Being a Witch Without Knowing

Being a witch without knowing it is more common than you might think. Many younger initiates in our coven felt drawn to the craft by a pull they couldn’t quite explain. They might not know much (or anything) about witchcraft but they feel a pull towards… something. Are you a witch without knowing it?

Being a natural-born witch can manifest in many different ways. You may have individual abilities to influence events in your life, you may be aware of spiritual connections around you. You may even feel what others might say or do before it happens or your dreams can unlock insights into events that haven’t happened yet.

The signs of being a witch without knowing will vary for everyone so let’s get into the details.

Are You a Witch?

The first thing you should do is take our coven’s magick ability test. This will help you find your own innate strengths and help us figure out if you’re natural born or not.

Suppose you feel spiritual attributes such as higher intuition or significant amounts of inner energy, you might be a witch hiding in an ordinary person’s skin. The ability to transmute emotions or energy to create changes around you might also reflect a part in your life when it comes to this matter.

You might be more attuned to the magic plane than other people than you thought before. Therefore, you are in a stronger connection with the magical or spiritual realm. If so, you’ll see in the next paragraphs if you are a natural witch by yourself and how to proceed forward, or how to become one, even if you have no prior experience at all.

You don’t have to be confused about it! People who practice witchcraft are more common nowadays than many people thought they’ll ever be!

Many witches believe in magic, which is considered a force that can manipulate realms such as the physical or spiritual ones. It has the power to shape and influence the reality in any domain, granting the user powers.

Tarot Cards

A way of divination used by those who practice witchcraft is the use of tarot cards for reading different encounters someone had, has, or will have in the future. Tarot cards game was a card game played in the mid 15th century, but it gained a reputation as a means of divination in the 18th century. Some people believe that it is linked to the esoterism practiced in ancient Egypt and Kabbalah.

Even if the general meaning of a witch is a woman who wears a black robe and a pointed hat, which uses its magic powers to cause evil and disharmony, that is not usually the case.

Practicing witchcraft means that you understand or at least have a glimpse of how the world around you works on a deeper, spiritual level. Witches usually find their inspiration for their magical works in nature, honoring, thanking, and giving praises to it, for the only reason we are here, is because of nature. They celebrate the seasons and the changes they bring and embrace it all as a perpetual, lifelong cycle.

Signs of a Natural Witch

Hexagram of Solomon

The signs of being a natural-born witch will vary for everyone. I’ve covered some rare natural witch characteristics (which you should look at) but the biggest sign is an affinity to spiritual connections. This will be different for everyone but something calls them towards a part of the craft.

Maybe you have an innate skill for healing, or you can sense danger faster than through rational thinking, or you feel the universe itself is opened to you? Or you feel drawn to mysticism or magic, but you don’t quite understand the meaning of these terms, or you feel a pulse within you that makes you look forward when it comes to these kinds of magical thoughts.

These kinds of skills were beneficial in times where communication could be done only by talking face-to-face. Natural witches usually like being outdoors, regardless of the weather, be it day or night, or you feel an unusual attraction to a specific animal or bird.

Hidden Signs

You feel the weather has no importance since, even if it’s sunny or thunderstorms occur, you realize this is the way nature manifests, and you embrace it as it is. When it comes to animals, you might feel a calling, like that animal is seeking you, since people that practice witchcraft usually has a spirit animal from which they gain their particular traits.

Another hidden attribute that you might have as an innate witch is having a great connection with nature. Magic practiced by witches, or by people who have this skill innately, focuses mostly on having a better relationship with nature and their nature, respectively.

You feel that nature, its elements, and the changing of seasons are” one” with you. Many natural witches are empaths; therefore, their connection to nature is pure and innocent. You could feel that the fire energizes you, or that the water unspeakably calms you.

You might not realize, but as a natural witch, your magic (the physical reality can easily veil that), rituals, or intentions have a powerful effect when it comes to manifestation. As long as you serve a higher purpose in your everyday life, even a thought can generate a significant impact, having its influence spread in any domain of your life. Thoughts are energy, after all.

You feel open to your spiritual power, such as healing others’ energy by touching them with your palms. Or, if you think of someone and that person shows up unexpectedly later that day.

You “know” what people will say in a discussion intuitively, or they jokingly say, “please stop reading my mind.” You have an attraction to crystals, and you intuitively know how they work, or you see meanings in symbols others cannot understand. These can also be counted as signs that you are a witch without knowing it. So how do you become a witch then?


How to Become a Witch

Our coven has a complete guide on how to get into witchcraft. There’s no one way because witchcraft is generally as varied as each practicing witch. Some learn to wield entirely innate powers, some research online and practice their magick in secret while others will join large covens. I grew up surrounded by witches and many of my family and friends practice the craft – but many of our initiates find us after learning to do things themselves first.

Being a witch is more about learning, practice, and identity development. The technique combines intuitive and formal knowledge to develop a new self, that of a person responsible for its magic, which should help the user even more in its spiritual encounters.

But when it comes to magic practices, wrongdoings can be easily made. As long as they don’t interfere negatively with other people’s well-being, you won’t suffer any consequences.

Becoming a Witch

Now, becoming a witch is easy if you have any of the traits above. If you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. Follow the qualities that other people use in witchcraft to become a witch, or explore the reality that they have incorporated in their life.

Such traits include having a great desire to understand nature and nature in general and practicing transcendental meditation. Getting informed about the subject is a way to start. Reading books with this specific content can teach you about this craft more than you thought. Start easy, be open-minded, and make a place for the ways of magic art in your life.

Focus on Your Goals

It would be best if you always focused your goals for the greater good or at least neutral in your practices, such as modern paganism practices. Inform yourself about spellcraft(which is as vast as there are stars in the sky), and experiment with different divination and meditation techniques. Starting a Grimoire is very useful for this and something every witch should do as early as possible.

Try to apply your intentions to magical actions such as a set of words or verses. Use them as a ritual to reflect your current state in the world around you and within yourself.

Start with baby steps. Realizing who you are and what your purpose is, is more important at this level than your actual desires and fantasies. It is an easy way to choose your witchcraft path (since there are so many) by looking for specific traits within yourself.

In the end, being a user of witchcraft abilities means not only discovering your innate powers or your experience granted abilities, but it is a way of tuning to a higher plane of existence. You can find spiritual guidance, knowledge, answers to your most profound questions, and self-realization in this plane. However, this is a short introduction to what it means to be a witch.

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