Spell to Make Someone Realize Their Wrongs Quickly

Spell to Make Someone Realize Their Wrongs

Using a spell to make someone realize their wrongs can be a force for good. We’re not trying to actively punish them for their deeds, maybe just speed things up a little karmically. The sooner they realize what they’ve done the sooner they’ll stop doing it and fix the behavior making it good for both you and for them.

This kind of spell to make someone realize they have done wrong breaks down into three basic ideas:

  1. Binding a simple totem to that person.
  2. Confronting a totem with their misdeeds.
  3. Binding the totem with the confrontation.

Note: This is one of our Coven’s more potent spells and it can be a little complicated. We’ll include a more basic incantation below but the full ritual is a lot more potent and should be used completely if possible. If you want a simpler ritual you might want to consider our vinegar banishing spells.

Before casting a complex ritual like this make sure you take the magick ability test so we can help pinpoint your innate abilities. Focusing your casts on your strengths will greatly increase your spellwork and success.

Confront Your Wrongs Totem Ritual

This spell is based on a very old ritual but has been converted to use more simple household items. It’s incredibly potent but does require a little time and preparation.

You Will Need

  • Salt
  • A piece of paper or card.
  • A pen or pencil
  • An item to represent them. I’m using a bit of hair in this example however a printed photo, small belonging or another piece of paper with their name will work if you have nothing else.
  • A small container you can move. A bowl or plate will do.
  • A small piece of string or tape.

mistake spell

Preparing the Ritual

  • Find a location you won’t be disturbed. This ritual can take some time so make sure you’ll have at least an hour to yourself.
  • Take all of your required items within reach and cast a protective circle around your ritual space. Do not skip this step.

Casting the Spell

realize mistakes

  1. Write the wrong you wan them to realize they’ve done on the piece of paper. Make it short and clear. Add it to the container.
  2. Add the item representing them to the container. This next step is the trickiest, you need to clear your mind and focus specifically on that person. Not on what they’ve done, not on how you feel about them but we need to bind this totem to that person. Have a clear picture in your minds eye of their face and nothing else before moving on. Be patient with this step if you want your spell to work.
  3. Bind the paper with their wrong to the totem representing the person. In this example I’ve twisted the paper around the hair but you can use string or tape to attach the two if needed.
  4. Add pinch of salt to the container.
  5. Allow your mind to empty again. This time your focus should be on the wrong the person has done. Take your time, hold a clear image of it in your head. Once the image is clear repeat the incantation:

By the Godess and fairness,

Bring this totem the awareness.

The wrong they have done,

Their realization lifelong.

So mote it be

spell prep

Once you have finished, close your circle and place the container and items somewhere safe for at least 7 days.

Note: If the person’s wrongdoing was directed at you then after this spell I suggest using a cleansing ritual for negative energy for yourself.

Simpler Incantation

If you want to skip the ritual you could use something as simple as just the incantation. Note: this will be far less effective but it’s down to you to decide what the situation requires. This doesn’t have the same binding as the totem ritual but can work itself in minor circumstances if they’re already close to realizing what they’ve done.

All we do is tweak the incantation slightly and repeat three times.

realize their mistakes spell

Making Your Spell More Potent

To make any spellwork more potent you should attune your ritual to your own innate abilities. Take a moment and let our coven help you find them:

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The Risks of This Spell

This is a favorite in our coven because it clearly follows the rule of three, unlike more direct revenge spells. You’re not trying to cause harm and by seeing their own mistakes you’re giving them the opportunity to both make up for them and prevent it from happening in the future. Overall, it’s a very safe spell with little to no risk.

Make sure you think this through before casting, however. What might the person do?

When you use a spell to make someone realize their wrongs you’re accountable for what they do to atone for them. It’s a good time to reach out and offer them a listening ear.

Visualization for an Apology

If you prefer to simply use a visualization this is a good example. A visualization like this allows you to ask the universe that they realize their wrongs and apologize for it.