Powerful Full Moon Money Spells

Powerful Full Moon Money Spells

These full moon money spells are wonderful for bringing money and prosperity into your life. You can also cast these money spells for others which brings you more luck and increases the power of your spirit.

The full moon is my favorite time of the month, so many powerful spells can be cast and moon money has a way of lasting longer and bringing more luck with it.

IMPORTANT: These spells do require a full moon. If you want something which can be cast on another night use our burning bay leaves for prosperity or green candle money spell rituals instead.

Full Moon Incantation

The Full Moon is so powerful all by itself that often a simple incantation to bring money into your palm can be sufficient.

You Will Need

  • Your Wicca spirit
  • Full Moon

Preparing The Ritual

When using your witchcraft to ask for money it is always a good idea to have your spirit cleanses and your intent clear, it is always better when you ask at a time of need.

Casting the Spell

Stand in full moonlight and reach both hands up to the Full Moon. Recite this incantation 3 times.

I ask now in the time of need

I ask not from a sense of greed

I need cash not to splash

Grant me this wish

Fill my dish

So mote it be.

This is a lighthearted money spell, but never the less it can use only be used 3 times by you in the day. You must not share this spell with anyone else, but you must share some of your luck for your next spell to work.

This second incantation can be used once again as a great simple money spell this uses your spirit to call on Plutus the Greek God of Wealth. Because you are bringing your Wiccan energy into play with the full moon, this incantation will be carried across the stars to him by Selene the Goddess of the Moon. In times gone by these two worked together to bring abundance and love together. You honor the Goddess of the Moon by incanting directly to her and she has sway over Plutus.

Fill my pockets this I ask

Though I know it’s no mean task

I have bills to pay and no cash to play

My coffers are empty so they say

Plutus with all that you have sold

Bring me some of that gold to hold

So mote it be.

These incantations are simple but effective spells for money and require no other ingredients but your own energy and a full moon to cast the spell.

Use these individually or in combination but remember a maximum of 3 money spells in the day no matter how much need you are in.

Moon Money Spell

Making Your Spell More Potent

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Burning Full Moon Spell

You Will Need

  • Three of the herbs and spices, any number of combinations will work so it might be that you use what you have in your home.
  • A handful of 3 of the above herbs my favorite to use in a full moon money spell is
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Bergamot

Preparing The Ritual

Mix your herbs together and have them ready to sprinkle. If you can only get oils these will work too use 3 drops of each as they are powerful and should be used sparingly.

Casting the Spell

  • Sprinkle your three herbs or old directly on the earth
  • Stand in bare feet where the herbs have been sprinkled
  • Open your arms to the full moon and simply ask for moon money to be shared with you.
  • Thank the Moon for listening and granting you the opportunity for moon money

Using these herbs will enhance your own magick and grab the attention of Plutus who understands wealth creation and will send you opportunities to make money. Full moon money often appears quickly as an opportunity to make money. Part of the spell is about asking how you can take advantage of the opportunity in front of you.

If you are asking using your magick constantly to ask for money there may be no response, but if you genuinely understand that what this will bring you is the opportunity for money then these opportunities will flow to you.

it is important that you top up your magick energies by using your spells for the good of others not just repeatedly asking for moon money, you are more likely to be successful in any money spell when you literally share your energy and your prosperity.

You will also need to cleanse your magick spirit after each day’s casting if this is your sole focus. The same full moon power you use to cast a spell can be used as part of this cleansing. I would also suggest you apply ylang ylang to your clothing to continue to attract that which you have asked for.

Full Moon Spells Using Herbs and Spices

Witches have been using herbs for prosperity and abundance for a long, long time. You may be a powerful enough Wiccan that you feel that you do not need to add anything to boost your spells, however casting a money spell is very different from other spells in that it is asking for a very physical manifestation, so I usually add a number of ingredients to attract full moon money into my life or the lives of others.

The list of herbs you can use with money spells is long here are a few of my favorites

  • Cinnamon The loveliest and sweetest of all money spices
  • Basil (fresh or as an oil) strong attracting properties
  • Ginger for heat and speed in bringing you to your desire
  • Orange for refreshing your luck
  • Vanilla essence to sweeten the pot
  • Thyme Ths is herb all about growth
  • Bergamot A natural cirus money herb
  • Star Anise For concentration and manifestation

Growing your savings with the Full Moon

You can grow Thyme outside your home and this will attract money and the growth of whatever money you have. It is a very solid straightforward plant and the roots keep it beside you and the symbol of solid growth and money means slow steady growth of savings.

You Will Need

A thyme plant in a pot or rooted in your earth

A coin you have blessed by the full moon

Preparing The Ritual

The only preparation necessary for this money spell is to plant into the earth in front of your home a thyme plant. When planting put a coin at the root, this coin will have blessed by you in a previous full moon, this coin becomes moon money.

This can be in a pot or planted directly into the ground. It is a strong symbol of growth and solidity, you can use this plant in other spells and it will not harm the plant or cut off any money supply.

Casting the Spell

Put your hands around your growing thyme in a full moon and asking for the health and growth of the Thyme plant.

At the same time ask for the growth of your savings.

You can simply say

Health for both

Time for growth

So mote it be

This simple money spell works for good long term growth of savings.

Full moon money brought to us through money spell is always likely to stay in savings longer, it simply has that magical ability to stay around us and grow, using thyme in your money spell guarantees it’s growth.

A Money Spell Using Candles

Candles are always best used in a full moon, and a spell to bring you prosperity and opportunities is no different. Once again the caveat applies whichever combination of spells you use to here only use a maximum of three a day.

Attracting moon many using the combination of candles and the full moon draws more heat and speed together and the spice that fuses the two is ginger.

If I am using a candle spell I like to add ginger to my food so that the heat is coming from the flame the moon and my spirit. The power of three can make your spells zing.

You Will Need

  • 3 Candles
  • A good handful of ground ginger
  • Orange peel
  • A coin you cleansed in a previous spell

Preparing The Ritual

The main preparation is ensuring that you have a coin that was cleansed in a previous spell that has already been charged with your Wiccan power.

Casting the Spell

  • By the light of a full moon
  • Bury the coin in the earth
  • On top of the coin place the three candles
  • Add the orange peel among the candles
  • Sprinkle the ginger in a circle around the three candles
  • Now light the candles and use any of the incantations above.

The candles should burn for 3 hours and during this time you can visualize what kind of opportunities you would like to see arrive in your life and how you would use the money. The ability to visualize is key to sending the message into the air to ask for what you want and to help you to plan for how you are going to take advantage of what arrives.

Cast a spell and then wait to make the best of it, that is a great use of your Wiccan power. Full Moon money will come to you when you cast these powerful spells.