation repeated under the new moon.

Keep your grimoire safe and hidden from enemies at all times.

Don’t Be Afraid Your Grimoire Isn’t Perfect

It is always daunting to start something so important and you want to get it right, do not worry, all living grimoires have mistakes in them. They have bits scored out, notations added on the pages, the books are well-thumbed, sometimes as new knowledge is discovered it is added to the page years after the first notes are made.

These are not tidy books, they are well used, well-loved, magical texts that witches use to store everything they know.

It’s like an old cookbook that has all the old recipes, you might scribble on the pages, share it, go back and check things, and add extra pages when you find something new.

You can copy things you learn from elsewhere, print spells and rituals of, use guides to herbs you find useful and add all sorts of information over the years.

Using Your Grimoire

It is important that you use your grimoire regularly, the energies of the grimoire itself will increase if it is physically near you when you are casting spells. This is particularly true of any protection castings.

Use your book so that you do learn new magic, and respect the book by drawing down new energies from the moon into its pages when you can.

Add to your book when you can, if you commit to learning as a witch your magic will grow quickly and your manifestations will be stronger.

Each page has meaning and will be useful to you at unexpected moments, your grimoire will call to you when you need it if you treat it well as put it at the core of your practice.

Improving Your Spells

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