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Need some real magickal oomph in your life?

Let our coven cast a spell on your behalf.

Just give us the details carefully. The names and details of anyone involved and anything you think is important for us to know. Please take the time to review your spell before submission. We only have a limited time together each night and won’t be able to reach out if there’s a mistake in your submission.

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How Will I Know When You’ve Cast My Spell?

If you’re spiritually attuned, you’ll probably feel the spell being cast for you. We will also send you an email after the coven has finished, but this can sometimes take several hours on a busy night.

How Long Do These Spells Last?

There’s no blanket answer here. It really depends on the type of spell and the coven strength at the time it was cast. If you start to feel one of our spells wearing off then you can request it to be re-cast but please leave 7-days before doing this.