Powerful Home Protection Spells

Home Protection Spells

You may wish to cast home protection spells because you sense negative energies around you, or simply for home protection on a more general basis. These can work in a number of ways and I will share with you more powerful protection spells for when you feel under threat and more gentle approaches for wider protection.

For most of these spells for protection, you can use a mix of incantation, protective herbs and Wiccan energy. Home protection is serious business, it protects you and you home from negative attack and energies.

Incantation Spell For Home Protection

Important: Before casting any of these protection spells make sure you take our magick ability test so we can find your innate strengths and improve your spellwork.

It is a good idea to cast a home protection spell quite regularly to keep negative energy away and keep a sense of love in your home. This will strengthen your ability to use your witchy powers at home and home protection should always be a priority for a witch.

I will share a simple incantation that I use very regularly for the protection of my home, bringing love in keeps negative energy at bay.

You Will Need

  • A copy of the incantation
  • Optional Jasmine oil

Preparing The Ritual

This is very simple in some ways to prepare for, you will need to come to this spell with a cloak of protection for yourself. This spell is being cast because you sense negative energies being directed at your home already. Your spirit will need to be strong for this.

Prepare yourself and bring all your Wicca powers to bear by a simple cleansing of your spirit in the moonlight, you could use some jasmine oil to help cleanse your thoughts

Casting the Spell

Repeat this incantation out loud inside your home. If you feel the energy to be particularly bad in any one room center yourself in that room for the incantation.

It is important that you do not repeat this more than 3 times during any ritual.

This is the incantation to recite to home protection

To protect this home with all my skill

I with love this home fill

With my spirit

I here lie

Let all negative energies fly

Spirits leave my home intact

And with love let it be packed

So mote it be

Repeat this when you feel any threat or someone has carried negative energy into your home however unwittingly.

House Protection Spell

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Home Protection Spell For When Your Home is Under Attack

Spells of protection come in all strengths, this one is the strongest I can share because of the Wiccan Law of Return, you must be careful with this spell and use it only when you are responding to an attack on your home not when you wish harm to others.

Wiccan magic is clear that you shouldn’t use magick to harm others. In this case, if your home is under attack from negative energies being sent to you, you are simply using that rule to turn the magic back on the sender threefold so they will suffer hardship that they have caused to themselves.

If the spell is against you and not your home our coven also has a guide on how to reverse a spell someone put on you.

You Will Need

  • A Bunch of Sage dried
  • Some string to tie the bunch together
  • Alternatively, you can buy a sage smudge stick
  • Something to light the smudge stick
  • A copy of the protection incantation

Preparing the Ritual

You can either make the smudge stick yourself by tying plenty of sage together with string that you have had blessed by the moon, or you can but this.

I like to grow my sage so that I know the origins and that I can bless this under a full moon. This is a powerful magick against negative energy and witchcraft directed against you and your home.

Casting The Spell

This is a spell that sends negative energies back where they came and needs to be done in all four corners of your home. It is best to do this outside your home so that all four corners are protected and the energy does not come inside.

  • Light the smudge stick and walk around the outside of your home
  • At each corner stop still and repeat this simple incantation

Stay away from home

Feel free to roam

Energy I say to thee

Go back Go Back Go Back

You can leave the smudge stick burning outside all night to carry the energies back to their sender.

Home Protection Charm Burial Ritual

You Will Need

A bunch of fresh sage leaves

A green Candle

A cleansed coin

Preparing the Ritual

Preparing for this ritual is pretty straightforward. It is best if you can use fresh sage as this still has all the energy of fresh life and the scent has a power of its own. If this is not possible you can use dried sage.

The coin will need to be cleansed, this will symbolically bring you luck as well as protection, and if the coin has been handled by someone you love it will enhance its power.

You will know how to cleanse this coin for protection, by leaving it outside your house for a full moonlit night and holding it close to your heart for 24 hours.

Casting The Spell

  • Place the coin under the mat at your door or buried in the earth at the front door if possible.
  • Bury the sage at each corner of your home.
  • Now light the candle of protection for an hour each night for a full month, if possible light this candle at a window in full sight of the moon.

This home protection spell works well when you feel there have been previous wicca energies used in the home that were not yours. Placing the sage at the corners makes it very difficult for anyone carrying bad magic to enter your home.

Candle Spells for Home Protection

Burning candles concentrate your energy and intent and the same applies when creating any home protection spell. There are many ways to burn candles to remove negative energy but this is a simple ritual specifically for the protection of the home.

All home protection spells can be boosted by burning a candle that you have already blessed and cleansed with Wiccan energy.

You Will Need

  • At least one candle
  • Optional: sandalwood oil

Preparing The Ritual

Cleansed candles work best, you can do this yourself by asking the moon to cleanse them for you. Your spirit is then cleansed at the same time.

Adding an oil like sandalwood can boost the power of the candle and send an extra layer of protection into your home.

Casting the Spell

Simply light a candle at any time and focus on the flame.

As you focus on the flame repeat this simple incantation

Fill this home with love and light

Bad be gone

Take a hike, take flight

Let us be safe inside this place

Fill it now with nought but grace

You can use this candle and this incantation regularly as part of any home protection spell.

Using Oils in a Home Protection Spell

I have already added a few oils into the spells I have suggested. If you want to boost any home protection spell it is a good idea to add oils. You can do this safely by adding them to the sage you bury under the corners of your home or by dropping some oils around the base of your candle but do not add to a naked flame.

In creating your own oil mix for an oil burner you may rely on your Wicca history to select those that give you a sense of cleansing and protection.

Oils To Use in Home Protection

I would always use sandalwood sage and jasmine. these are my go-to oils for home protection.

When I want to add a few drops of other oils for additional strength I might reach for a few drops of lavender and orange. It can be difficult to get orange oil, I prefer to scrape a few drops of the outside of an orange into my mix.

Add a few drops of any combination of these oils to an oil burner to provide a powerful backdrop for any of the spells you are using and for extra protection at any time.