Powerful Spell Chant to Make Someone Miss You

Spell Chant to Make Someone Miss You

Everyone has days when they long for the sound of a text notification or their mobile to actually ring. The post only contains bills and emails are boring and work-related. There can be numerous reasons why you hope someone is missing you – parents when you have just left home, and friends when you have moved away from the area. Of course the person you want to miss you could be your new love interest who bowled you over when you first met and now fills your thoughts, but somehow you don’t believe they feel the same way about you…

What better way to make the person you are so keen to hear from, than to use a sprinkling of white magic to prompt them to think of you, miss you and hey, even better, contact you! Spell Chants to make someone miss you are the perfect solution as they can be cast by really experienced witches and those at the other end of the scale, who are just starting out in the world of magic.

The Golden Rules of Success

Before you start chanting and hoping, there are a few important points to remember when you use white magic to help you. We have a complete guide on casting a spell with just words but the main thing you need to know is adding a few simple items to your ritual can greatly increase the potency of your spell.

Any kind of spell (regardless of the reason) is all about releasing your intention into the universe. Our coven’s book of spells features a lot of candle spells or sigil magic because it gives you a way of focusing your intent on a single item without needing to buy specific ritual items. Simple household items are enough, but using something can help contain your focus and make your spell a lot more potent than just the incantation alone.

Before casting anything you find on the site, we do suggest taking our magick ability test so we can help pinpoint your strengths and improve your spell potency overall.

The most important point is that because the chants and rituals are effective, you need accuracy! You must be very precise in who you want to miss you and equally clear in your mind about exactly what you want to happen and how – remember that once you have cast a spell, there is no going back!

If you are learning about magic, always opt for simplicity! Choose chants that are clear and straight forward and any accompanying rituals should be easy too. Choose a time and place where it is peaceful and you are on your own and importantly, you will not be disturbed. When you are chanting Be really focused on the person you want to miss you. Think of them clearly or hold their photograph and say/sing the chants with strength and confidence in your voice. Remember that all chants and spells work best with plenty of positive thinking and visualization (focusing on the person you would like to contact you).

The Easiest Chant of All

Some of our love spells are certainly more complicated than others but for a simple chant to make someone miss you, it doesn’t need to get that complicated.

In a well-known book on white magic, there was a piece about getting people to miss you and get in touch and it stated that the easiest way to achieve this was to simply look at the moon and to think about the person really hard whilst you say this simple chant:

“I see the moon. The moon sees me. The moon sees XXXX (the person’s full name) whom I wish to see”

We can certainly put in a little more effort than this though…

Easy Get Someone to Miss You Ritual Spell

miss you spell Ideal for beginners, this simple chanting spell asks for commitment as the ritual must be performed daily for seven days. If you want a friend or relative to miss you, use a white candle and if it is a love interest you want to miss you, choose a bright red candle instead.

Try and relax and be confident as this will give the spell a greater chance of success.

Light a white or red candle and focus on the candle flame. Try and empty your mind of all other thoughts. Think about the person you want to miss you. Think very carefully about the features on their face.

Keep focusing on the flame. Think about the person’s character and what you like about them. Imagine they were with you and the conversation you would be having. Feel the love you have for them in your body.

Say these words confidently: With the power of this candle, I invite XXXX (full name) to think of me. The blessed universe, help me convey this message.

Look into the candle continue to visualize the person as you say: Light, power and love, I entrust your force to put me in his/her thoughts. It is now done.

Imagine your message being sent around the universe while you focus on the candle flame for a full minute. Extinguish the candle with two wet fingers and repeat the procedure the next day and continue doing so for a full seven days.

On the final day, continue burning the candle until it has finished.

Remember: The candle doesn’t need to be anything fancy and a simple white candle is always a safe choice for any kind of spell. It is very important that the candle is used specifically for casting, however. Don’t use a candle which has been used generally around the house.

A Chant to Make Someone Miss and Return To You

Another nice easy chant to start with is this one that is chanting for your loved one to miss you and return. This chant is only effective if used by a woman thinking of a man.

You will need a photograph of the man, a white candle and a piece of chalk.

Prepare a simple altar that faces east and stand in front of it so you too are facing east. Put the photograph of the man that you want to miss and contact you on the altar.

Draw a circle around the photo as you chant these words. Say the chant loudly and confidently seven times:

You can see through me and understands my soul. Bring him back to me. Without me, my half one will lose his direction and not know what to do. You who only sees through and understands my soul. Please get xxxx (his full name) to miss me and get back into my heart and let my heart back into his. Without me, he will lose his direction and not know what to do. So be it and so it will be!

Each time you repeat the chant, draw another circle around the photograph in chalk. Focus your thoughts on the person. Next, snuff the candle out with two wet fingers to seal the spell.

A More Advanced Spell to Cast to Make a Loved One Return

This spell is a particularly strong and effective one as it draws on the power of the moon, which should never be underestimated. This s a combination of a spell and chant that should be cast on a Friday when the moon is at the crescent phase in its cycle. On the night in question, you will need to go outside into the moonlight, but if this is not possible, you can stand on your balcony or even by a northward facing window that you have opened wide. Also facing north you need to create a small altar and you will need a red candle.

  1. Take the candle and etch the name of your loved one in the wax using a pin.
  2. Lift the unlit candle up towards the moon, you must say the following words: “With love I call you, XXXX (the full name of the person you want to miss you)
    And I whisper to you I love you.
    Following the love that reaches you
    XXXX (their full name again)) that love will lead you to me.
    Silently and gently
    Let my person cross your mind..”
  3. You can light the candle and holding the candle with both hands chant:  “Think of me day and night, (name of the desired one)
    If it does not harm anyone so be it..”
  4. Kiss the name written in the wax of the candle, while the candle is lit.
  5. For one whole minute look into the candle flame and focus on the person you want to miss you and imagine being with them once again.
  6. Now let the candle burn right down before you extinguish the flame with wet fingers – never blow the flame out.

A Combo of Texting and Chanting

In this modern world, one of the best ways to keep in contact is texting and in this spell, a combination of traditional chanting is used with texting to try and get the person you really care about to miss you and want to get back in touch. This is not the quickest spell in the world, but if it produces the right results, who cares? This modern combo works particularly well for ex-partners who regret the split. We’ve actually got some specific examples of spells to get someone to text you if that’s your goal.

For the spell, you will need your mobile a pen with red ink, a piece of paper and plenty of confidence and positive thoughts.

The first thing you do is at bedtime, to write a brief love letter to the person you want to miss you, do this on the piece of paper using the red pen
Fold the letter and place it under your mobile as you say this chant:

“Please send this letter to my beloved. Let them know that I love them. Send me a text message once you receive the holder of my heart.”

Keep repeating these words until you fall asleep. Keep repeating this ritual every day until you receive a text message from them.

Whilst you can maximize the chances of your spells being successful, they might not always be, but instead of being downhearted, it is far better to remain optimistic and simply consider trying some others. You will find a huge variety of chanting spells on the internet. Find a few that feel right for you and give them a go – make sure you remain very focused throughout and that you are very specific about whom you want to miss you and get in touch.

Just when you are least expecting it, you might just hear from them.

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