Powerful Green Candle Money Spell

Green Candle Money Spell

This is our covens green candle money spell. It only needs household items and can be cast regardless of your experience with spellwork. It may require some time however and it’s important you take your time with it.

There are a lot of different types of money magic and rituals to improve the finances in your life. Some use them to help a new business starting while others are hoping for a raise or promotion at work. Whatever the reason, magic can be used to help bring abundance to your life. Just make sure you’re following the rule of three and not trying to take this money out of the hands of others.

I’m always a fan of candle magick and green is the color of attracting abundance so this is certainly not a new idea but it is our coven’s twist on a much, much older spell. If you don’t like candle spells you might want to take a look at using herbs for prosperity.

Like any ritual, you can tweak it to suit your needs and improve your results. If you haven’t already, make sure you take our magick ability test which can help you find your affinities and improve your spellwork.

“Bind the Bank” Green Candle Money Spell

Note: The photos here show an example of the spell in a bright room without the candle being lit. This is only to make the photo clear and visible. Candle magick should be performed at night and this spell is no exception. You can cast it during the day if you prefer but, in our coven, we would wait for a waxing moon and cast this spell at night.

This spell imbues a totem (usually a coin or stone) with the energy from the flame to attract financial abundance into your life.

This ritual should be easy to perform, but a little time-consuming.

green candle spell

You Will Need:

  • A fresh green candle.
  • A piece of string or wool.
  • A stone or coin.
  • A bowl or other small container.

Preparing the Ritual

Candle magic is one of the few types that are best cast indoors. I’ve covered other money spells which you can use outside but in this ritual we want the candle flame to remain steady.

Your green candle should be fresh. Not one used in another ritual or in everyday use. You can use any size of candle you like but we do want the candle to burn completely down in one place. A larger candle can be a more potent spell but will take longer to complete.

Choose an area where the candle won’t be disturbed. Place everything you need within reach and begin by casting a protective circle around you. Never skip this step.

Casting the Spell

Begin by lighting the candle at the center of your ritual space.

Take the coin or stone you’re using as a totem in the palm of your right hand and hold it firmly. Hold your left hand close to the flame (carefully) so you can feel the heat lightly. Picture the totem in your mind’s eye and visualize the heat passing from the candle, through your left arm and along your right arm into the totem.

Once you can clearly hold this visual repeat the following incantation slowly:

By the three,

My totem calls free.

Bless my balance three times three,

Bring abundance straight to me.

So mote it be.

When you can feel the heat emanating from the totem in your palm, take the string and wrap it tightly around the totem. The tighter you can wrap it, the better.

candle money spell

Place the wrapped totem in the bowl and place the bowl in front of the candle. You can close your circle and leave if you need to but leave the candle burning until it’s completely finished.

Only once the candle has burned down unwrap the totem and keep it safe. Ideally in your wallet or purse but you can also keep it in your pocket or under a pillow. The longer you can keep the totem with you, the sooner you’ll see the results.

Green candle money spell incantation

Improving Your Spellcasting

After performing a green candle money spell I also like burning bay leaves for prosperity. You could do this while the ritual candle is burning just be very careful not to extinguish the flame on the candle.

Take a moment and take our ability test and adapt the ritual to suit your innate ability.

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Using Candle Magick for Money

I love using candles with my spell work and they’re incredibly common in a money spell. Candle magic is used by everyone from a solitary witch just getting started to entire covens. But you have to understand how magick works.

Like any kind of magick you’re going to be very disappointed if you expect a green candle money spell ritual to double your bank balance overnight. This is not how magic works outside of a Hollywood film.

Spells for money work by helping to attract money and financial abundance into your life. There are many wiccan book of shadows out there with ore than a few money spells in them and none are going to have your ATM spewing money overnight.

Magick can increase your chances of success and remove obstacles from your path. Magick tips the scale of probability in your favor but isn’t going to drop gold bars directly into your lap.