Burning Candles to Remove Negative Energy

Burning Candles to Remove Negative Energy

Burning candles to remove negative energy has deep roots within ancient cultures and is a common practice in modern-day witchcraft. This is our covens guide on picking the right candle and using a simple ritual to remove negative energy from around you.

When possible use a black candle and position yourself facing north or south to perform the ritual. This ritual only requires time and a focused mind but you may decide to include other ritual items such as sage or crystals to aid you.

Choosing the Right Candle

Candles are a vital means of communication with the spiritual realm. They can amplify certain magic rituals, open gateways, and be used as a means of meditation. That’s why candle magic is potent in attracting energy or its ritualistic, holistic, and energy cleansing abilities.

As a healthier option for regular candles, which produce petro-carbon soot, you may want to use soy wax candles. These soy wax candles don’t make that black smoke that you’ve probably noticed accumulating on your wall and produce as much as 90 percent less soot than their paraffin counterpart.

The soy wax also burns slower or longer than the paraffin ones, so you won’t have to worry about running out of candles. Also, soy wax is suited in a vegan lifestyle because it does not use any animal origin ingredients, an excellent choice to help with the energy cleanse ritual. But what type of candles remove negative energy? Let’s find out!

Which Candles Remove Negative Energy

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The candles you are going to use if you want to remove negative energy from a place or the negativity accumulating inside yourself will be black, but there are other alternatives.

Black Candles are the Best In Removing Negative Energy

A black candle is used to absorb and destroy negative energy, banishing malevolent magic and energies, breaking bad habits, or marking the end of a phase in your life. Black candles are also used in protection rituals, clearing away blocks in your life, divination or solving questions or mysteries, understanding your karma and transformation.

Other Alternatives

Suppose you don’t have a black candle or feel that your neighbors or roommates might make a weird face seeing you using black candles (because they are usually associated with Satanism, but that is a big misconception). In that case, you can also use a white candle.

However, the best choice for negative energy removing candles is a black candle, followed by a grey or a white one. Any of them will help you ward off negative influences and refresh the vibration in a place, home, or inside yourself.

Finding a black candle can be tricky in some places, as not everywhere you can find shops for this kind of item, but you can confidently use white ones, or, if you do see black ones, you could melt them together with the white ones to make more of the grey color! But that is your decision, and with that being said, let’s take a look at the other variants.

White Candles

Due to its neutral stance, you can burn a white candle in this situation, and they can also replace any other color in rituals. White candles are also used to cleanse energy, ward off or fight enemies, blessings, protect, and repel negative energy. You also can use this candle for healing, prayer, spiritual growth, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing or Lunar or Goddesses workings.

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Gray Candles

You can use a grey candle if you don’t have a white or black variant. They are used to cleanse lousy energy, gain wisdom and discernment, neutralize stress, erase negative feelings, lessen the impact of mistakes, and counteract stress. Speaking of stress, there is a way to make your candles more efficient in terms of relaxation.

Aromatic Candles – A Boost in Relaxation

You can choose natural aromatic candles for an extra relaxation boost. At the same time, your house’s energies are shifted to higher frequencies, or you can buy unscented tea pot candles and add droplets of essential oils on them, for a more personalized experience.

Choose the Aromas – Create Your Own Aromatic Candle

If you’re into making your own aromatic candles, you can add some extra helpful ingredients in them, such as sage and salt, for clearing negativity and healing. You can use small pieces of palo santo wood to add a different aromatic scent. These ingredients help with removing negativity, intention settings, and grounding. You can use rosemary or lavender, for their specific fragrance and relaxation properties as well.

Sage is used extensively globally for its healing effects. It helps with insomnia, and sage grants protective effects against negativity as well. Usually, people use it in smudging, but I’ll cover this topic later on. Add some mint for the refreshing effects or even some cinnamon powder if you look for that specific aroma. You can incorporate many other plants in your candles, which can help in aromatherapy and give holistic healing through their burning.

If you wanted to go one step further you could use Chakra candles and match their affinity to the ritual.

How to Cleanse a House

Candle cleansing is an effortless way to bring positivity to your house and life in general. All you need is:

  • Candles – Black, Gray, or White
  • Matches
  • A focused mind – concentration

Applying burning candles in each room in a house removes negative energy and converts the residual one into positive energy, giving a remarkable vibration clearing effect.

You can choose to place the desired candle in the direction of fire, which is South, or in the Southeast, Northeast, or the center of your house, and for the process of cleansing energy to have maximum effect, you should stick to these directions only. The simple act of leaving a candle burning in a room is often enough to remove negative energy but if you feel there’s need you could repeat this simple incantation while lighting the candle:

By the Three,

I call to thee.

Clear this negativity,

So mote it be.

candle spell to remove negative energy

Use Other Cleansing Techniques in Combination

You can combine the candle work you’re doing with different other well-known cleansing techniques, such as lighting up incense sticks and smudging, and you’ll see how it’s done later on.

When it comes to smudging, you can use a plethora of plants that have cleansing effects. Sage, for example, was burned by the native Americans and many other indigenous people for centuries, as part of their ceremonies.


They use sage in spiritual rituals for cleansing a space or a person. It is known that sage has some physical effects also, such as repelling insects and removing air bacteria. Sage also has many healing properties, such as mood improving, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping people with insomnia problems.

Besides this, sage also enhances intuition, helps one achieve a healing state, or solves and reflects on spiritual dilemmas. Cedar is also used to protect magic rituals, and sweetgrass, lavender, or frankincense work very well. Or, you can even do a smudge stick with all of them combined!


As for incense, you can go for palo santo wood or incense sticks made with herbs that have healing properties, such as a bay leaf, lemongrass, or lavender.

Cleansing Your Home

The first step to cleanse your house is to smudge every room. Be sure to allow the smoke to reach every hidden space, dark corner or closet, even your basement. Start at the front door by lighting up the sage smudge stick or the plants of your choice.

Move mindfully through every room in a clockwise direction until you reach the front door again, then put off the sage bundle. Now that your house is smudged, you can light the paraffin, wax, or soy wax candles on your magic altar or in every room. Do this in the directions mentioned above, and concentrate on gratitude and thankfulness to the universe for bringing positive energy in your house and life.

Crystals Can Be Used in Cleansing As Well

You can add crystals near the burning candles for an even better effect. Specific crystals are well known when it comes to energy and aura cleansing. Add a quartz crystal, citrine, rose quartz, an amethyst, or a selenite wand near your candles to amplify their cleansing effect. Now you can light the tip of your incense stick or palo santo wood with the flame of the candle, concentrating on the same positive thoughts, and let them burn entirely.

Personally I use crystals constantly against negative energy. We’ve covered crystals that absorb negative energy in more detail and they can be used alongside burning candles to remove negative energy or entirely on their own.

Be careful not to extinguish the candle’s flame throughout the process. They should not be left lit for more than 4 hours, even without any aromatic scent. For those with aroma, you should let them burn for 1 or 2 hours, or until you feel the air is charged with their fragrance. If you’re using light tea candles, let them burn entirely, then throw them away when they’re consumed.

This cleansing combination should make your house shine with wellness and is indicated to repeat the ritual each month or each week to fill your house with positivity for that period.

And that’s it! Now you know how to do a house clearing and protecting ritual using only these everyday household items.

Be Careful! Please do not go to sleep with them lit as there is a risk of knocking them over and starting a secondary ignition, which is entirely unwanted.

Increasing Your Potency

Whether you’re dealing directly with negative energy or just trying to prevent future problems, take a moment to answer a few questions and find your innate affinities.

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Candle Magick in History

Throughout history, the candle had different kinds of usage. For many, it was meant to bring light into a house or on the street, but they had a way more spiritual meaning for others. Egyptians were the first people to use candles, around the year 3000 BCE, followed by the Romans in 500 BCE and the Chinese in 221 BCE.

While oil lamps were vastly used across countries as a means of illumination, candles, on the other hand, were used in rituals by Egyptian priests or were burned as a gift for different deities. The Greeks did this for Artemis, honoring its birth, the Romans did it for Saturn, and they were also vastly used in the temples of India and Tibet in their sacred ceremonies.

Candles are used in almost all religions worldwide nowadays, and even the act of lighting a candle can be considered a ritual by itself. Their flame represents the sunlight, but while it does a good job when it comes to lighting its surroundings, it can also enlighten the soul and the mind. It represents the fire element and represents love (from where the expression “fiery love” came from), passion, courage, and power.

Candle magick is used by everyone from a beginner solitary witch to an entire coven and is used for all kinds of spellwork. For example, our coven has modern-day adaptions of a green candle money spell and uses candles in almost every protection ritual.