Witches Love Potion Guide

Witches Love Potion Guide

Making and using a love potion is one of the most amazingly powerful things you can do with your Wiccan powers. Love is so important in our lives and using magick to attract new love and to increase the love we already have and to just send love vibes out into the universe is one of the most positive uses of a witch’s energy.

Potions come in all kinds and have a load of uses, I am going to share some of the best potions have made here with limited ingredients so they are simple to make and use. These are adapted from very old customs and traditions but can be made with ingredients easy to find.

Love potions are a small part of love magick but should still be taken seriously.

Are Love Potions Safe?

The answer to this is yes because you will make and use them safely. There are a couple of things to be aware of in making love potions safe.

Firstly you need to be careful with the ingredients that you use especially if you are using berries and herbs collected from nature. You need to be careful with any potion that you intend to drink or for anyone else to drink, and for any you make as a lotion applied to the skin or used in the bath. Check all your ingredients carefully to make sure they are safe.

Another aspect of safety is really about how you direct the love potion and how powerful it is, you do not want to turn a distant admirer into a stalker or to have someone completely fall in love with you only for you to realize that they are not the person for you.

Remember the Wiccan Rede, the code we live by ‘An it harm none, do what ye will

Love potions should do no harm so when your spell works on someone and you decide it was a mistake be ready to reverse it with a quick reversal spell so no harm is done.

How To Make a Love Potion

There are a number of love potions you can make, it depends on the strength you need and the purpose of the potion. It also depends on how close you are to the person for whom you are making the portion.

It may be that the potion is intended to bring love into your life but you are sending the message out into the ether not directed at someone you already know. You can make a potion in many forms:

  • Teas
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Lotions
  • Bath potions
  • Part of an amulet
  • Part of a casting spell

These all have their place in the witch’s armory for creating more ‘amore’ as the Italians call love. choose your weapon from some of those I am sharing with you and wait for the effects to pour over you as love enters your life or grows before your eyes.

I am going to share some of these potions with you and describe how you use each of these potions to manifest what you want from love.

If creating a love potion seems complicated or you’re missing ingredients, consider using a honey jar spell instead.

The ‘Think Of Me’ Love Potions

This is a very popular potion, incredibly powerful to use.

Usually, this potion is used for a girlfriend or boyfriend when you want to increase the number of times they think about you in the day. It may be that you think about them all the time but you are just not sure how often they think of you.

Making identical potions for you and for them brings the two of you closer in thoughts.

This potion connects the two of you.

You Will Need

  • 2 Small bottles to hold the potions
  • A bowl for mixing the potion
  • A bottle of carrier oil such as almond oil (almonds bring luck)
  • Pinch Cinnamon
  • Parsley (if you want to add a little lust)
  • 2 Drops ylang-ylang
  • Pinch of ginger

Preparing The Ritual

Pour a small amount of the almond oil into the bowl. Have the two bottles cleansed by the light of the moon and ready to receive the love potion.

Casting The Spell

  • Place the bowl with almond oil beside the two small bottles
  • Add the cinnamon to the bowl and ask for love to be in their thoughts
  • Add the parsley and ask for lust in their thoughts
  • Add the ylang-ylang and ask for attraction to be in their thoughts
  • Add the ginger to quicken their thoughts and heat up their hearts
  • Pour the mix equally into the two small bottles
  • Place one of the bottles into the bag or pocket of the person you want to think of you
  • Wear the other around your neck or carry in your pocket

Every time you touch the bottle and think of the other person they will also think of you. If they are unaware that you have placed the bottle near them they will not know you have cast this magick but will not be able t help themselves but think of you with warmth and heat.

love potions

Making Your Potion More Potent

Let us help you find your magickal affinity so you can make your potions more potent and more likely to work.

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The ‘Love Story’ Potion

This is a potion aimed at bringing love into your life from an unexpected source.

Because this is in part about opening you up to the possibility of love and helping you visualize that life, it helps to release the scent of love into your life through the potion.

This is a love potion all about scent and aura. Bringing love into your life with this potion couldn’t be easier. you are going to make a bath potion for this love story to soak in and send its message out through visualization. there are a few simple ingredients needed.

You Will Need

  • 2 Drops ylang-ylang oil
  • 2 Drops rose oil
  • A Handful of lavender leaves or flowers
  • Warm bath
  • A book with a Love story (optional)
  • Time

Preparing the Ritual

For this potion to carry out its purpose you need to be relaxed and have time, so it is best to do at night. If you are fortunate to have the moon in the view from your bathroom window all the better, leave the window open slightly if it is safe to do so.

Releasing the Power of the Potion

  • Pour a warm bath
  • Add the ylang-ylang for attraction
  • Add the rose oil for love
  • Add the lavender to allow dreams in
  • Step into the bath and let your mind drift to love
  • You can use a good love story which will help relax you and bring thoughts of love into your head and heart
  • Let the potion work it’s magic

Water is a wonderful carrier for magick, and if the moon is visible your thoughts will be picked up all the more easily by Selene the Goddess of the Moon who cares more for love than anything else and she will carry your dream across the stars.

This love potion can be used over and over again to allow you to send out your message of love into the universe. Your intention must be clear and strong as you add every ingredient for it is this intention that you bring to bear when you ask for a love story.

‘Je T’aime’ Love Potion

The French are a wonderfully romantic people and the universe knows the words ‘ Je t’aime’ i love you that sounds so beautiful on the ear. This is a wonderful potion to use when you feel strongly about someone you know well and you want them to know that without having to say it. You know they like you and suspect they might love you to but both of you dance around the issue.

It is best used when you think they feel the same way about you but both are afraid to say the words.

This is a love potion to make them hear the words from you and encourages them to feel brave enough to say the words to you.

This potion is one both of you must drink, it can help if taken with a little alcohol, so you can add this to a tea or a spirit as long as both f you drink it at the same time this love potion will work like magic.

You Will Need

Two cups of green tea or two glasses of alcoholic spirit (gin is best). Either way, the other ingredients remain unchanged and will work in tea or alcohol.

  • A small sprig of thyme ( for courage)
  • Sprinkle of ground ginger or 1/4 teaspoon of grated ginger (for heat and speed)
  • Slice of lemon to stimulate the senses
  • Cacao bits for depth and warmth of emotion

Preparing the Ritual

Part of the preparation will be in getting the setting and timing right. It will be your decision whether you share a tea or an alcoholic drink, that can depend on the setting, timing and personal choice.

As you prepare the love potions bring all of your intentions and your positive inner spirit to the care you take of making the potion. You know you like this person, you know they like you, you are about to take a new step and see if love is in your future. This high emotional energy can be channeled into the making of the love potion.

  • Make the green tea as you normal, pour it into two china cups. / Make your gin and tonic or voice of spirit and mixer
  • Add the thyme
  • Add the slice of lemon
  • Add the ginger ground or grated
  • Add the cacao bits ( best grated if adding to alcohol)

Releasing the Power Of The Potion

Share these love potions, they are safe to drink, and will enhance the moment.

As you drink you can toast ‘love life and health and us’, this is the only incantation you need as you have already created a pretty powerful love potion with your ingredients and your Wiccan energy.

The magic in the air charged by the potion, the emotions that are flying high, and the magic you have used to create this potion for love now just need to roll over both of you and release a little bravery.

You can use this potion 3 times and you can decide to use all three opportunities at once or to save your power and use it on another occasion.

Love Charm Potion

In understanding how to make a love potion you have learned how to make a potion you can add to tea, a different one for the bath a very special potion carried by the one you are with so they think about you more.

There is a whole raft of situations where you can use a love potion as a charm, either for yourself or as a gift to someone else. They do not need to be aware that you have passed this gift to them. The skill here is to make a potion into a charm that can be carried or left somewhere where the other person will be near it or touch it and be affected by it. This love potion needs to be strong as it is usually intended for someone you like but who often isn’t aware of you or certainly not aware of how you feel.

Making a Love Potion That Becomes a Charm

You are going to create a love potion that captures an element of you within the potion and uses all your magic to both create the love potion and have the person you desire to see you in the same way touch it and be affected by it.

You Will Need

  • A hair from your head
  • Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Ground Ginger
  • Small bottle or container

Preparing The Ritual

If possible use water that has been left out in a jar overnight to catch the energies of the moon.

  • Add the water to the bottle Thank the Goddes of the Moon for her energy
  • Add a hair from your head as a symbol of your feelings and to direct the love potion back to you
  • Add the cinnamon to add luck and love to the potion
  • Add the ginger to heat things up
  • All these ingredients can be shaken and the potion left out in the moonlight to ask for Selene’s blessing

Releasing the Power Of The Potion

The container you use needs to small enough to pass on to the other person into their bag or pocket or on their desk, or near their home. This will depend on how well you know them, you pass it along in a gift or place it near them if you are too shy.

For this magic to really work your intention needs to be strong and true. Selene sees your future and will bless this potion if this is the person you should be with. Her magic added to your makes this irresistible.

Simply place it where it will be near the person and wait for a full cycle of the moon to pass, within 28 days you will know if this love is for you.