How to Curse Someone With a Picture

How to Curse Someone With a Picture

Learning how to curse someone with a picture is not difficult. Remember that in practicing witchcraft you must take responsibility for your actions. Placing a curse is a big undertaking and the curses I have detailed here assume that you are acting in good faith. When you have been wronged you have a right to correct that wrong and to use your magick to do that.

The Wiccan Rede, the code that all Wiccan’s live by has as its first principle ‘An it harm none, do what thou will’ this is a reminder that a curse is something you should not take lightly. Only ever use these curses when the person is truly deserving of your revenge. You may consider using a simple binding spell to remove them from your life instead.

The spells provided here are to be used on the basis that you understand your responsibilities as a Wiccan practitioner and use your magick for the greater good overall so I will suggest you cleanse your spirit after every curse.

Picture Spells


Having a picture of someone to place in the center of a spell is an amazing way of focusing all your energies. Using a picture means that all the magick is directed exactly where you need it to be.

There are a number of ways you can use the picture of someone you need to curse. I am going to give you the best examples of a free spell a burning spell and a burial spell. Adding a picture to these will make them incredibly powerful.

I will outline the best three spells that work if you need to curse someone who truly deserves it.

Note: Before casting, make sure you take our coven’s magick ability test so we can find your innate strengths. This will make your spellwork much more effective.

Freezer Spell Using Pictures

Freezer spells are perfect for excluding someone from your life, or for stopping someone from doing harm to you or others. It may be someone who is harassing you or threatening you or bothering you. If they have caused you harm or harmed someone you love, it is fair to use your Wiccan powers to apply a curse to stop them from taking any more malicious actions.

This a harsh and powerful spell great to send to someone bitter and angry, it sends all the bitterness and anger back to them where it belongs.

You Will Need

  • A picture of the person
  • I small container
  • Water
  • Hawthorn berries (optional)
  • Slice of lemon

Preparing The Ritual

Make sure the picture is only of the person you want to place the curse upon. If there are others in the picture cut the picture so that you save them from harm, this is part of your Wiccan code.

If you have time, leave the water out in the moonlight the night before allowing it to absorb the moon’s energies.

If you have Hawthorne berries the person will feel the weight of your Wiccan power every time they think of you.

Casting The Spell

  • Place the picture in the container face down
  • Add lemon to increase the bitterness felt
  • If you have Hawthorne berries add them
  • Add the moon water
  • Place this in the freezer for a full 28 days a full cycle of the moon
  • As you place this in the freezer, call the person’s name 3 times

This ritual curse stops the person in the picture from taking any action against you for 28 days, you may need to repeat the ritual after the month is up. You can cast this spell a maximum of 3 times on any person otherwise it rebounds on you.

Binding Curse

It is possible to bind the person you want into any spell as long as you have a picture of them. This picture curse needs a picture of the person on their own, this is very important or the curse spills out and affects everyone in the picture.

As with any binding curse make sure your magick is clear and your intention is strong, these spells can also bind you if you are not strong enough to cast this. Your anger will make you stronger so use your powerful emotions to bring this curse upon their heads. This spell will work really well when you feel you have been wronged by someone if your partner has cheated on you or lied about you or if someone is gossiping about you etc.

This binding curse is similar to our vinegar spells for enemies but with more focus on the picture.

When you are in the right this curse is very powerful.

You Will Need

  • A picture of the person
  • String
  • Vinegar

Preparing The Ritual

This is a spell best cast when the moon is invisible to you, this is known as the new moon when the dark side of the moon is what we experience and the emotional energies are high.

You will need to bury this photograph in the ground, if you don’t have a garden you need to find somewhere private or use a bucket with soil in it.

Casting The Spell

  • Tie the picture tightly in string
  • Pour vinegar over to strengthen the curse
  • Repeat this incantation 3 times

I bind ye, ye fool

I bind your black heart

I bind ye to keep to my rule

I bind ye with my black art

So mote it be

Now bury this in the ground during the new moon phase and all the dark energies are buried with it.

This is a very powerful spell and will last for as long as the picture stays buried. You may release them from your curse by digging it up at any time.

Curse With Photo

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Cursing Someone as a Revenge Spell

This is a revenge spell using a picture of the person or the people you want to wreak your revenge upon.

The same caveat applies here, if harm has been done to you you are entitled to use your magick to return the favor. This will only bounce back on you threefold as the Wiccan rede tells us when you overstep your revenge so keep the revenge the right size.

The rule here is to keep the punishment in line with the crime. I am therefore going to give you a burning spell that is extremely potent, but you must decide the punishment before you cast the spell and once cast you cannot take it back.

You Will Need

  • A picture of the person or the people you want to curse
  • Matches
  • Paper and a Black Pen

Preparing The Ritual

It best to cast this spell outside on the earth. You are returning the images to dust as you cast it and you want the moon to witness your curse.

You need to write down on the paper what it is you want to happen as a result of the curse. The curse must fit their crime. think about this carefully before you write down your revenge.

Saying it out loud may result in the curse bouncing back on you. Writing it down confines it to the people you want to curse.

Casting The Spell

  • Write what it is you want to happen to the people you want to curse
  • Roll the picture up in the paper you have cursed with your writing
  • Lay this on the earth
  • Offer your curse to the Moon energies by raising your hands to the moon
  • Now set fire to paper and the writing
  • Scatter the ashes to the four corners of the earth

This curse will last for 28 days from the day you cast the spell. You can repeat this curse a maximum or 3 times.

Cleansing Your Spirit Aura After Curses

It is important to cleanse your magick spirit when you cast a curse. This keeps your magick pure and fresh and does not offend the Goddess of the moon.

The Divine understands that when you have been wronged you need to right things to get your balance back, and it is necessary to offer a sacrifice each time you do this.

The ultimate sacrifice is using your powers for good for others, so balance your curses with casting spells for good for others. This generosity of spirit balances out your aura and in fact, makes your cursing power stronger.

You can also cleanse your spirit by making offerings to the Goddess such as burning a white candle to honor the Divine, especially in the full moon. Add a few drops of healing lavender.