Burning Bay Leaves for Prosperity and Luck

Burning Bay Leaves for Prosperity and Luck

I’ve always been a huge fan of burning bay leaves for prosperity and luck. We have a lot of different spells to invite prosperity and wealth into your life but a combination of a bay leaf and some basic candle magick makes it both a potent ritual and easy to cast with nothing more than household items.

A bay leaf is a powerful herb often used to manifest your wishes and clear negative energy. It’s used in a multitude of spells by our coven and will last a while when stored correctly so don’t be afraid to stock up and keep the extra for use in other spells.

If you haven’t used bay leaves in a spell cast before then take our magick ability test first and we’ll help find your innate affinities.

Magickal Properties of Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are used to invite positive energies into your life. You’ll find them in many manifestation rituals and burning a bay leaf acts much like activating a sigil. Once charged and burned it unleashes our will into the universe.

A bay leaf (or Laurus Nobilis) can be easily found in your local stores but has long been used in rituals dating long before we had local stories. Its main use surrounds prosperity and abundance and this is where it is most effective – however, you’ll find them used in many different types of ritual.

  • The main use of burning bay leaves is to attract success into your life. They’re commonly carried in a wallet or purse to attract financial success but (similar to sigil magick) charging and burning a bay leaf has a more immediate effect.
  • Bay leaves are also used to cleanse and protect. While not as frequent as they are for prosperity spells we use them while casting healing spells for others.
  • They’re used (in a smaller part) to amplify protection and psychic related spells. Usually not as part of the actual ritual and just kept or worn on your person while casting.

burning bay leaves spell

You can burn bay leaves in your home or drink bay leaf tea however it’s important not to eat whole bay leaves. They may not break down and cause issues.

Our Powerful Burning Bay Leaves Spell

Ease of Use: Beginner level

Potency: 4/5


  • Three dried bay leaves.
  • A single green candle (white will also work). It should be at least a few inches tall because we need to carve a run into it.
  • A marker pen or Sharpie (preferably black).

It’s important these items are kept specifically for your spell casting. The candle doesn’t need to be anything special but do not use one which has been used for general household purposes. The pen should also be used specifically for casting purposes.

Preparing the Ritual

Before beginning your ritual, we’re going to carve this rune for prosperity into the candle. It doesn’t take an artist but do try and be as neat as possible. It doesn’t need to be deep so a pen or butter knife is enough.

We’re also going to draw it onto each leaf with the pen. Each leaf might be a different size but try and be as even as possible. This is a Norse rune for prosperity and you’ll still see it used in a lot of modern-day prosperity rituals.

prosperity rune

Make sure your bay leaves are dry and intact. Try to avoid using a torn leaf and undo any folds. Fresher leaves are preferable if you’re able to cut and dry them yourself but as long as they’re in good condition they’ll serve their purpose.

Once the ink is dried from the rune, flip them over and write the first name(s) of anyone you want to invite prosperity for. This could be yourself and/or other people either spread over the different leaves or on every leaf. Just make sure you’re using exactly three bay leaves.

Preparing the Cast

Once the runes and names have been added to your bay leaves leave them at least an hour to charge. If you’re able to leave them overnight that’s even better, the longer we give them the more potent your cast will be.

When you’re ready to begin, take everything you need outside. This cast should ideally be performed under a waxing gibbous moon but you can cast sooner if you don’t want to wait and recast on a later date.

How to Cast.

Begin by casting your protective circle around the space you’re casting. Place your candle at the center of the ritual space and repeat this chant slowly while you light the candle.

I charge thee for prosperity.

By three.

For prosperity, I ask with Bay.

The universe, you must obey.

So mote it be.

Allow the energies around you to settle and calm your mind. Let the candle burn peacefully and once you’re ready to continue, take each bay leaf one at a time and (carefully) burn it right down to the stem.

Burning the bay leaf unleashes the energy and intent we’ve charged into them.

Furthering Your Casting Ability

Whether it’s for prosperity spells or anything else, we can help you find your inner ability. Take a few minutes to take our magick test and we can help you improve your spell potency.

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