How to Make a Honey Jar Spell [Potent]

How to Make a Honey Jar Spell

Learning how to make a honey jar spell is a right of passage in our coven. Similar to candle spells, casting a candle jar spell can be done with some simple household items and uses these items to infuse your intent and improve the potency of your cast.

A honey jar is a variation of a witch bottle. Instead of trapping harmful things inside, we use a sweetening like honey to attract our intent. Making a honey jar means preparing the container with a simple ritual, infusing the jar with your intent and then sealing it.

Different covens perform honey jar spells in different ways. As with any kind of spellwork you can tweak the examples and advice here to suit your own needs. We do suggest taking our magick ability test beforehand, so we can help identify your innate power and where your strengths lie.

What Does a Honey Jar Spell Do?

A honey jar spell is a form of sweetening spell. Used to attract certain things into your life. Often we see honey jar spells for love or money but they can be used for almost anything.

This video shows an example of a jar spell for friendship:

You could use almost anything as a sweetening agent. Some witches use jam or sugar water but our coven often sticks with honey because of its ability to consistently manifest your intent.

Making Your Honey Jar

As with any type of magic, your results are going to match the energy you put in. You can put a simple one together with nothing more than a jar and a scrap of paper but this type of spell works by unleashing your intent slowly and consistently into the universe. It’s worth gathering a few basic ingredients and doing them properly.

You Will Need

  • A jar of honey (Different types of honey work best for different spells – covered later on).
  • A candle (I like using a chakra candle to match the spell intent but a simple white one works too).
  • Some paper or card and a pen.
  • Optional: If you have a herb matching the affinity (for example if your jar spell is for attracting financial wealth you could use any herbs for prosperity like bay leaves or basil)

Prepare the Ritual

jar spell ritual

As with any magic ritual or cast, begin by casting a protective circle around your ritual space. Pick a time when you won’t be disturbed and have everything you need close to hand.

Jar spells can be prepared during the day but you might prefer to do this at night under moonlight if you’re planning to do any further spellwork.

Focus Your Intent

The first step is preparing your intent or ‘creating your petition’ to place inside the jar. This doesn’t need to be anything more than simply writing down your goal for the spell onto the card or paper.

Keep it simple, focused and short. Write it three times.

For this example, I’m preparing a honey jar spell for reconciliation so I wrote ‘Mike and Christine back together‘.

Preparing the Spell Jar

jar spell

Open the jar of honey, add your slip of paper as well as any herbs you’re using into the jar. If you’re using thick honey, you might need to push it down into the jar.

Seal the jar tightly shut. It doesn’t matter what type of lid your jar has as long as it seals closed.

Sealing the Jar

Place your candle on top of the jar and allow it to burn right down, covering the jar.

(If your candle has its own container this is fine. Just allow it to burn then pour the melted wax over the honey jar.)

Once your jar is firmly sealed with wax repeat the following:

By the goddess take this jar,

Let the attraction spread so far.

With this honey, I do seek,

The intent the jar does speak.

Allow the wax to completely cool and then we’re ready to store your spell jar somewhere safe.

Note: You can use the original jar of honey to seal your spell (like in the example above) or pour the honey into a different jar like this on the right before sealing it with wax (like the small jar spells on the left).

honey jar spell

Storing the Honey Jar

Once your jar has been created it needs to be stored safely away. You don’t want someone to accidentally open it because they want some honey for their sore throat or to throw it away by mistake.

Some witches choose to bury their jar in a forest, others hide it high in hills or even on the roof of their house. You can, if you wish, use your honey jar as a display on a windowsill.

As long as it’s kept somewhere safe.

I don’t suggest keeping your spell jar near an altar or anything unless the jar has been specifically made with lavender honey to aid in other spellcasting. If your honey jar spell isn’t related to another cast then it should be kept safely stored.

Can You Open a Honey Jar Spell?

Absolutely not. Unless you want to completely undo the spell it should be kept sealed for as long as possible. The longer your jar is kept sealed, the potent your spell will be.

If you (or someone else) does accidentally open your spell jar then you would need to completely redo the cast with different items. Please don’t try and recast with the same jar again.

Even after your spell has manifested it’s a good idea to keep your jar sealed for as long as possible. I am aware some covens practice renewing a honey jar and that is an option as long as you’re not breaking the existing seal on the jar.

Magical Properties of Different Types of Honey

The magickal properties of honey differ between the different types of honey. You could use any kind of honey to attract anything you’d like, but matching the right type of honey with your intent gives you the best chance of success.

  • Pine Honey – Protection and rejuvenation.
  • Manuka Honey – Spiritual connections and healing.
  • Thyme Honey – Cleansing and protection.
  • Flower Honey – Beauty, happiness and love.
  • Lavender Honey – Magickal potency.
  • Rosemary Honey – self-healing and self-love.
  • Eucalyptus Honey – Healing, unbinding and protection.

Improving Your Spell

If you want to make your cast even more potent then take a few moments and take our magick ability test so we can find out where your strengths are.

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Do Honey Jars Work?

Honey jars are an easy to prepare and potent form of spellcasting. There’s a reason they’re so commonly used.

It is important to understand what you should expect from them. As well as what you shouldn’t.

A honey jar is a passive spell as opposed to an active one like our burning bay leaves spell. Once your jar is prepared it will slowly but consistently become more potent and continue to work for you even if you’ve completely forgotten about it.

A honey jar spell takes long term dedication and continues to work for you for years even after you start seeing results. They’re a slow burn type of ritual but hugely potent.

How Long Does it Take Sugar Jar Spell to Work?

Like any kind of spellwork, this is going to vary wildly.

  • The effort and energy you put into the ritual to begin with.
  • The ingredients used in your jar.
  • How long the jar has been left sealed (the longer the better).
  • How much manifesting it requires to make your intentions a reality.
  • The experience of the caster.

This is very much a cast for the long term and you shouldn’t be expecting to see immediate results overnight. If your spell was for something small then you might well start to see results within a few days but leave your jar sealed long after you first start seeing it working.