Powerful Spells to Get Someone to Text You

Spells to Get Someone to Text You

Waiting for a text from a certain person can be agonizing – especially if you have messaged them with an app that shows that they have read it! It certainly makes sense to combine a little white magic with modern technology to help speed things up!

We’ve covered powerful love spells and how you can use them to attract love into your life before but these spells to get someone to text you are more specific.

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There are many reasons why you would like someone to text (or call you) it could well be the ‘certain someone’ who is your love interest and is filling every minute of your waking day with thoughts of them or it could be that you are feeling lovely and would love to hear from a certain pal as it would boost your morale to know they are thinking of you and because they always send daft texts that make you laugh!

Increase the Chance of Spell Success

Luckily there are some great spells that you can use – some are purely words, others do require some items like candles or pens. As usual, spells have a greater chance of working if you are very focused on the reason you are casting a spell and exactly on whom. It really does help to fill your mind with positive thoughts of that person for the duration of spell casting as your positive energy will certainly increase your chances of success. When you speak the words, speak them slowly, clearly and with plenty of confidence because you really DO WANT to receive THAT text!

The example spells here are basic ones from our book of spells which have been adapted for the modern day of texting. We also have chants to make someone miss you which don’t have such a heavy focus on text messages or technology.

Easy Text Me Spell

This spell is a nice straight forward one that is easy to cast and is successful about 65% of the time (see above how to increase your chances of success!)

For this spell, you will need a piece of blank paper, a blue felt tip marker
and your mobile. The first thing you must do is draw the outline of a butterfly on the paper. Hold the piece of paper with both hands as you chant:

‘Element of air I would like XXXXX (name the person) to text me because they want to. Help me send this message to XXXXX’.

Write the person’s name below your drawing of the butterfly and then holding the paper in both hands say the following words:

‘I would like to hear from you, send me a message or call me.’

Keep holding the paper and really concentrate on the name you have written on the paper and imagine them picking up their mobile to text you. Concentrate again on the person’s name for one full minute.

Carefully fold the sheet into three equal parts and pop it behind your mobile and wait for the sound of the text notification.

Water Spell to Get Them to Text You

spell to get them to text you

This spell is also a nice easy one to use and should bring you quick results – which is often important! Pour water into a glass tumbler and stand the tumbler by an open window. Sprinkle a pinch of salt into the water.

Close your eyes firmly and visualize the person you would like to text you, then say the following words, three times:

‘Listen to me, text me, we need to talk

When you have said the words three times, drink the water – this action sends positive power to the person you are wanting to contact you.

Harder (But More Potent) Text Me Spell

This spell works well if you are whole-hearted in your intentions and is particularly effective if you are longing for a text message from a loved one far away or who is traveling. This is not a spell that has quick results but should work within a couple of weeks. The spell should be cast during your luckiest time of day and the bay leaf should be a fresh one, picked during a crescent moon phase. This spell works best with plenty of positive thinking and visualization (focusing on the person you would like to contact you).

To cast this spell you will need the bay leaf, a thin black felt tip marker and your mobile phone. Write the full name of the person you are keen to hear from on the back of the leaf using the marker pen.

Turn your mobile off, take the back off it and remove the battery. Place the battery face down and place the bay leaf on top of it – with the underside and name closest to the battery. Take the battery with the leaf on top in both hands and chant:

‘XXXX’ send me a text now
To my ears bring XXXX now’

Repeat this three times and then replace the battery in your mobile. Turn your phone back on. This spell can be repeated several times a day at your favorite time of day – but keep focused with your thoughts on the person you want to text you and very importantly, ensure that you are only thinking positive things about them throughout. This spell does take a little while to work and also requires plenty of positive thinking to be successful.

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