Powerful Herbs for Prosperity

Herbs for Prosperity

Nothing could be simpler than using herbs for prosperity. If you want to bring more success and money into your life just use some of the spells I am about to share with you and you will increase your wealth easily. One of the best things about this magic is that it is already in your drawers and you can use it so easily.

I’m going to suggest our coven’s most popular prosperity herbs and show you how we use them to attract prosperity and luck into your life. If you haven’t already, I do suggest taking our magick ability test before casting any of these spells for yourself.

What Herb Attracts Money When Burned?

Burning a herb to unleash your will into the universe is similar to activating a sigil. For a prime example of this, see our burning bay leaves for prosperity spell.

There are a number of brilliant herbs that attract money and are symbols of abundance. Two of the best are basil and cinnamon so I like to combine them both and I always have them handy.

Cinnamon has been known for centuries as a sweet money spice. We associate cinnamon with Christmas a time of abundance and gifts. It smells rich and sweet. It adds the scent of warmth and heat both symbols of abundance and luck.

Basil is an incredible herb it is often used as a protection herb, so it adds an element to safety to your money, making your wealth more long term and so you grow in prosperity. Basil has been used to protect wealth for centuries, the ancient Egyptians used it to embalm their kings and queens so that all their gold was safe for the afterworld. The Latin name for this plant Ocimum Basilicum and one of its genus is Ocimum Tenuiflorum which is holy basil. This shows its traditional importance as a magical herb.

I like to use fresh basil where possible as it makes the herbal powers more potent but dried can be used if that is what you have. Cinnamon sticks have traditionally been used in magic spells to evoke warmth and energy but you can use powdered cinnamon at a pinch.

A Burning Herbs Money Spell

Level of Difficulty; Beginner

Chance of Success 3/5

Stuff you need for the spell

Fresh or dried basil leaves

A handful of fresh or dried basil leaves

A cinnamon stick or 3 teaspoons of cinnamon

Piece of orange ribbon

Matches or a lighter

How to cast the spell

Simply tie the cinnamon stick and the basil together with the gold ribbon. If you are using cinnamon powder sprinkle it over the basil.

Now set fire to your herbal mix as you lay it on the ground. Watch it burn and catch the rich heady scents of these powerful herbs.

You can set fire to this at any time to make this magick work but I would recommend doing this outside in the moonlight.

As you watch it burn chant quietly 3 times

Bring me wealth let me keep my health

Sweeten the feel make the money real

Watch me spend what you send

Cash in hand I will land

This is a simple chant and the smoke from your burning basil and cinnamon will send it into the skies to be picked up and carries by Selena the Goddess of the Moon as she charges across the skies in her chariot spreading her energy as she goes.

Witchy Tip

I use the plant’ Wild Magic’ it is a basil plant you can grow in your garden, a money plant in essence. Burning the fresh leaves, or better still the fresh summer purple flower, a sign of richness and wealth, means the money that comes to you is fresh, from a new source and comes abundantly. The plant keeps on growing and giving you prosperity.

how to use basil to attract money

How To Use Basil to Attract Money

The burning spell I have shared with you is one way of using Basil to attract money, by burning it. There are a number of other ways you can use basil.

A little pouch of lucky basil

Basil will bring you luck just by carrying it in a small pouch and if you add a pinch of allspice it can be a money attractant. This pouch is best when blessed by your inner witch in the light of the Full Moon an easy way to do this is to burn incense in the moonlight and hold your pouch of basil to the Moon and simply as for Selena’s blessing.

Carry this with you at all times and refresh it every Full Moon cycle. It is more potent if you make this mix at a time when your need is greatest as your intent will tear across the skies quicker.

This will bring you luck in all financial dealings, it will help you make wise decisions and focus on your financial plans and goals.

Basil is actually from the mint family, and mint is one of those herbs that when combined with basil keeps you fresh and on your toes. Mint as a hern is typically used to help you concentrate and focus and keep alert. this heady little herb, when combined with basil in your pouch, will really give your momentum energy. Keeping you focused on wealth and prosperity.

Witchy Tip

Use green or orange pouches as this is the colour of money, work and success.

Attracting Financial opportunities with Basil

Another way of using Basil is to place it around your home, paying attention to doors and windows. This is a combination of protection and prosperity for your home. You can use the same technique around your business premises. This is a spell that attracts opportunities for you to make money and become more prosperous.

I advise you to use a simple spell once this is placed.

Level of Difficulty; Beginner

Chance of Success 3/5

Stuff you need for the spell

Fresh or dried basil

Other herbs such as cinnamon, mint, allspice and can be added.

A coin

Green cloth or pouches tied with orange ribbon

How to cast the spell

Make at least 3 pouches one for each door and some for the main windows.

Using green cloth tied with an orange ribbon symbolizes the color of growth money and work.

Use a handful of fresh or dried basil, adding cinnamon for warmth and welcome to the opportunity, add mint to keep you alert to the small of an opportunity. Allspice is a nice way of sweetening your hungry basil and keeping you at the right place with your decisions.

The coin you choose to use must be cleansed by the Full Moon and your intention for wealth embedded in the coin. Hold it up to the Moon close your eyes and tap into your inner magic as you ask the Moon Goddess to use it as means of guiding opportunity to your door.

Now before you place your basil pouches around the portals and doorways, bury this magical coin outside your front door where everyone who walks to your door passes over it. This coin is going to bring you such opportunities.

Now place your basil pouches discreetly at your doors and windows.

Keep your focus on your prosperity intent and opportunities will come your way.

Witchy Tip

At the same time as you offer this coin for cleansing, you can offer a second which you can carry with you always. Money attracts money and the energy with which you endow this coin can bring you luck in wealth creation.

Boost Your Ability

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How to Use Ginger to Attract Money

How to Use Ginger to Attract Money

Ginger is another one of those fabulous herbs for prosperity that as a witch you should always have in your cupboard. Fresh ginger is zesty full of heat and body and is a herb that adds urgency and speed to your desires. You can use ginger at any time but it is at its most powerful at Samhain or Halloween as it is commonly known.

Ginger can be consumed to give you the fight to take on projects and steady your stomach for battle as the Vikings used it for success in battle. This is the easiest way to use it to bring you luck and success, you can make it in a refreshing drink just adding a cordial to water and a slice of ginger Traditionally it is brewed with lemon and turmeric and drunk as one of the protection herbs.

When you are facing a financial challenge or an opportunity, having ginger in your system helps you fight any internal weakness, it is a herb of strength and feisty attitude.

Used in spells it brings protection heat and victory and is one f the great money herbs that most people forget about.

Hot Ginger Money Spell

Because this magic is best used in the Autumn, and the heat of ginger is best brought out in the cooking this spell involves brewing a magic herbal tea which can be drunk slowly over the lunar month and fills you with heat and fire I the belly for financial success.

Level of Difficulty; Beginner

Chance of Success 4/5

Stuff you need for the spell

A saucepan

A teaspoon freshly chopped ginger

A teaspoon freshly grated turmeric (or a pinch of dried turmeric)

Fresh lemon slices

A pinch of cinnamon

2 rosemary leaves


A cup of Mead (if you have it)

Pint of Water

How to cast this spell

You simply simmer the ingredients on the stove for a half-hour or so after bringing it to the boil.

As you add each ingredient ask for wealth and health to spend it

Before you drink it pour some of it into the earth under the light of the Full Moon to offer a taste of your wealth and health to Selena the Moon Goddess to fortify her as she drives her chariot across the skies.

take a few sips every night for the full cycle of the moon.

Witchy Tip

Adding mead real packs a punch here for financial success. I always use mead when making an offering to Selena as it attracts her attention and is a brilliant addition to all herbs for prosperity that are consumed in this way.