White Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

Many see or want to know if there is a white butterfly meaning, be it when you see them, when they appear in your dreams, or when they land on you. Often, Native Americans believe that when a white butterfly watches a person for some time, the butterfly can induce the person in a sleep-like state because of its graceful, smooth, and silent motion. In these dreams, the person will feel at ease, similar to a hypnotic process.

So, is there a white butterfly meaning? Depending on religion or ideology, the butterfly symbolism takes a wide range of meanings, but generally, it is a good omen. Be it a bringer of good luck, an angelic messenger, or the soul of those departed, it is one of the most exciting kinds of good-intentioned spirits, in the form of a pure and beautiful creature.

It may even represent the bride as a symbol of youth and fertility, the lunar Goddess, or the protector of nature and soul. There are many more meanings, and if you want to know what the spirit world has in store for you, follow on to discover more about the meaning of the white butterfly.

White butterflies are one of many animals associated with magic but carry some very clear messages.

White Butterfly Landing on You

White butterflies are a species native to Asia and Europe. They are a branch of butterflies from the Pieridae family, which has around 1.100 species. The most known and spread species of such butterflies are the Large white, the Small white, the Orange-tip, and the Green-veined White. Usually, they’re the first ones that appear and the last butterfly we see in the fall before winter comes.

It is a rare sight to see a white butterfly that is only white. If a butterfly happens to land on you, pay attention to its colors and markings. Some butterflies have black marks on their wingtips or along the wing’s outer edge, or you might spot some with grey or orange wingtips.

The Butterfly Of Many Colors

Those with mustard white wings have green or yellow markings on their wings. Many people encountered a white butterfly landing on them, and they almost always wonder what they symbolize.

Not all of their messages are similar, but they all carry powerful and positive spiritual meanings. This is usually a great omen, which means that one will encounter a period of peace, joy, tranquillity, and happiness in its life. White butterflies are representing our pure soul, and they are linked to peaceful relationships.

Different Meanings for Various Colors

For example, if an Orange-tip butterfly happens to land on you, it means that good luck will be with you. If a Large white butterfly does that, it means something is hidden. A Green-veined white butterfly represents one’s earth-related power and grounding, while a Small white butterfly is a good sign, bringing good luck for the rest of the day. It is intuitive to think that it is a good omen when a white butterfly is landing on someone.

This occurrence can announce a peaceful and harmonious relationship that is expecting that person. In some other cases, it might signify a message from a departed loved one, through which they confirm that they are alright. The spirits are affirming their support they granted us in our lives, as a way to say that everything is going to be okay.

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White Butterfly in Dreams

While encountering white butterflies in waking life is a good omen in most cases, the meaning of a butterfly in dreams is different. Meeting this beautiful creature in dreams may not be a good thing, as it could be a sign of health issues.

If you’ve dreamt about someone and a white butterfly, it might mean the worsening of that person’s health. If you did not dream of somebody else, it represents health issues that might happen in the near future.

Dreams of white butterflies might also be a warning sign about a disease or represent the worry you have about a pre-existing medical issue.

Other White Butterfly Dream Meanings

Suppose in a dream; a white butterfly is flying around in a room, or lands on someone in the dream whom you are familiar with in your waking life. In that case, it is a representation of that person or some other person that you know, which will soon encounter medical or life-related problems.

A white butterfly showing up in your dream can also indicate that you will encounter some obstacles and challenges in your waking life that will stand in your way of achieving your goals. There are also some reasonable interpretations of what a white butterfly showing up in a dream might mean. In those cases, it symbolizes opportunity, transformation in relational or spiritual planes, or receiving some beneficial news.

It symbolizes peace of the soul and the fact that you live in harmony with the people around you. It might also mean a transition from a phase to another, like a challenging moment from your past that passed and that you can move on now and appreciate what you have around you at that moment. A specific dream interpretation should be made to know which of these attributes is represented in your dream.

white butterfly symbolism

White Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

The white butterfly symbol is a powerful one, representing many things on different planes for many people. For example, the ancient Romans had a belief in which the soul of a human being is leaving the body of a dying person through their mouth. When they wanted to depict that moment, they usually used a butterfly’s image, leaving that person’s mouth.

This means that the white butterfly represented the Romans’ soul, and more than that, the transcendental moment between two of the most essential parts in a person’s life, the moment of living and the moment of death.

In Ireland and China, people believe that white butterflies carry the dead people’s souls at the moment of their death.

In many countries, white butterflies are considered to represent the souls of deceased people. In Ireland, they were supposed to be the carriers of the souls of dead children. It was even prohibited to kill them for a long time, for this reason.

In Japan, the butterfly is considered a symbol for the human soul, whether dead or alive. But when it comes to butterflies’ swarms, they are considered an evil omen that foretells that something wrong or bad will happen soon.

White Butterfly – Angelic Protection

It is also thought that seeing a white butterfly means that you have a message from angels. A white butterfly means that you are getting a message from the spirit world, the spirits there wanting you to be aware of their presence, and to know that you are protected and that an angelic eye is watching over you.

If you are in any difficult situation or pass through some challenging inner period, seeing a white butterfly is like reassuring that the angels are protecting you and guiding you to get a solution and get you out of your problems.

It can be considered a sign to make us aware of our lives’ angelic presence and its protective influence. This might also happen to make us remember that they are present in our lives, and they’re protecting and guiding us. Sometimes, the presence of white butterflies in one’s life can mean that love is approaching them. The person might soon begin a new pure and filled with an empathic relationship with someone.

Weather Symbolism

In some cultures, white butterflies, especially for the native American people, are considered an omen of a weather change. For example, when they see a white butterfly, they believe that if the white butterfly is the first kind of butterfly in the summer, that summer will be rainy. Sure, white butterflies will always be a sign that summer and high temperatures are approaching soon.

Omen of Death

They also are considered in some cultures to be an omen of death, and these people usually avoid white butterflies because they believe that it is an indication that a loved person will die soon. In Maryland, this superstition exists that if a white butterfly enters a house, someone will die in that place, or that a loved one will die.

It is also believed that seeing a white butterfly at the beginning of the year foretells a death in your family. Many cultures believe that when people see a white butterfly inside their house, or outside, it is a good omen and a confirmation from their deceased loved ones that everything will be alright. In this case, a white butterfly signifies that the loved ones that are no longer in this realm still want us to succeed, making their presence felt in our lives in this manner.

Christian Symbolism

Another essential symbolism in the meaning of butterflies is found in the Christian religion. The butterfly is mostly considered a symbol of transformation on the spiritual plane and the rebirth of Jesus Christ. The main reason for this being the actual process through which a butterfly has to go through to metamorph into a grown adult.

In Christian depictions, the people’s souls are often represented with butterflies’ images, making it a symbol of human existence and the life-death cycle.

Symbolism in Other Religions

According to the Blackfoot, a native American tribe, butterflies are believed to carry our dreams. They think that when you sleep, the white butterfly guides you to your dreams. On the spiritual side, the white butterflies can travel between the spiritual and physical realms to bring messages.

Various religions of the world believe that white butterflies bring with them good luck. They are believed to be spiritual messengers of good news, and thus, when you see them flying around, you should know that you will have a good time.

The white butterflies meaning on the spiritual plane is that you should prepare for spiritual growth and wisdom. Let’s say you recently started a spiritual practice. If this is true, then the white butterfly’s spiritual meaning could signalize from nature that you are on the right path.


Since butterflies’ meaning is different for many people, we can generally consider it a good omen, especially when it comes to the spiritual plane’s evolution. This beautiful creature should be treated with respect, especially since many have associated it with death, life, and the human soul in general.

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