Powerful Protection Spell Against Negative People

Protection Spell Against Negative People

While we try to focus on the positivity and white magick as much as possible, there are cases where a protection spell against negative people is necessary.

If you know someone specifically is targeting you then you might consider a binding spell to stop someone from doing harm but a general protection spell can be used if you don’t know specifically who, what or if you’re being targetted.

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Protection spells are certainly popular as they can banish bad and negative energy, keep unpleasant people at a distance or render them (or their curses) powerless. This type of spell can be used to protect your family, your home and your possessions too. Protection spells are often the first ones learned by witches as it is certainly important that they know how to protect themselves.

There are more than 100 different spells that fall into the category of protecting and defending people and their possessions against all types of negativity. The spells can be successfully combined with protective stones and symbols to ensure that you are physically kept well and safe and that your space is regularly cleansed of any negative energies – and this can be particularly effective and useful in the workplace!

A Spell For Your Protection


An easy spell that can be used as protection or to break a run of bad luck, is one that combines the use of a red apple- the symbol of beauty and rebirth – and a bay leaf which represents purification. This spell is most effective when cast on a Friday.

For this spell, you will need a red apple and a large fresh or dried bay leaf. Place the apple on a table in front of you and concentrate on the apple – how perfect it is and how it has no negativity, which is your aim too.

Cut the apple in half and place the two halves, cut side uppermost, next to each other on the table. Place the bay leaf on one of the apple halves and really focus on the purity of the apple as you cast the spell with the words:

‘Red and green, banishing grace. Cast all evil from this place’.

Repeat these words, three times and say them strongly and confidently with real conviction that they will work. Take the two apple halves and place them back together and buy them in the soil – whether in your garden or a plant pot. You will soon feel that you are definitely being protected.

A Spell to Protect and Ensure Good Luck

Many spells have combining roles of protection and bringing good luck or of ending a run of bad luck and replacing it with positive energy and good luck. This is another simple spell that combines salt (which makes disperses evil) with cinnamon which is known to have special purifying properties. You will also need a green candle.

Place the candle on your table in front of you and carefully draw an unbroken circle in salt around the candle as you say-:

‘Bad luck I command you to leave me right now’.

Now light the candle and visualize all the bad luck leaving you and your home.

Look directly at the flame of the candle as you say the phrase confidently:

‘All adversity now dissolves’.

Focus on the flame of the candle and bring to mind all your recent problems and bad luck and imagine them leaving one by one. Keep focusing on the flame of the candle until five full minutes have passed, then draw another circle on top of the circle of salt – this time in cinnamon – as you repeat:

‘Only good luck and positive energies flow towards me from now on’.

Focus again on the candle flame and visualize good luck and positive things coming towards you like a bright light. Keep the candle burning until it is low and then snuff it with two wet fingers – never blow the candle out.

Other Ways to Protect Against Negative People

Candles and candle flames are used in many different protection spells and so are protection stones. Meditating on a white candle or an amethyst stone can bring you good fortune and protection. There are mantras too that can be recited regularly to protect you, your family and your possessions and there are rituals that can be performed when there is a full moon.

Cleaning Bath for Protection

Cleansing baths are also a popular way to protect yourself from negativity and also to prepare yourself to cast a spell. Popular herbs to use are bay leaves, rosemary and rue- which is a sacred cleansing herb. The herbs are made into an infusion which is added to the bathwater. In some cleansing baths, salt is added and many people like to take these special baths by candlelight. Cleansing baths are often taken regularly as many feel that they add a strong defensive layer of protection – especially in situations when you are feeling less than confident.

We have videos which show you how to perform protection spells and there are a variety of good books available on the subject, with ‘Protection Spells’ by Ann Murphy-Hiscock being a particularly popular one as it focuses on spells that are easy to master and very effective – perfect!

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