How to Tell If You are a Witch [Easily]

Our coven has been asked how to tell if you are a witch long before we ever started to bring ourselves into the modern-day.

A witch is someone who practices magick. Their practice is about raising and directing natural energies to fulfill their dreams, desires, and their witchcraft involves connecting to nature at a spiritual level. A witch will seek and channel the cosmic energies towards achieving their goals, and these intentions are not selfish. Most of the time, they are altruistic in nature. So how to tell if you are a witch? It’s quite simple; you are empathic, strive to help others since you feel their pain. You wish to heal them, and you are connected with nature, having a heightened intuition which allows you to foresee things before they happen, or know what someone will say before they do it. Do these things sound familiar?

The Witchcraft Journey

Anyone can learn how to get into witchcraft but it is true that some are more born to it than others. If you see any of these signs in yourself I suggest taking our coven’s magick ability test so we can help narrow down your innate strengths.

You might dream of events that are yet to unfold. You are kind, yet you will sometimes avoid crowded spaces, preferring seclusion from time to time, among other things. Many signs may reveal your spiritual path to you, and you don’t have to have all these traits to be considered a witch. Basically, there are two types of witches: those who invoke the god or goddess’s power to control their spells and the natural witches who have an inbred ability to craft spells. Some witches, known as white witches, are the most altruistic and the most common type of witch out there, and you might be one of them as well.

Before identifying yourself as a witch, bear in mind that natural-born witches come in all heights, sizes, and races. The flaming red hair, pointy nails, and black cloaks are just a myth. Real witches are more than an image created by Hollywood. A witch might indeed use Tarot cards, for it is a means of divination. The Tarot card is useful in predicting different encounters one might have in the future or explaining past events’ spiritual meaning. So let us take a look at some other signs that may reveal to you your inborn witch characteristic.

Inborn Witch Characteristics

Some characteristics set the natural witch apart from the rest of the people. Let’s see some of these features and if you possess any of them.

Healing Powers

Those who practice Wicca are very familiar with herbs and know how to heal without visiting a doctor. Natural born witches are familiar with healing rituals and practices and rarely will see an actual doctor. The innate ability to heal is one of the characteristics of these witches. A white witch has extended knowledge of herbs and remedies, as there are many Wiccan healing rituals performed to mend both body and spirit.

Some white witches might possess healing hands. By touching those suffering (physical or spiritual), an innate witch brings comfort and relief.

Also, a witch will instinctively know when someone suffers and how she can help. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself asking someone why they are sad. These characteristics might mean you are a white witch.


We often hear people speaking about ‘vibes.’ Positive or negative, these are the energies around us. Witches can feel someone’s energies and can tell whether someone is upset or happy. If you have a deep understanding of human emotions and how they affect people, you might be a witch. You are an empath by nature.

Great Connection with Nature

A white witch will always find nature very comforting. Sunny or rainy days, the smell of the grass after rain, a witch will take solace in nature with all its forms. Most of her rituals will happen outside, sometimes under the full moon. If you feel that water or wind calms you or fire energizes you, there is a good chance for you to be a natural-born witch. The magic practiced by a white witch is focused on having a better relationship with nature and all its elements since witches are always drawn to Mother Nature and its energies.

Animal Magnetism

Everybody knows that black cats have always been associated with witches. A white witch will have a strong connection with all animals regardless of their size and won’t fear them as other people do.

A witch will also have a spirit animal from which they acquire their particular qualities. If you like a specific animal or you are drawn to it, it means that the spirits sent you this familiar to protect you.


We all know the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by the Grimm Brothers. They depicted a mean witch whose purpose was to feed on children. Indeed she was not a white witch. Or even a real one.

White witches love children, and children are drawn to them. It is a well-known fact that children are born with a sixth sense, which helps them relate to the physical world during their first months of life. Due to this sixth sense, children can feel a white witch’s kindness.

The little ones are also drawn to magic. Witches have magic, mystery, and peace around them, and this is why children seek their company.

Magic Never Fades

All children believe in magic and the supernatural. However, as they grow up, they let a veil set upon their eyes. Natural witches continue to believe in the power of spells, the magic of nature. The fairy-tale never ends. Magic is here to stay.

With that being said, if you possess some of the characteristics mentioned above, you might be a natural-born witch. There are, however, some other rare signs, and as such, please check this out as well.

Witchcraft Test

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becoming a witch

Becoming a Witch

If you noticed that you possess some of the above characteristics, then casting a spell or making a magick potion should be the next thing to do. Becoming a witch is not difficult if you have the above qualities, although not having them should not be a show stopper.

The first thing you should do is to focus on your goals. Your target should be the greater good and not the opposite. At least, try to remain neutral in your witchcraft, or altruistic. While you realize who you are and your purpose, the witchcraft path will reveal to you, step by step. By discovering the distinctive qualities you possess, you can enhance them and climb towards a higher existence level.

There Are Consequences When Using Magic

Another essential step in becoming a witch is understanding the risks associated with the witchcraft practice. Always remember that the use of powerful energies might have undesired effects. There is, however, a safety net known as the Wiccan Rule of Three or Three-Fold Law or the Law of Return. According to this pagan rule, whatever energy you put into this world will return to you three times fold. So, if your goal is pure and targets the greater good, there is nothing you should be afraid of. Do not try to harm anyone, and you will be safe.

Do your research before starting your witchcraft practice. There are various books, biographies, or guides into the art of magick. A considerable amount of information can be found on the Internet, articles written by experienced people who practice witchcraft for quite some time. Joining different conventions or covens is also a good idea.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the terminology used by witchcraft practitioners. It will give you more confidence if you know what you are talking about, and you will indeed have a better understanding of what spell-work is. A good starting point would be to learn what the real meaning of the word Paganism is. Despite the general belief, pagans do not follow any religion but focus on earth and nature. Other essential words are spells, curses, hexes, Wicca.

Magic Tools Which are Essential To Witches

Now that you familiarize yourself with the terminology and the basics, it is time to get the essential tools for your practice. It is crucial to refrain from buying all the fun stuff you might find in a specialized store. For the beginning, all you need are candles, essential oils, a spellbook (there is a wide selection of books from which you may choose), and a Grimoire (your journal for this magical journey).

Every witch should have a Grimoire, also known as the Book of Shadows. This might be a simple notebook that contains all the things that help you evolve.

With that being said, you are all set up for starting your witchcraft practice. You can now begin to step on the path of this life-changing experience. Prepare yourself spiritually and begin following the lunar phases. Learn about the full moon powers and why it is so important to know the lunar phases.

You should also start reading about the different divine beings and decide which one resonates with you. You can also practice some easy spells. Divination is also very important. You can practice it using tarot cards, runes, or oracle cards. Again, you should pay attention to which one better suits you. You can also start practicing necessary rituals with the help of candles and crystals.

In time you will realize that witchcraft suits you, or magick practice is not something for you. Being a witch is not something easy, and it is not meant to be, however, being true to ourselves is necessary.

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