Powerful Herbs for Protection Against Negative Energy

These are the herbs for protection against negative energy that our coven uses. We’re also going to cover some examples and rituals of how to use them.

Protecting yourself against negative energy is incredibly important especially against deliberate negative energies being sent towards you. It is also very important to create a space for yourself with positive energy all around you so many of these practices are about protecting your space.

If you are carrying out a lot of magic you will be drained unless you constantly top up your natural positive energies. Taking care of your own spirituality and keeping yourself in balance is vital.

I will share with you a number of the best herbs to use in different circumstances and I will give you some ways to use them including a few spells and chants that will protect you against negative energies. There are a variety of strong herbs that will help protect your positive energy and each of them has a particular benefit.

Before working with these herbs or rituals we do suggest taking the Magick ability test so we can pinpoint your innate strengths first.

Best Herbs for Protection

There are a number of herbs you can use, some are best used together for extra protection some are well suited to a light touch to simply clear your energies in preparation for spell casting, some are more nuclear when you really need protection against enemies and all those who wish you ill. The three best are white sage, lavender and rosemary.

I grow all three and keep them in my garden, the very act of growing your own creates a natural line of defense on your doorstep.

I also keep these three in my kitchen cupboard, I have cleansed them by leaving them outside on a full moon over right asking the Goddess of the Moo to bless them. This increases their strength.

White Sage

This is the best herb to use to clear negativity, a wonderful herbal bouquet can be made using sage and white sage particularly brings cleansing powers both for your spirit and cleansing your home.

The scientific name for sage is Salvi which in Latin means to heal or to save. this has been used since Roman times to do just that. It is said to save you from evil spirits and give you a long life.

White sage is the purest of sage and for this reason, when we talk about using sage for spiritual protection it is always best to use white sage where possible.

Sage is associated with the element of air and with Zeus. For this reason, it has most frequently been associated with burning it in smudge sticks so that it permeates the air and sends smoke up to Zeus to ask for his protection against negative thoughts and energies.



This is another wonderful herb to use in protecting your energy and for healing. Lavender oil can be used but the herb itself caries much more power for cleansing rituals and remedies.

The protective power of lavender has been used for centuries during the great plague of London little posies were sold to those who could afford them to ward off the negative energy of the disease. It was hung above doors to ward off evil spirits.

Lavender was used in warding off evil spirits after death by the Egyptians, they put it in the embalming fluid of King Tutankhamun.

As a plant lavender is easy to grow so that you always have a supply for healing and protection.


This is the final herb in the powerful three herbs that can be used to cleanse negative energies and purify your spiritual presence. This is one we usually have in our home and a fantastic healing herb in its own right.

Rosemary is one of those herbs that we can overlook when we think of protection and healing but it can be used on its own or will amplify the powers of the other two when needed. You are likely to have dried rosemary in your kitchen cupboards so it is great to rely on when you feel the negative energy in your home.

Rosemary is associated with the element of fire and so when you burn it or use it in a smudging stick to protect your energy can be incredible.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo

This isn’t strictly a herb in that it is Holy Wood, but as many of the best uses for dispelling negative energies, Palo Santo serves a special mention and including.

I would also use Palo Santo when burning dried rosemary for instance, and it can be fantastic as a way of cleansing your home when used in conjunction with other magic.

this is an Incan tradition, centuries-old, the wood is always burned in the home for healing and to cleanse the atmosphere of negative energy.

How to Use Herbs for Protection Against Negative Energy

Maintaining your positive energy is incredibly important for your spiritual well being. Herbs play an important part in keeping you safe from harm and in keeping your energy strong for any healing you are carrying out for yourself or others.

You can use these cleansing herbs as regularly as you like, in fact, I recommend that each time you use any strong magic or cast any spells you carry out a small cleansing ritual in your home so that you and your home are in balance.

if you simply want to get into the habit of giving your home a cleanse then I suggest burning Palo Alto and add some dried rosemary every week, this establishes some balance and invites negative energy to leave.

Simple Ways Use Herbs To Protect Yourself

    • Pin a small bouquet of all three herbs above your door, this will prevent those wishing you ill from crossing your threshold. Add salt to give it more power (you can also use sea salt for cleaning negative energy).
  • You can bury a mix of white sage lavender and rosemary at the four corners of your home for additional protection from negative energy
  • Use these protective herbs by carrying a small pouch in your pocket or bag that will protect you from negative energy. It is best to use white sage and lavender as a minimum.
  • Protecting yourself from negative energy by protecting your home in burning Palo Alto in a dish you have cleansed in the light of the full moon, do this weekly with any combination of the cleansing herbs.
  • Burning incense particularly cedar incense is a good natural and safe way to add more positive energy to your home to create a good balance.

Smudging Rituals To Protect Against Negative Energy

smudge stick

if you feel under attack it is best to bring out the big guns and use as many herbs as you like at once it is not possible to overdo it when you feel strongly in need of washing away those negative energies being fired at you.

Making a smudge stick using primarily white sage and some dried lavender and rosemary and use this to clear the negative energy around the home. This is the strongest way to cleanse a space from negative energy and the best way of cleansing with herbs.

As you use the smudge stick you can add to the cleansing ritual by asking your spirit guide to drive negative energy away. Simply walk around your home with your smudge stick burning clearing the negative energy by sending the ancient energies of these special herbs and your own positive energy into the air to dispel the bad feeling.

Spell for Getting Rid of Negative Energy Directed at You

If you feel you know the source of the bad energy and that it is being directed at you you may want to add a spell to your smudging for extra oomph. This is perhaps one of the best ways to use herbs for protection against negative energy when you know you’re the target.

If you feel that the negative energy is being sent to you it is possible to turn it around and return the negative energy back to the sender by chanting the person’s name as you walk with the smudge stick around your home. this is the simplest way of doing this and will work if their powers are not too strong.

To carry out a deeper cleanse I would use a combination of smudging and burning palo santo infused with Frankincense and juniper oil. If you know the source of the energy, add the person’s name to a piece of paper before you light the palo santo add it to the sacred wood and send the energy backward.

A simple spell to use if you have the three dried herbs available is to mix them in the palm of your hands and to blow them from your hands under a full moon in the direction of the negative energy repeating 3 times and naming the person who sent it in your direction.

Get ye gone ye evil blow

No more to show no more to grow

Send this back from whence it came

Now I say your name

[repeat name 3 times}

This will drain your spirit to send so make sure you take it easy and replenish your own soul with plenty of meditation and acts of kindness to yourself and others over the next few days. These restorative acts will mend your karmic flow.

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