Powerful Love Spells Using Pictures

Powerful Love Spells Using Pictures

Love spells using pictures are the easiest and most effective ways to cast a love spell there is no doubt who the spell will be land upon. The object of your desire is literally held captive in a picture in front of you as you cast each spell.

This magick is incredibly easy, Very powerful and really works as long as your intent is strong. The stronger your love and your desire the stronger the magic.

You can have the picture printed which can be really great for casting a love spell and keeping the love spell going or it can be a picture on your mobile. These spells need very few ingredients and rely on your power how much you want the person to love you.

Many of our coven love spells are based on very old magick but adapted for the modern-day.

Note: Before casting any of these spells – make sure you take our magick ability test to find your innate strengths. This makes your spellwork much more effective.

Golden Rules for Casting Love Spells With a Picture

These spells are if you have a photo or picture of them. If you don’t, you can use something like our spells to make someone call you without needing a picture.

  • All spells about love are intense and using pictures means all that intensity is focused on one person, you need to be careful not to cast more than 3 spells of love a day and so that the person isn’t overwhelmed by your magic.
  • The simplest spells require nothing more than a picture of the person, often a candle, and there are a number of amazingly simple incantations you can use.
  • You will be successful in your love spells when your candle only burns for one person, do not use a love candle for more than one person.
  • Cast a love spell for someone else and this refreshes your own power to attract love

Love Spell For Someone Who Already Knows You

This is a spell for someone you already know and who doesn’t yet realize you are in love with them. This is a great spell for letting them know how you feel without having to tell them.

A perfect free love spell where the person will never know you have cast this but will understand how you feel about them and will start to feel the same way.

You Will Need

  • A picture of the person
  • A red candle
  • The incantation below

Preparing the Ritual

Most love spells require your total focus and power fixed on the person you want to make fall in love with you. It helps if you are relaxed and put all other thoughts out of your head.

These spells are best done at night under the full and the power increases if you can do them under a full moon.

Focus only on the person you want to use this love spell on, having the picture will help, your white magic will be stronger here when you are in a totally positive state of mind.

Casting The Spell

  • Place the picture of the person you want to cast a spell upon next to your heart.
  • Light the red candle, red is the color of passion fire and lust
  • Repeat this incantation 3 times only, any more and its power is too strong.

Bring the heat of love from me to you

May all your love for me be true

I call on the moon to speed through the night

To bring to both of us the taste of delight

My love for you burns constantly bright

Now in the night, I come into your sight

So shall ye see

So mote it be.

Allow the candle to burn outside under the moonlight all night so the moon carries the flame of love to them as you sleep.

Do not reuse any candles you have used for other magical purposes.

Love Spell With Photo

Love Spell For Someone Who Doesn’t Know You Exist

It may be that you are in love with someone who hasn’t noticed that you exist. As long as you have a photo you can still cast a very powerful love spell. Using a picture on a mobile phone for this one can bring extra power to the love spell. This is one of those free spells of love that you can safely cast 3 times a day for a week.

You Will Need

  • A picture of the person on a mobile or computer
  • All the love you can focus

Preparing The Ritual

Because this can be repeated 3 times a day you will need to keep your magic totally focused on this love spell, it is best not to cast any other spells for the 7 days that you use your magick power only on this one spell.

You may need to use a self-cleansing ritual at the end of 7 days to refresh your power to spell to love.

Casting The Spell

Bring up the picture of the person and look directly into their eyes. This incantation works best as a whisper as the wind will carry it to their ears and heart.

See me now hear me now

I stand in front of you with a vow

Talk with me, this I plea

You will see it’s you for me

So mote it be

Now stay silent for 3 minutes whilst you cast this spell to wrap around their heart.

Making Your Spells More Powerful

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Love Spell Using Pictures of You and Them

If you can print a picture of you and a picture of the person upon whom you want to cast a love spell it can be a powerful way of binding you both together.

This witchcraft will require a few more items but is a fantastic way of connecting you in love with the object of your desire. When you cast a love spell using pictures of you both a candle can add a lot of power.

This is one of those love spells that take a little more work to prepare and a lot more magical energy than the simple incantation spells I have shared with you already.

You Will Need

  • Two photos one of you and one of the other person
  • A red candle
  • Red Ribbon
  • Basil
  • Lavender
  • Optional A piece of chocolate

Preparing The Ritual

Roll the two pictures together carefully the pictures facing each other and tie with a piece of red ribbon if you have it, or string will do as long as you have not used it in previous love spells.

Lavender is not a herb of passion but sends a message of deeper love, you might want to add ginger for more spice if that is your intent. Basil has long been associated with love and truth.

Casting The Spell

  • Place the two photographs rolled together tied in red ribbon beside the candle which you light preferably outside in the moonlight.
  • As you light the candle repeat the person’s name 3 times, this sends out the loves wrapped in 3s to their door.
  • Sit for 3 minutes in silence and focus all your magick and love on the flame that burns to represent your love.
  • Now blow out the candle and tie the lavender and basil to the pictures. These herbs keep your intent fresh and you will make the love true.
  • Place the photos in a hidden place in your home for 28 days and let your magick do its work.
  • For extra intensity, you may light the same candle each night for 3 minutes and sit in silence to send your love flying to their hearts.

Do not use this candle for any other purpose.

The chocolate brings warmth to your feelings, if possible find a way of sharing some chocolate you have started with the person

All Picture No Words

You can do a few easy things that use pictures without having to spend time on incantations by simply using photographs and your powers as a witch.

In these spells what matters is that you carry the picture around with a talisman of love attached and your touch sends your thoughts to the person in the picture every time you think of them.

You Will Need

  • A picture of the person you want to fall in love with you
  • A talisman kept close to the picture

Preparing The Ritual

The hard part here is having a talisman you can keep. This should be something the person has touched. A piece of their hair would be an amazing talisman but you can use anything they have touched like a pen or a paper cup.

Adding this talisman, something that carries their energy to this spell makes it ten times more powerful.

If they have touched it recently it has fresh power.

Casting The Spell

Simply keep the picture and the talisman close to you, in a bag, or in your room.

Repeat their name three times it carries all the energy of your intent to get them to fall in love with you straight into their aura.

If you can carry it with you, the closer you are in proximity to the person, the more powerful the spell. If you can manage to be around them and do this 3 times in the one day it will speed up the whole process. Be careful not to overwhelm them with your magick.

Remember you can only do this 3 times in any day.