How to Know if You Have Magic in Your Blood (Easily)

Everyone is capable of a little magic, but it is true some witches are born with more innate ability than others. This is our guide on how to know if you have magic in your blood but regardless of your results, we have many ways for you to improve and learn how to get into witchcraft.

The first step (if you haven’t already) is to take our magick ability test. This will tell us where your strengths lie and what you should focus on, to begin with. Our coven initiate training can also help.

Are You Drawn to Witchcraft?


There is no quiz you can take on how to know if you have magic in your blood. Nobody can look at you and answer the question it’s about understanding yourself and what is calling to you.

It might be something you keep coming back to over time, it might be once you’re introduced to witchcraft your life is immediately never the same again. If there’s something here calling to you then it might well be that you have witchcraft in your blood.

Do You Feel Linked to Nature?

Witches are very closely linked to nature and can find the answers to many questions using nature. They are also very aware of the passing phases of the moon. The moon can play a large role in a witch’s life and they will find that they are at their most creative or have their best ideas when there is a new moon and feel that they want to complete a piece of work as the moon wanes.

Witches often use natural items such as stones and herbs in their spells and rituals. They are often drawn to certain rocks such as crystals and quartz and like to have them around their room. Carrying one of these stones is comforting too because the power of stones is much documented.

magic in your blood

Do You Choose Natural Cures?

Using wild herbs to treat common ailments feels right and many witches know exactly which herbs to use without consulting a book! Because they are so closely linked to nature, witches are excellent natural healers. Some witches are capable of healing by touch alone. They are also able to offer good advice to people of all ages about all sorts of problems.

Witches love being out amongst nature and particularly enjoy being in forests amongst the trees. They feel at their best when they are outside and can work their magic best in the open air.

Do You Feel Empathy for Animals?

Animals large and small are often drawn to witches and they are able to communicate with animals very easily because they are also closely linked to nature.

Rich Memories From the Past

Do you have vivid dreams? Could these be memories from a past life? Witches have constant dreams about their previous lives and these dreams are crystal clear and vivid. The dreams are in fact memories that are locked in the subconscious part of their mind and may reveal something frightening that occurred in a previous life like fear of fire, water or certain places.

Knowledge From the Future

It is not uncommon for witches to have a ‘sixth sense’ that something bad or good is going to happen, either to individuals, a certain community or the whole world. Often, this knowledge is shown to them in a series of clear images like a premonition and this single ability is one of the strongest forms of witchy magic a person can have in their blood.

How to Know if You Have Witchcraft In Your Blood Test

About as close as we can get to telling for you is this test on your innate ability:

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