A Spell to Get a Job Immediately (Powerful)

Spell to Get a Job Immediately

Getting a good job these days can be incredibly difficult at the best of times and can be particularly nerve-racking if you really want the job you have applied for and feel that you will be the perfect person to fill the slot.

There are a number of white magic spells you can use to ‘tip the scales in your favor’ and if you lacking in confidence that you will be able to cast even the simplest spell easily and with the precision of Harry Potter, there are several videos available on youtube to guide you.

A job spell can work just like a good luck charm – if you do it correctly. Job spells can be quite powerful and successful. You can use them to get your ideal new job, to be chosen for promotion, to settle disharmony amongst your work colleagues, or to find the perfect career for you.

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Job Spells

The video example is similar to our green candle money spells. Some of the job spells can be quite complicated and use difficult items, that you may not have, such a ‘Book of Shadows’, others use such items as candles, paper/parchment and pens. The third type of spell uses the power of a mantra and the combination of the fourth use of such things as a special bath and spell to help you to be successful.

As well as having the job you deserve, it is important if you are going to be a successful witch, that you are happy in your work. If the spell you have used has been successful it will give you plenty of confidence in your magical powers too.

If it is not a new job that you thinking about, but working relationships that seem to be going a little haywire, you will also find a number of spells that are specifically focused on smoothing things amongst your colleagues or dealing with a difficult and toxic member or the person who feels jealousy towards you.

Job Spell Being Cast There are some really good spells to help you to secure the job you have applied for, but what happens if you are at the stage of wondering if you will ever be lucky enough to find the ideal job for you as they just never seem to come up?

This little spell will help the right opportunities to appear. The spell is easy to cast and has the strongest powers if it is made on a Sunday evening when the moon is waxing.

You will need:

* A clean white sheet of paper
* A new medium-sized mid-blue colored candle
* A handful of fresh peppermint leaves
* A small pan
* A small metal tray

What you have to do:

1. On the piece of paper, write down details of your ideal job. Try and write down as detailed a description as possible including where what hours, salary, etc… The more detailed you are the better, but be realistic in what you write.

2. Light the blue candle and use a little of the melted wax to fasten the candle in the middle of the tray.

3. Read what you have written on the paper several times so that you have memorized it.

4. Shape the paper into a cone and hold the cone over the candle flame so that it burns slowly.

5. When the paper has been completely burnt and the ash has become cold, carefully gather all the ash and pop it into a blue paper tissue. Fold the tissue securely and pop it into your bedside drawer.

6. Once a whole day has passed, pour the ash into the pan and mix it with the peppermint leaves.

7. Leave the pan somewhere safe until you find the job you have been hoping for. As soon as you have mixed the ash with the peppermint leaves really work hard at looking at all the job vacancies because before very long….

Getting the Job Spell to Work

To help the spell you choose to be successful in getting you the perfect job, there are things that you can do to help the spell to work. The first is to be confident in both yourself and your spell – what is the point of making it otherwise?

For the job spell to work, you do need to be applying for plenty – both the ones that appeal and even the ones that you feel are slightly out of your reach. Communicate with as many people as possible and also try and network.

If you are lucky enough to be asked to attend an interview, it is actually best to go along to the interview and then if it goes well and you know that it is the job for you, you must cast a spell – if you can do this on the same day as the interview, even better. Choose somewhere to cast your spell where you will not be interrupted as this will affect how effectively the spell works. Whilst you are performing your spell make sure that you clearly visualize yourself in the new job and new work environment.

Once you have secured the job of your dreams, it is well worth continuing to cast white magic spells to ensure your ongoing success- for example, a moon drop spell is a perfect way to keep and protect your wonderful new job.

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