6 Crystals That Absorb Negative Energy

Crystals That Absorb Negative Energy

These are the top 6 crystals that absorb negative energy and (just as importantly) how you can use them. These crystals can be incorporated around your home, your ritual space or actively used.

Many different crystals absorb negative energy but our covens top pics are Fluorite, Black Tourmaline, Jet, Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz and Hemalite. Picking the right one for the right situation (and using it correctly) will make it much more effective.

Whether you are just beginning to build your personal crystal collection, or are looking to add a new stone – a protective stone that absorbs negative energy is a staple. Let’s take a look at six crystals that absorb negative energy and how you can pick (and use) the right one.

Note: If you’re currently looking for something, stones are not the only answer. We also have a list of herbs for protection against negative energy and these might be easier to find.

Best Crystals to Protect From Negative Energy

This is not an exhaustive list of protective crystals by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a good starting point and these are the ones our coven use to deal with negative energy.


Fluorite Fluorite stands out on this list because, unlike the other stones here, it is not a characteristically dark and dull stone.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, it comes in a whole host of stunning shades that each have their own unique properties. Fluorite is known as a highly protective stone, often celebrated for its grounding and stabilizing properties. It works to re-balance spiritual energy, repel negative vibrations and thus help your ability to access heightened levels of consciousness, spiritual connection and intuition.

This stone’s ability to clear the aura of negative energy makes it popular among energy healers. For a thorough cleansing and renewal of your chakras, opt for green fluorite to the ground and absorb excess energy,

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is thought of by many as the most powerful protection crystal, proving especially helpful for jinxes and bad luck. This is because the stone is believed to repel any negative energy back to where it came from. It can also be helpful for anxiety, stress and fear.

It loosens up energy blocks and helps things flow more freely. In recent years, more and more people are looking for crystals that absorb negative energy due to the large number of electronics we keep in our homes. Black tourmaline is especially helpful for absorbing excess energy from electronics when placed nearby.

It’s commonly used in healing sessions because it absorbs negative energy from the body extremely well.


jet crystals Jet is not your average crystal, so you might be surprised to see it on this list! Jet is, in fact, ancient petrified wood – albeit it looks just like a stone and holds exceptional energy-clearing powers. Jet is especially helpful for grounding, helping you to liberate yourself from unhealthy fixations and distractions, let go of grudges, and relieve feelings of grief and mourning. Jet is also a great stone to keep close in order to protect yourself from the negative energies of others, whether that be their insidious negative thoughts, comments and beliefs. As a result, the owner can better keep a clear mind and higher vibration.

If you are struggling with problems sleeping, can’t switch off at night, or have uncomfortable dreams – try placing Jet underneath your pillow each night.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is a well-known crystal in the world of personal protection and can be quickly identified by its exceptionally smooth surface and blackest black color. Since ancient times, the stone has been said to capture black magic, jinxes, harmful spirits and negative influences.

Acting like a sort of shield that protects its owner. While the stone works to ground negative energies, it also helps to boost intuition, promoting a clear mind and heightened confidence – so, it’s certainly a helpful stone to have in your collection! It is recommended that you keep your Black Onyx close, wearing it on jewelry or placing it on your forehead during meditation.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz Quartz is a core crystal known for its clarity and cleansing properties, typically making it the first stone in anyone’s collection. It’s also probably the easiest to find if you’re looking to get a stone quickly.

However, pairing it with Smoky Quartz is a sure-fire combination for balanced energy, confidence and positivity. Smoky Quartz offers a slightly more enchanting appearance than usual quartz and is known for its highly protective properties. The stone works to absorb any negative energy that surrounds it, feeding it back into the earth. When held in the palm, the stone can help its owner relieve themselves of anxiety, grief, and burdens, and when it’s kept close it can protect your possessions from theft. If you’re worried about negative energy in your social circle, keep a few chunks of Smoky Quartz around to ward off negative emotions and gossip.

This is the ideal crystal to place around the home.


Hematite stones are popular for their healing properties, often a treasured part of any collection due to their unique ability to neutralize stress, worry and anxiety. Hematite is a natural energy shield, absorbing negative energy, toxic emotions and unpleasant thoughts to help the owner achieve vitality and uplifted mood.

Hematite can also help its owner achieve added safety, security and grounding. This stone’s special properties make it the perfect staple for a crystal first aid kit (a must for clearing negative energy!), but also a useful stone to hold during meditation to block out any distractions. If you’re seeking to calm a troubled mind, Hematite is definitely the crystal for you.

Honorable Mentions

Quartz is one of the most common stones you’ll see people use in any kind of crystal healing. We prefer smoky but if that’s not an option you can use rose quartz or clear quartz in exactly the same way.

Finding Your Crystal Affinity

With any kind of crystal work, you’ll often find several crystal which can be used. For best results, you should choose the crystal you have an affinity with.

If you don’t already know which one this is, take a moment to take our magick ability test and we’ll help you find out (as well as your other innate strengths).

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How to Use Crystals to Absorb Negative Energy

If you’re actively trying to deal with negative energy right now you should look at our covens cleansing ritual for negative energy. Any crystal can be easily worked into a ritual to act as a conduit for unwanted energy.

This would be an active use of the crystal when you can feel the negativity.

As a more passive day to day use, you can leave crystals around your home (ideally close to windows and doorways) or wear them as jewelry (ideally close to the skin). Not as effective in the short term but good continual protection.

When to Use Crystals for Protection

You can use crystals at specific times or have them placed around your home generally (just make sure to keep them charged). We commonly use crystals around any ritual which might attract negative energy and around the home in times of high stress.

We’ve all had moments in our life where we’ve felt lingering bad energy or can’t seem to shake a string of bad luck. Sometimes something just feels off around a person or place or you might be moving to a new house and you can pre-empt any potential negative energy.