Powerful Binding Spell to Stop Someone From Doing Harm

Binding Spell to Stop Someone From Doing Harm

Binding spells are used for a lot of different things. This is our coven’s binding spell to stop someone from doing harm either to themselves or to others. It’s potent and can be done with simple household items, be careful how you use it.

Our coven tries very hard to follow the Wiccan rule of three (we’ve covered that more here), which means we avoid trying to interfere with free will or acting against anyone else. If you break this rule, the spell could backfire, so if you’re not entirely sure, you could consider something like a protection spell for someone else instead. There are some instances where it’s in the better good to stop someone from doing harm.

I do caution you against using this ritual without proper cause. A binding spell should not be used lightly but if it’s for the greater good, then at least make sure you take our magick ability test so we can pinpoint your innate strengths before casting.

Assuming you’re certain it’s binding magick you need to use, our coven has two main spells you can use.

Binding Spells to Stop Someone

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‘Knot the Cord’ Binding Spell

Note: The internet is full of simple binding ‘chants’ and spells you can cast with just repeating a few words. A binding spell to stop someone from doing harm does require a ritual if you really need to bind them. Our Knot the Cord ritual only requires a few simple items but will take a little time to perform.

You Will Need

  • binding spell to prevent harm A piece of cord, string, rope or even ribbon. At least as long as your forearm.
  • Something to represent the person you want to bind. A photo or item of theirs is ideal. At a pinch, you can write their name on a piece of paper.
  • A candle. Plain white always works, but our coven prefers black for binding spells.
  • A bowl or glass of water.
  • A time and place where you won’t be disturbed. most spells for witchcraft take peace and mental focus, but binding spells can be especially demanding.

Preparing Your Ritual

  • Binding magic is best done at night, ideally under a waning moon. If possible, you should perform the ritual outside, but if you must cast it inside, perform it in the moonlight of an open window.
  • Gather all the items close to hand.
  • Cast a protective circle around you before continuing.
  • Light the candle (carefully) at the north of the circle. Place the container of water next to it.

Casting the Spell

The ritual itself is fairly simple, as most binding spells are.

binding spell

Place the item representing the person in the middle of the circle and take a moment to clear your mind. This is the hardest part of any binding spell. You need to infuse the item to represent that person. This means clearing your mind of everything else as much as possible.

If you’re unable to clear your mind, the binding will not be as effective or potentially not work at all. Take as much time during this step as you need.

Don’t focus on the reason you want to bind them. Focus on them. Have a clear image of their face in your mind’s eye, and only proceed with the rest of the spell once you can clearly hold this mental image.

Take your cord and wrap it tightly around the item. The tighter you’re able to tie it, the better. Once you’ve finished wrapping, repeat the following:

I bind you (name),

I bind you from doing harm.

By the goddess and this charm,

You will do no harm.

So mote it be.

Take an edge of the cord and (carefully) burn it just slightly with the flame of the candle. Immediately dip it into the container of water. You don’t want the cord to unbind completely.

After this, you must place the bound item somewhere safe. If the cord becomes unbound, your binding spell will be undone. Some witches bury it underground or hide it in a forest. Every witch has their own preferences here, but it could be at the back of your cupboard, as long as it’s kept undisturbed.

Using a binding spell to stop someone from doing harm can take a lot of focus and energy. If you need to rest afterward but I do suggest moving the bound item as little as possible, so wherever you’re going to keep it, do it as soon as you can.

‘Extinguish the Flame’ Binding Spell

Note: This is a simpler ritual which is much easier to cast but is far less potent.

You Will Need

  • A printed photo of the person or their name on a piece of paper.
  • A fresh candle. Black or white.
  • A match or lighter.

Preparing Your Ritual

This ritual takes much less preparation. It should still be performed at night under a waning moon. Ideally, you won’t be disturbed by anyone at a place and time.

Cast a protective circle around your ritual area and light the candle in the circle’s center.

Casting the Spell

This spell is going to bind their will into the candle itself. Our first step is to infuse the photo or paper with the person. Again, take as much time as you need with this and have a clear picture of them in your mind’s eye before proceeding. Take as much time as you need.

Once you’ve got a clear picture of them, focus on your spell’s intent. Focus on what you want to prevent them from doing. Be very clear in your intent, and once you’re ready, allow the candle flame to burn the photo or paper completely.

Be careful during this step.

Once complete, blow out the candle flame and now treat the candle like you would the charm from the Knot the Cord ritual. Place it somewhere safe, and do not use it for another ritual unless you want to undo the spell.

‘Do No Harm’ Spell to Stop Someone from Harming You

do no harm binding spell

This is a spell we often teach students to cast. It requires nothing but a photograph of the person, but it also requires intense attention and energy to perform properly.

This makes it a great beginner spell for practicing how to focus your energy. It can also be very effective at preventing someone from harming themselves or anyone else.

You Will Need

  • A photo of the person you want to bind. It can be printed or digital.

Preparing Your Ritual

This spell has little to no physical requirements but will require a lot of concentration to make it effective. Your ritual needs to be at a time you won’t be disturbed, and I would heavily suggest meditation before beginning. You can’t allow emotion or doubt to cloud your mind during this cast. You need to be unburdened.

Casting the Spell

Carefully and mindfully cast a circle around your ritual space. Nobody can enter here. No spirit or energy can encroach on your spellwork.

Place the photo in the middle of the circle and focus your mind on it. Begin your chant:

I bind you. I bind your words. I bind your deeds. I bind your works. I bind your voice. I bind you that you cannot do harm.

Envision a white cord of energy binding itself around the photo. Closing tighter and tighter and continuing around and around the photo until the image is no longer visible. All you can see in your mind’s eye are the cords of white energy coursing around the photo.

Finish your chant:

I stop your work. Your strength to harm is gone unless I release you.

How Long Does a Binding Spell Take to Work?

I’ll cover some advice to make your ritual more potent (and faster acting) in a moment, but with most spellwork, you’re unlikely to see your results instantly.

Spells take time to manifest fully. You may see some restraint in their action early on, but as long as your binding was performed properly and your charm is left undisturbed, the spell will continue to work.

Making Your Spell More Potent

If you feel like you need to see a faster result or need more strength in your cast, there are some things you can do to make your cast the most potent.

If you take a moment to help us find your innate abilities, you can tailor your rituals to be more attuned to them.

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Undoing a Binding Spell

It’s easier to undo a binding curse than it is to cast one.

binding spells to stop harm If for whatever reason, you feel like you need to unbind the person, it doesn’t take a ritual to undo the binding charm you’ve made. Witches’ spells work by infusing their intention into the universe, and our binding spells to stop someone from doing harm infuse these intentions into the charm you create during the ritual.

Simply take apart the charm and (if possible) destroy the items you used to bind them. The spell will unravel very quickly afterward.

Binding Spell Extras

When to Use a Binding Spell

If you feel that you are being targeted negatively by someone to control or frighten you, A binding spell could be the ideal solution to stop them. Performed properly, a binding spell will not hurt or harm the person, only effectively stop them from harming you – mentally, physically or emotionally.

There are numerous examples of the type of situation that you could find yourself in that needs action. It can be an overpowering work colleague or someone who likes to bully. It could be someone who is a business rival who is trying to get the better of you. Sometimes, it can be an ex-partner who is harassing you into taking them back, or it could just be someone you know who, for whatever reason, wants to harm you or your family.

History of Binding Spells

Binding is a very old type of spell that has been used throughout history to stop someone or something from harming a person or group of people. Magical binding has been successfully used to stop many types of negative behavior, such as stealing and bullying. In February 2017, witches from all over the United States joined together to cast a binding spell on American President, Donald Trump, to stop him from harming people.

Binding was first used by the ancient Greeks, who called it called Katadesmos. When one person had caused another harm, curse tablets or spell tablets were used as part of the binding magic, which often evoked the help of ghosts and spirits to stop that person from harming any other people.

Although binding spells were originally used to stop people from causing harm, today, there are positive forms of binding too. These include the handfasting ceremony, which is becoming increasingly popular in marriage ceremonies. Ribbons or ropes are used to tie a symbolic knot that ‘binds’ the couple in love and their relationship. A protective binding spell can be cast to protect a person or bring them good luck and to protect a baby or young child.

Words of Warning

The important point to remember if you intend to use a binding spell is that you must be clear in your intentions and know exactly what you are doing. You must think things through carefully, and it is wise to remember that any strength you put into casting the spell will be returned – three times stronger. Be very precise in who you are targeting with your binding spell, and do not use this type of spell flippantly on yourself, as it can backfire quite dramatically.

It is also very easy to accidentally bind yourself to your own negative thoughts by repeatedly telling yourself that you are not good/ clever/ pretty enough. Soon your thoughts can become true.

Used carefully, though, binding spells can certainly prove very useful to all witches.