How to Make Protection Amulets Properly

How to Make Protection Amulets

When learning how to make protection amulets (properly) there’s a couple of important things you’re going to need to get right.

One of the most important aspects is just how well you vibe with the amulet you’re choosing and the process you’re going to use to cast your protective magic on it. Some people search for items that seem to call out to them while others use items from their family history.

Amulets and talismans can be used for protection spells, good luck or to store energy in between spells. They’re often used to protect because a protection amulet can be kept on at all times and protect you in your sleep, astral projecting or just generally unable to protect yourself otherwise.

When it comes to protective magic, it’s very important to clarify your intentions and desires about what you want to get. Once you have that clarity, it’s a matter of finding the best possible choice for your amulet so you vibe naturally and the magic flows effortlessly.

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Do You Need an Amulet for Protection?

Before making yourself a talisman you should start by understanding what you actually want from it.

The protective spell you’re going to choose for your amulet can be a tried and true spell you’ve studied or one you’ve come up with yourself. Either way, it’s important to choose it after you’ve gotten clarity on what you want from it.

Is it general protection? Is it the protection of your spiritual, emotional, physical body? Is it protection against malicious thoughts, intentions, spells, curses and hexes? We have a guide on knowing if someone put a curse on you but you can absolutely make amulets of protection for general use just understand the purpose before you begin.

To help your amulet protect you, it may be better for you to use various amulets for various reasons or to go with general catch-all protection. Of course, in order for your spells to be powerful, you need to constantly infuse them with magic and power.

If you’re more likely to do that for just the one amulet, then use general catch-all protection on it so you can focus all of your magic on that spell. Just keep in mind when you’re doing the casting that you want that amulet to protect you from x, y, z, even if you’re getting all of that protection on that one amulet.

protection talisman
A talisman can be something you wear or something you place in your house

How to Choose a Protection Amulet

When it comes to choosing your amulet basis, you can go one of many ways. You can choose something you really vibe with from your day to day life, even – just keep in mind that you need to cleanse it thoroughly before using it as a basis and that you’ll need to cleanse it often if it’s visible or accessible to other people, even if they don’t know it’s an amulet.

You may find it’s the safest choice to choose amulets that will always remain safe on your altar, where no outside energies are going to attack or interfere with it. It can be a statue, a chalice, a knife, a feather, a crystal, a rock, a candle, a jar or a bottle of oils with herbs, a representation of your animal totem or of your ancestors – you name it.

If you want to choose an amulet you’ll be able to carry on you, you need to make a wise decision so it doesn’t stand out much as an amulet. It can be a piece of jewelry, something you can easily carry in your purse or on your keychain, or something you keep at all times in your car or on your person.

Basing a Protection Amulet on Your Elements

If you’re an elemental witch, you already know your element or elements of choice. Elemental magic is going to work best for you when it comes to protection or anything else.

Choose the representation of your element(s) that speaks the most to you to use as the basis for your amulet. Once you’ve found your basis, make the most of your elemental power by calling on the element or elements to enforce your protection spell too.

If you’re not an elemental magic user though, you can still make the most of your elements through your astrological chart. Take a look at that and see what your predominant energy is, and then make the most of it for your amulet.

Basing a Protection Amulet on Your Animal Totem

If you know what your animal totem is, using a representation of it for your protective amulet is going to make it all the more powerful.

When it comes to choosing a representation, you can go from the most obvious to the more abstract. You can get a charm representing that animal to hang around your neck, put on your bracelet or earring, or hang it in your hair. You can use a tattoo that represents that animal – or an abstract one too! Hint: it’s a very strong protection that way, since it’s truly with you at all times, always. But don’t think that it’s going to be less effective in any other form!

Don’t forget to also call on your animal totem to infuse your chosen amulet with protection as part of your casting process.

Protection Talisman’s Based on Herbs

If you’ve got a witchy green thumb and like to work with herbs, you can make your mix of favorite protective herbs by putting them in a jar or tiny bottle which contains some virgin olive oil, for instance.

That jar, bottle, or whatever recipient you choose to make your mixture in, is going to contain the oil you can anoint yourself with for protection. The oil in itself, once enriched with your protective spell, is going to act as your amulet. Make sure to have a healthy supply of it too – you can never have too much protective oil, can you?

You can also carry a small vial of your protective oil around your neck or on a bracelet. You can also carry it in your purse for quick use whenever needed.

Crystal Protection Amulet

While sigil spells are my favorite way to release energy and that’s what I often use to protect myself and others I have a very strong history with crystal healing and my own protection amulet

If you really vibe with crystals, then they’re a wonderful choice for a protective amulet. It can be a crystal with a preference for protection of the kind you’re looking for in particular, or by and large, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. If you vibe with a crystal a lot, you can use it as the basis for your amulet regardless of its particular traits.

Your crystal can be part of your jewelry or not, but it’s never a bad idea to use a crystal that either is or can be made into jewelry you can wear at all times or at any time you desire. While having the amulet on you isn’t necessary for it to work its magic on you, it’s infused with all the more power if you do keep it on your person.

Cast your Protection Spell on Your Amulet

Now that you’ve chosen the amulet or amulets you best vibe with, cast your protective spell on each one. Don’t be afraid to mix and match amulets or use multiple ones for multiple reasons at the same time.

There’s no such thing as having too much protection.

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