Using Essential Oils for Love Spells

Essential Oils for Love Spells

Witches have used essential oils for love spells long before they were popular to buy in the shops. These oils have existed when shamans and healers performed rituals to increase fertility or support marriages. They sometimes used some essential oils for love spells, such as cinnamon, cardamom, jasmine, or rose essential oil, among many others. This form of magic was an early form of religion but also a primary form of science. Attracting love might be difficult, so a little help from witchcraft is more than welcomed in these circumstances.

Apart from these magickal oils, practitioners would also use herbs or crystals in their rituals or love spells. In particular, crystals are often paired with essential oils for love spells due to their common origin: they are both nature’s resources. For an increased benefit, both a crystal and a magical blend could be used together when casting a love spell. So let us see what kind of oils we can use in our love spell, and how.

Important: This is our covens guide on using essential oils into your love spells (like which oils and combinations to add). If it’s an actual ritual you’re looking for, see our covens modern love spells.

What Are Magickal Oils?

Magickal oils are pure or mixed oils, produced for a specific purpose with visualization and energy manipulation. Oils were used for a very long time during ceremonies and rituals, and they continue to be used even today. These pure substances are extracted from magical herbs given to us by Mother Nature and are known as such since they provide a direct link to natural elements.

These essential oils can be purchased, or you can make your own blend. The most critical factor in creating your own mix is to choose what resonates with you. If you decide to purchase a magical blend, be very mindful that there are no official receipts for these traditional oils and every craftsperson or rootworker has their own formula. Not knowing exactly what’s in the bottle is part of the magic. Try to sharpen your senses and learn to differentiate the fragrances in case you decide to make your own formula, or refer to an existing procedure so you could learn about the spiritual properties of the oils, and don’t be afraid to tweak the mixture according to your needs. You can find out about these things below, and then you can decide what will best work for your craft.

Although many use magic oils for good magic, some people require oil blends for dark purposes. These essential oils are designed to create negativity or actually to harm others. It is imperative to have a clear goal in our mind, and we should also be mindful that oils can have unpleasant consequences. Choosing the right oil is a matter of personal understanding of true desires and deepest intentions.

Using Magickal Oils In Rituals

If you’ve taken our magick ability test to find your innate strengths you can choose your oils based on your own affinity.

A magickal oil can be used in witchcraft in different ways. You can add a few drops of essential oil to your bath. For example, peppermint essential oil added to the tub or worn as perfume will excite love. Always spread essential oils around the house to cleanse and purify the space. As an example: the thyme essential oil is excellent for healing and love spells. Blend essential oils for a specific intention. Rub essential oil on your magical tools like sachets, amulets, or crystals. Anoint the candles you use with a drop of essential oil, and when it comes to a love spell, always use a red candle.

If you want to dress a candle for love magick, start from the candle’s tip and gently grease the candle until you get to the middle, then repeat starting from the bottom, until you get to the center. Remember to enchant the oil before proceeding. Visualize your purpose all the time. Before using this candle, write on the wax the name of your loved one.  If you want to use oils for empowering Love sachets and talismans, use the adequate essential oils and always have your purpose in mind.

For example: In our love spells using pictures rituals you could anoint the picture with a few drops of oil.

Essential Oils For Love Spells

Below we will list the most important essential oils used for love spells:

  • Cardamom oil is used for spiritual awakening, and it blends the spiritual with the physical.
  • Chamomile essential oil restores faith in broken relationships and calms when we cannot listen.
  • Cinnamon essential oil ignites passion and stimulates sexuality.
  • Coriander essential oil used for love spells with the intent to draw the loved one.
  • Geranium essential oil is used for drawing fertility, health, and love. Usually, this oil is worn as a personal perfume or in a magickal bath.
  • Ginger essential oil is a powerful item to bring closer the one you love.
  • Jasmine essential oil attracts love, spiritually and physically. This essential oil is known for its property to transmit confidence in life.
  • Juniper oil is used for attracting love, and it is usually greased on Love sachets.
  • Lavender essential oil is a classic oil used for love spells and purification.
  • Linden blossom oil should be added to any love spell blend as it gives an extra boost.
  • Palma Rosa oil helps in healing a broken heart and can be added to Love sachets.
  • Patchouli oil enhances fertility, encourages lust, and ultimately brings love.
  • Rose essential oil is known for bringing love, desire, and enhancing beauty. It is used for opening your heart to unconditional love. This magical oil is recommended when you feel jealous or betrayed.
  • Yarrow oil is used in sachets and for love spells.

An example of a blend used for attracting love consists of different concentrations of Palma Rosa oil, Ginger essential oil, Rosemary oil, and Cardamom oil, for example. Another love potion used during the magical ritual of love is a magic blend of several essential oils: Rosewood, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Patchouli, Jasmine, Rose.

Essential Blends For Love Spells

Come To Me Oil

The Hoodoo formula for attracting a lover is one of the essential blends used in witchcraft. Any love spell with a specific target uses the Come To Me Oil. It can also be used for drawing any object of your desire.

This blend of essential oils is used for anointing love spell candles and, also, figures. If you want to get closer to your lover, all you have to do is choose two candles representing you and your desired partner. Grease these candles with oil and burn them together while you visualize your partner and enchant Psalm 23 or the erotic passages from the Song of Solomon.

If the object of your desire is a stranger, wear the oil as perfume. Pour a few drops into your bath when the moon is waxing to full.

The Come to Me Oil is composed of voluptuous sweet florals, sometimes with Catnip or Honeysuckle, to help lure the intended lover. Patchouli oil may be included to amplify the desire factor. The simplest version contains Rose oil, Cinnamon, and spice.

Road Opener Oil

Although this is an oil used for many purposes, it can also be used for love spells, especially if you feel unlucky in love. This oil is to be used whenever you feel stuck, and you need a new beginning.

Road Opener Oil is usually blended from scents that are fresh and clean. Solar essences like Orange and Lemon lend intense positive energy while Verbena or Sandalwood raises the mix’s spiritual vibration. In Latin America, Cinquefoil is added to gain love blessings.

Attraction Oil

The Attraction Oil is a magical blend used for, well, attracting anything you desire, whether it’s a job, money, or love. This very simple Hoodoo receipt is being used in love spells when you have someone in mind and want to be with that person.

Break Up Oil

We all want to bring love into our lives; however, sometimes, we need a break. We need to be free and put love on hold for a while. Or maybe we need to liberate ourselves from an abusive partner. If this is the case, the Break-Up oil is another right blend.

Witches Obsession Oil

This magickal oil is used for drawing women’s attention, and it is made of a mixture of Musk, Cassia, Myrth, and sandalwood essential oils.

Love Oil

Used for dressing the love candles, Love Oil contains some common oils like Rose, Rosemary, and Sandalwood.

Love Me Tender Oil

If you want to get closer to a new or casual love, this magic blend is your weapon of choice. Dill, Coriander, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Sandalwood will work for you as long as your purpose is pure.

You can wear this as a personal perfume since this essential oil mixture will send signals to the universe that your heart is ready to receive and give love. Also, it can be beneficial in attracting a particular person.

Finding Your Affinity Oil

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How Do Love Spells Work?

Before you begin your ritual, you must first understand how a love spell works. Love spells are a powerful source of self-emancipation as being loved makes you healthy, and loving someone gives you courage. You can cast a spell when you are ready to give and receive love unconditionally. Also, you must have confidence that the spell will work. Never have unrealistic expectations; otherwise, the love spell won’t work.

Your spell must focus on a specific individual with whom you already have a connection. Sometimes, a love spell might have undesired consequences and might cast your partner away from you. To avoid this, try to let go of the negative thoughts when casting the spell. Always visualize your partner and make sure you are ready to give what you expect from him or her.  May love bloom!