Powerful Vinegar Spells for Enemies

Powerful Vinegar Spells for Enemies

As with any kind of spell I need to stress these vinegar spells for enemies need to be used carefully.

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Why Use Vinegar In These Spells?

Vinegar spells for enemies have their roots in ancient times the ancient Babylonians 3000 B.C. discovered vinegar when fermenting wine and it has been used for spells since that time.

It is a potent acidic bitter liquid that can be harnessed to banish your enemies and the brilliant thing about vinegar is that it’s in your cupboard at home all ready for you to use at any time.

Vinegar is cleansing and cleanses you of people you want to be free off, it is acetic and the bacteria forms on it and means there is slow growth in your spell it cant be stopped easily.

There is an old French phrase ‘vin aigre’ literally translated as sour wine. When someone leaves a sour taste in your month your vinegar spells will cleanse them from your life.

The good news is you can use vinegar in a freezer spell and it is perfectly used in candle magic spells because the heat works to intensify your spell.

Vinegar Banishing Spells

Sour Be gone

When somebody sours your life, annoys you by being in it, causes you irritation and harm then you want them out of it. You can switch off your cell and ignore them but they are still in your head. This spell gets them gone from there.

Ease of Use Beginner Level

Chance of success 4/5

Stuff you need

Pen and Paper

White vinegar

A glass jar

Teaspoon Mustard seeds

How to Cast this Spell

A simple spell Pour a cup of vinegar into a glass jar add the mustard seeds that hold the seeds of your thoughts steady in the liquid.

Add the name of the person you wish to banish from your life and your thoughts

Write the reason why you wish them gone ( this might take some time)

Now the important thing to remember is that you are going to open the jar once a day for 7 days outside in the moonlight and blow across the top of the jar. You are blowing away the person from your life banishing them from thoughts. When you do this think of them blowing across the stars vanishing never to bother you again. The Moon Goddess will lift them from your thoughts.

After the week flush the vinegar and paper down the toilet where it belongs. Carried away by water in a constant flush.

Magick Tip

Depending on how far this person has got into your head it might be you have to continue opening the jar for a whole month to let every part of the moon cycle help you on your path to removing them. The full moon is the strongest day you should feel your spirits lifting on that day.

Enemy of Mine Banished Be

For a true enemy you might need a stronger spell, vinegar is still the carrier of their spirit, it represents the bitter acid of their smell and taste. This is one of these spells with incredible power because you combine it with a freezer spell that really chases your enemy away. This freezes them out of your life.

Ease of Use Intermediate Powers

Chance of success 4/5

Stuff you need

White Vinegar

Pen and Paper

A Lime or Lemon

Large pins

I Handful of Rowan Berries

This is a serious spell combining many elements. The Rowan berries help bring your own witch powers out and they stay alive and fresh in the freezer as long as you choose to use them. Do not use berries you have used in other spells, the energy must be our and strong.

Firstly cut the lemon or lime in half or open enough to put a small piece of paper inside,

Write the name of the person 3 times as you write it say or chant

I Banish You

I Banish You

I Banish You

Dip the paper in the vinegar their ink will run in front of your eyes

Stick the paper inside the lemon

Seal it firmly with a pin trapping them inside

Put the lemon in a bag surrounded by your roan berries imbued with all your powers.

Put this in the fridge for 28 days

When 28 days are up bury the lemon. Do not open it to release their name.

Magick Tip

Never speak their name again. Uttering their name gives them the power to come back in your thoughts.

Vinegar Spells to Protect You From Your Enemy

Vinegar is a hearty ingredient used to dispel and banish you can also use it to make sure your enemy does not harm you. To do this you need to add additional Wiccan protection. There are a number of magic spells you cause to do this I am going to share two simple spells here.

Vial of Protection

This is something a lot of witches carry simply to protect their aura and to protect them from enemies. it is the simplest thing to do.

Ease of Use Beginner Level

Chance of success 4/5

Stuff you need

Small Vial

Small red pouch

Black Thread

A small quantity of white vinegar

3 drops rosemary oil

A small sprinkle of salt

How to cast the spell

Simply pour all of the ingredients into the vial, put in a red pouch, or wrap in a red cloth, tie it with string.

Now leave this on the windowsill to soak up the powers of the moon for 28 days

Now you can wear this around your neck or keep it in your pocket and carry it with you.

Rosemary oil is a herb of protection suspended in the vinegar which both cleans and wards off evil influences.

Witchy Tip

Every now and again refresh the power of your vial by letting it sit in moonlight, I do this once a month on a full moon.

Reflect the image of the enemy

Ease of Use Beginner Level

Chance of success 3/5

Stuff you need

A mirror

A full bottle of Vinegar

This is probably one of the easier spells using vinegar as a protection again all negative influences and ill thoughts from your enemy. Every time they think bad thoughts about you or talk about you it bounces right back to them.

How to cast this spell

Take a small mirror that can stand on your window ledge, wash it in the vinegar. You will want to use a full bottle to cleanse it off your image and to imbue it with all your Wiccan powers.

Then simply place it on your window ledge facing their direction as much as possible.

This will reflect back all their bad intentions right back on them.

Witchy Tip

Use two mirrors to double the strength. And ask your inner spirit to guide the direction of the reflection.