Powerful Good Luck Spells to Win The Lottery

Good Luck Spells to Win The Lottery

We’ve covered various luck and financial prosperity spells in the past but one of our biggest requests is for good luck spells to win the lottery.

Magick can absolutely help invite success into your life (and in a big way) but it must be said, that although there are many white spells that can bring you good luck and positive energy, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ spell that will ensure your success in the lottery ….if there were, would we be sharing the secret?

There are spells to improve luck and prosperity in your life in general or specific spells you can use to help (like our spell to get a job immediately). What matters the most is your intent for the spell.

Have you tried casting a lottery spell before? If you take a moment to take our magick ability test we can help you pinpoint your strengths.

Using Spells to Win the Lottery

There are many people in the world that seem to have good luck always on their side and are frequently winning competitions and bingo prizes – I had a friend once who won so many competitions that she would barter with the organizers to change the winning prize as she really had no use for a third freezer!

Many other people use spells to ensure that they have good luck and plenty of positive energy in their lives. There are so many different spells that can be cast to bring you good luck, but like with other spells, the more precise and accurate you are with your choice of spell and your spell casting, the more successful you are likely to be.

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How to Start

Know Your Lucky Numbers

In reality, the big lottery winners do not always leave it to ‘luck’, but they ensure that they are well prepared so that they can be successful. They make sure that they know well in advance all their lucky numbers and how to use them effectively as to be lucky, you really need to know when best to use them. As well as this, they will only buy their tickets and look at the lottery numbers during their lucky time of day to help improve their chances.

It is said that to help you to win the lottery that you need a mathematical mindset that you can combine with numerology to predict accurately the winning numbers. As well as this, there are several other steps that you can take to help increase your chances.

Think Positively

There are certainly other things that you can do to increase your chances of winning. The first is to start thinking positively. Much of what happens in your life is directly linked to your state of mind and those with positive thought and confidence really can make things happen for them. Most people live with negative thoughts all the time and although it is hard to retrain your brain to be optimistic and to think positively, it is not impossible and importantly, with this change of attitude you will soon feel that your life is happier, luckier and more successful.

Master Visualization

It is also well worth learning visualization. This can be done by staring at the heart of the flame of a white candle in front of you and visualizing what you want to achieve, be it a new job, a new car or winning the lottery. Look straight into the flame and visualize how you will take part in the lottery, which numbers you will use, hearing the news of your win and how you will spend the money. Once you have done this slowly and with as much detail as possible – including how much money you will win- let the candle continue to burn for a full five minutes and then extinguish the flame with two wet fingers or a snuffer – never just blow the flame out as this will negate all the positivity you have been trying to create.

Affirm Your Aspirations

It is very beneficial to say to yourself loudly and clearly each morning, what you hope to achieve that day and what you say can be used as a mantra that you can use to convince yourself that everything is possible and the thoughts of what you aspire to will be sprinkled in your subconscious mind where they can grow like colorful flowers.

Increase Your Chances With Prosperity Charms and Rituals

Many people believe that lucky charms can have a powerful effect on your good luck and if you feel that charms would increase your confidence in success, carrying a lucky charm could definitely make the difference. There is a wide variety of different charms to choose from including runes, stones and Tarot cards as well as wearing your favorite colors. There are many rituals that can also be used to increase your luck and a number of these are focused on a lottery win. You will find information on all of these aspects online

Cast a Lucky Spell

This spell is the best cast as the sun rises on the day that you plan to buy your lottery ticket. The spell can be cast in the privacy of your room and all you will need is a piece of paper, a pen and a green candle.

Fix the candle on the table in front of where you are sitting and light it. Take the piece of paper and write on it which type of lottery game you will be playing and underneath this, write the amount of money that you hope to win.

Hold the paper in both hands and say the following phrase seven times:

‘As the sun will definitely rise in the sky today, so shall I win this lottery’.

When you have done this, completely burn the paper using the flame of the candle. Very carefully gather the ash from the paper and mix it with a little bee’s honey. When the sun has risen, dab your right index finger in the honey and place a dot of the mixture in the center of your forehead. Extinguish the candle flame using two wet fingers or a snuffer, but do not just blow it out. You should be ready to hear that you have a very successful lottery ticket…