How to Reverse a Spell Someone Put on You

How to Reverse a Spell Someone Put on You

This is our coven’s guide on how to reverse a spell someone put on you and must be used very carefully. Like with all our protection magick the focus here is clearing the negative energy from your life, not trying to inflict harm on someone else.

Reversing a spell someone put on you starts with a simple protective ritual to prevent it from happening, then focusing on removing the negative energy from your life. There are a number of rituals you can use for this and all can be done with simple household items.

Start by Protecting Yourself from Negative Energy

Before trying to reverse the spell, you need to clear out any negative energy caused by the spell. If we skip this step you’ll still feel the effects of the energy hanging around even once the original spell has been reversed.

You can burn candles to remove negative energy or if you have them, there are crystals that absorb negative energy quickly. This is usually enough to clear any unwanted negativity from around you fairly quickly but if it doesn’t work quickly enough you could perform a cleansing ritual for negative energy.

Please, do not skip this step. It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see people make.

Only after you’ve cleared this negative energy should you move on to the reversal ritual.

Asking Your Guides for Help

While there are rituals for doing this yourself (and I’ll show you one in a moment) one of the most effective ways to deal with any kind of negative energy against you is to ask your guides for help. They can often see things you can’t and can see the source of the negative energy to deal with it.

If you’re not familiar with working with your guides take our magick ability test and we can help with that.

‘The Mirror Back’ Return to Sender Spell

This spell has roots from way, way back but this is our coven’s modern-day adaption. If you want to know how to reverse a spell someone put on you, this is the way to do it.

You Will Need

  • A mirror of any size
  • A candle (black, grey or white).
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • Optional: If you know who put a spell on you then a photo of the person or a likeness sketch. If you don’t have this, write their name on a piece of paper and keep it next to the candle (carefully).

Preparing the Ritual

Clear a space around the mirror and clean it as best you can. Do not use a cracked or broken mirror for this. Place your candle at the foot of the mirror carefully, make sure it’s not going to set anything alight.

Once you’re ready, cast a circle of protection around your ritual space and allow your mind to clear. Don’t rush this step, as with any kind of spellwork you get out what you put in. You’ll need to be properly focused to see a real result.

Casting the Spell

Place the candle between you and the mirror. If you know who was casting a spell against you then place the photo or name next to the candle. Make sure you can see the candle in the mirror, step back if you need to.

Light the candle and repeat the incantation:

Negative energy in the air,

return to where I do not care.

Divine goddess hear my prayer,

take this spell right back to there.

So mote it be.

Close your eyes and picture the space around you. Search for any clues of negative energy and gently blow them away. Once finished, open your eyes and watch the candle through the mirror. Focus closely on the flame of the candle. If it’s flickering or moving at all, the spell is still working. Focus closely on it until it’s stable and then you can blow it out and close your circle.

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Remember The Rule of Three

Our coven takes this rule seriously, as should anyone practicing any kind of spellwork.

Your aim with the ritual should not be to cause harm to anyone else, regardless of what they have done.

People who harm other people in any way, including magic, will inevitably pay the price of their wrongdoing. People who use magic means to do so will suffer significant consequences, as this is usually a craft used to attain knowledge and wisdom. You can call it karma or divine judgment (which can happen while a person is alive, not only after its death). It is the force that shapes a person’s life, according to that person’s doings. The spells presented are just a way to negate the magic spell or the curse and, at the core, accelerate this kind of phenomenon, while unchaining the practician from their influence.