How to Charge Crystals With Intentions [+Which to Use]

Our covens guide on how to charge crystals with intentions will help you far more than just having crystals in the home and hoping they work. Charging them with intentions (correctly) makes your stone far more potent.

To charge crystals with intentions we need to pick the right stone, set the right intentions, cleanse the stone (correctly) then draw the energy of the intention into it.

Crystals can heal the body and the soul due to their vibrational/energetic properties, and as we know, everything in our universe is in constant motion, vibrating. Thoughts are energy, and what makes crystals unique is their ability to transform, amplify, absorb, or transmit the energy/vibrations stored in them.

Because of this, crystals are used in meditations, and they can be charged with intentions. Think of it this way: stress or other negative thoughts inevitably damage our bodies. Still, we may replace these negative energies with positive ones through our intention setting by using crystals.

Before beginning any crystal energy work we do suggest taking our magick ability test so we can narrow down your affinities first. It makes things a lot easier than just guessing.

How to Choose the Right Crystal For Your Intentions

There are many varieties of crystals that you can use in your meditation, and each crystal has an affinity towards specific intentions due to their vibrational frequencies.

Because of this, a specific crystal might seem to call out to you, and if you feel this connection, there you have it! You found the right crystal since its energy resonates with yours.

There are two other methods that you may want to consider when choosing a crystal. Many believe that the crystals associated with their zodiac sign are their best shot, and as such, here is a list with the crystals associated with the zodiac signs and their attributes:

·     AriesCarnelian – Boosts self-confidence

·     TaurusPetrified Wood – Blooms love and peace

·     GeminiLabradorite – Enhances inner strength

·     CancerRed Jasper – Self nurturement

·     LeoPyrite – Motivation and confidence

·     VirgoGreen Apophyllite– Energy

·     LibraSodalite – Harmony

·     ScorpioCitrine – Abundance, calmness

·     SagittariusTree Agate – Greater Intuition

·     CapricornGarnet – Grants energy, eases anxiety

·     AquariusAmethyst – Raises inner strength, peace

·     PiscesAquamarine–Calmness and energy equalizer

Choose a crystal based upon your intentions, from the commonly known healing crystals, such as the rose quartz, amethyst, labradorite, citrine, howlite, or black onyx specimens. Let’s look at what you can do with these healing property crystals and their intention setting.

Finding Your Affinity With Crystals

Take a moment to answer a couple of questions and let us help you find your affinities with certain stones. This can vastly improve your crystal healing and energy work.

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Examples of Intentions for Crystals

Intentions for Crystals

Given the qualities of crystals, such as storing, amplifying, directing, and cleansing energy, you can set a specific intention for any crystal you chose, based on your will. For example, if you want a powerful meditation experience, you’re more likely to use amethyst, or if you feel you need more self-love, rose quartz can do the work. It’s up to you, what are the intentions, and your crystal. That being said, here’s a list of possible intentions you can charge your crystals with.

Intentions are tricky things and highly personal. Get Spiritual has a great guide on setting intentions for manifestation and a lot of the same rules apply to charging crystals. Something you have a real attachment to will always be better than something you pick without really thinking about it.

Protection from negative energy

Black onyx is a powerful crystal, known for its healing properties, which is used to transform and absorb negative energies. It is used for strength-giving purposes, decision-making, and aiding the wearer to develop a healthy lifestyle. Also, being connected to the root chakra, it helps one stabilize himself, being more grounded and productive in the physical world.

We’ve covered the best crystals to absorb negative energy (and how to do it) in more detail if this is what you’re looking to do. This is a popular use for crystal energy when you’re doing other spellwork.

Relieving anxiety or stress

The crystal howlite is a match due to its calming properties, also helping relieving insomnia, strengthening memory, and supports an overactive mind in finding focus. Placing it next to you before sleep should do the trick, and fulfill your intention.

Inviting love in your life

The most common crystal used for this kind of work is the rose quartz. If you want to refill yourself with self-love, look no further. This stone can also attract or balance the energies associated with our heart chakra, making you feel more compassionate towards yourself and the people in your life, promoting unconditional love and selfless-driven intentions.


Use amethyst if you need some guidance, be it in your daily life or meditation. Being associated with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, this powerful crystal can give hidden insights and help in decision-making. It also encourages spiritual wisdom and selflessness.

Career Success

Maybe you intend to receive help in your business encounters. If that is the case, the crystal you should look for is citrine. It is connected to the solar plexus chakra and it promotes self-esteem, confidence, joy, and presence. Wearing it daily is a way to boost your confidence, use it to manifest your goals in this world.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

If you want harmony in your life, you need to remove all clutter around you, be it physical garbage or emotional/spiritual residual energy. This is the point when we use crystals with the intention of healing or strengthening ourselves. Being such good energy conductors, crystals need to be cleansed before working with them to achieve the best results.

You don’t need a lot of things when you cleanse crystals, and you might find it enjoyable, even relaxing. There are some consecrated methods when it comes to cleansing crystals, so let’s see how we can cleanse a crystal, and why some ways work better for some of them.


Water is supposed to neutralize residual or negative energy stored over time in crystals. The way to do it is to submerge the crystal in running water for a minute or pat it dry. If you don’t have a natural running water source, you can soak the stone in a water bowl and cleanse it overnight. This method works for hard crystals, such as quartz or amethyst, but its not recommended for softer ones, such as selenite.


Salt has been used throughout history in banishing, cleansing, and protective rituals. Being near a saltwater source helps because you can gather the fresh saltwater directly from its inception. If you don’t have such a thing, mix a tablespoon of salt with water in a bowl and let the salted water do its work for a couple of hours or a day. Use this method for hard crystals, but not for soft ones, especially stones containing trace metals, such as malachite, Angelite, or selenite.

Natural light

You can cleanse your crystals using the sun’s or the moon’s light by exposing them to their light. Setting them in the evening of a full moon, and bringing them back in the morning, should remove any negative energy from them and charge them with solar and lunar energies instead. This should take around 12 hours. You can cleanse most crystals this way, but it won’t work for vibrant colored stones, such as amethyst or smoky quartz, because the sunlight diminishes their colors in time. Soft crystals, like halite, or celestite, may be damaged by the weather as well.

white sage


Sage is used worldwide for its healing properties. Some people considering it a sacred plant. You have to get a fireproof bowl, a bundle of sage or some palo santo wood, and some matches. Place the sage or the wood in your non-dominant hand, over the bowl, light it, and with your dominant hand, take the crystal and let the smoke immerse it for 30 seconds to a minute, to cleanse it. You should do this in open spaces, or open a window, so the smoke embedded with negativity can disperse. This is said to restore the natural energy of the crystal. You can use this method for any stone.

Larger crystals

Using larger quartz crystals or amethyst geodes can also cleanse smaller stones. Placing any of your smaller rock on top or inside the bigger ones for a day restores harmony in the resting stone.


This is the easiest way to cleanse your crystals, but it still requires some focus and intention. Have a few minutes to ground yourself, then, holding your stone with both hands, visualize a radiant light that takes over the rock, becoming brighter and brighter with each breath. Envision the residual energy leaving the crystal, as the stone is getting back to its natural, radiant energy. Continue the visualization until you feel a shift in the stone’s frequency, which usually takes a minute or two.

You should clean your crystals at least once a month, or if it feels more massive than it should. They should feel light to the touch both energetically and physically. It’s your choice to test and see which cleansing method resonates better with you.

How do I Charge My Crystals?

Even if crystals have innate healing abilities, you should consider programming them to fit the result of your crystal work’s intentions. Find a quiet place, be it your garden or on a hill, or your meditation spot in the room, and create an appropriate ambiance for crystal charging.

You can light a candle, or incense, whatever suits you best. It’s good to think about the intention setting before starting the crystal meditation to ensure everything goes nice and smooth.

Setting intentions should resonate with your needs or with your desires. It would help if you had a clear intention, because, through this process, you ask your crystals to help you achieve that “intention” by manifesting it in reality.

Crystals focus their vibration on a specific intention, that’s why you have to be precise with them because every crystal has more than one function at all times, which lets you decide which of them you want to be affected by. Now, ground yourself connecting to the Earth’s energy.

Take the crystal, and while holding it with your left hand, connect to its vibration, and be open to its energy until you feel you are connected to it. Feel its energy connecting to yours, just like you connect to a person, and visualize a light centered in your heart.

Envision the light getting bigger and brighter while focusing on it. Now, imagine the light traveling through your hand towards the crystal. When the light arrives at the crystal, you establish the link, and the two of you are now connected through this channel. Make your intention clear to the crystal, and don’t worry, there is no wrong way of doing it. State your intention out loud until you feel that the crystal is charged with your goal (usually three times), while transmitting energy into it, to create the desired synergy.

Communication is the key here. After stating your intention, speak to the crystal, either imagine the intent or visualize yourself already achieving your intention. Try to connect to the emotions that come with your intention. If you choose to speak to state your intent, you could use the phrase “I program this crystal to…” and complete it with the desired effect. For example, if you work with amethyst, you could say, “I program this crystal to enhance my intuition.” Now, your intention and the specific emotions being programmed into the crystal’s frequencies are one, you can thank the crystal and end the session.

Congratulations! Now you have a charged crystal. You can access their healing energies by carrying them in your pocket or your purse throughout the day, keeping them close at your workplace, or where you spend most of the time, placing them on their according chakra on your body, or use them in meditation. You should renew your intention periodically, or even change it if you wish. They are useful tools to work with, which can support us in our path.

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