How to Make Spiritual Cleansing Spray

How to Make Spiritual Cleansing Spray

Our coven’s guide on how to make spiritual cleansing spray is based on ancient practices with a modern twist. A cleansing spray is a popular alternative to smudging to clear out negative energy and I’ve seen shops selling them at a premium price. Making your own is not only cheaper but it allows you to make the spray more specific to your needs. So what is it for, what do you need and how do you make one?

Making a spiritual cleansing spray can be as easy as purified water, some salt, a few drops of essential oil and a simple ritual. Different oils can bring different strengths to your spray but Sage or Sandalwood are common choices.

When to Use Spiritual Cleansing Spray

If you’re spiritually sensitive you may feel a place is less than inviting. Or sometimes being around certain people can suck the positivity from you. If you don’t have time for a ritual for cleansing negative energy then having a cleansing spray handy is a quick answer.

A few sprays on yourself or around the room can lighten the energy and the atmosphere.

What Do I Need for My Spiritual Cleansing Spray?

You have a lot of freedom in what you put into a cleansing spray. Some people like to add various herbs for protection into the bottle, but for general use, there’s only a couple of things you really need.

Pure Water

You can use tap water here if you really need to but ideally, your cleansing spray should have water that doesn’t contain impurities. Distilled, purified or spring bottled water is the best choice.

Sea Salt

A teaspoon of sea salt goes a long way. Salt has long been used to cleanse and purify so much so that our coven routinely uses sea salt to cleanse negative energy with just a spoonful.

You don’t need anything special here, some simple sea salt crushed with a grinder or a spoon is more than enough but you can choose to use pink or Himalayan salt if you wish.

Essential oils

You can use a single oil or a combination if you prefer. I like to keep a spiritual cleansing spray dedicated for a single purpose to I’ll usually only have one or two maximum but it really depends on what you want from it. These are some of the more common oils:

  • Basil If you are heading out somewhere where there will be a lot of people, Basil oil will provide you with a cloak of protection against the bad energies. It also acts as a “pick-me-up” oil to restore balance and happiness to you when you feel a bit “Ugh”.
  • Cedarwood The Cedarwood tree is a reflection of spiritual stamina which is what is required when you are surrounded by negative vibes. The aroma of Cedarwood brings your angels closer, allowing them to assist, help and protect you when needed.
  • Cinnamon This is a great oil of warmth and arousal for those times when you feel lethargic and need an energy boost. It’s a great oil for protection and attracting prosperity.
  • Cypress Cypress cleanses surrounding energies as well as raising your vibrations. It also provides you with a sense of grounding and safety. Cypress oil connects you with the spiritual world and its wisdom when you are seeking advice on how to deal with negativity.
  • Eucalyptus With this oil, there are two varieties and each offers a different use. Eucalyptus Radiata restores and revitalizes an environment. So, if you feel that a room has suddenly gone a bit negative on you, spritz it with a Eucalyptus Radiata solution. Eucalyptus Globulus oil has a refreshing property that brings new energy into a room, so you can use it when you are about to use the room for study, meditation, or just to relax and unwind in.
  • Frankincense This is an amazing oil for full-on protection. It operates on your auric field and prevents you from going to areas where you aren’t prepared to go. It cleanses you completely from all negative energy that you have picked up and aids in spiritual enlightenment.
  • Juniper An oil that has a unique ability to neutralize negative energy. Juniper can transform negative emotions into positive ones. If you feel you are under attack, or about to enter an environment that is you know is charged with bad vibes, you can spray yourself with a juniper based spray.
  • Lavender When we feel anxious or out of balance, Lavender oil calms us down and restores harmony. It attracts our angels so that we can feel their companionship, protection and love.
  • Lemon This oil acts as a purifier for our spirit, washing away all negativity. It is a positivity magnet, so you know negativity will be taking a hike when you use this oil.
  • Myrrh If you are looking for a “master oil” of power, then Myrrh is it. This oil not only cleanses your environment but when added to other oils, it boosts the property of the additional oil. If you are going through an emotionally tough time where you find it hard to let go of past hurts, then Myrrh offers you the healing power to release those hurts, to forgive past wrongs and to move forward.
  • Peppermint An oil that acts as a relaxant to eliminate negative vibes. It also can raise the vibrations in an environment, which results in cleansing and purifying the area.
  • Rose This is, like Myrrh, another powerful oil due to the high level of its vibrational frequency. It helps in tuning you into the spiritual realm. Rose oil also builds up your heart chakra, which is associated with love and positivity.
  • Sage If you are looking to remove the negativity out of a place, then Sage oil is a great option. It has been used for centuries by Native Americans to cleanse an area. Sage oil can also offer you a psychic shield of protection so that any negativity bounces off you.
  • Sandalwood An essential oil that promotes a meditative state that keeps you switched on to your spiritual side. So you can pick up on that intuitive feeling of “something ain’t right here” and be on alert. It’s an oil of harmony and protection that you can spray on yourself to keep yourself in a nice bubble of positivity.

Optional: Alcohol

If you’re using essential oils you might consider using a little alcohol to help mix the oil better with the water.

The best choice is ethanol alcohol as it is great at dissolving the oil. The alcohol needs to have at least a 60% ethanol content as anything lower than this will not allow the oil and water to blend, and the water will quickly become stagnant.

Spray Bottles

Now you have all your ingredients, you need something to put them in.

Our common practice in a coven is not to use a spray bottle that has been used for domestic cleaning supplies. Generally, our ritual items are kept specifically for that use so we’ll get a cheap plastic spray bottle and it’ll be kept carefully and treated with respect. As we would any ritual item.

The size of the spray bottle all depends on what you are wanting to use your spiritual cleansing spray for. If it’s to cleanse a room, then you will need a decent sized bottle. Something around ½ – 1 liter in size would be big enough. If you want to take your spray with you when you have to go out, then get yourself a small spray bottle that you can slip into your bag.

How to Make Spiritual Cleansing Spray

Making your spray is simple. Ideally, this should be performed at night in clear view of the moon. Choose a time and place where you won’t be rushed or disturbed.

Gather your items and cast a circle with the elements around you. Allow your mind to clear and focus on the task at hand.

  1. Fill your spray bottle with the water, leaving a little room at the neck.
  2. Add in a tablespoon of salt slowly and swirl the bottle slowly to allow it to spread.
  3. Next, 10-15 drops of the oil (or oils).
  4. If you are using essential oils for your spray, add a tablespoon of alcohol to your water.
  5. Screw the spray top back onto your bottle and repeat the incantation.

From darkest night to light of day,

Charge protection in this spray.

From this water cleanse the air,

Divine goddess hear my prayer.

Cleansing Spray Ritual

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How to Use Your Cleansing Spray

Using the spray is simple.

Go to the room or rooms that you want to cleanse from negativity and spray, spray, spray. As you are spritzing the room, have an intent in mind such as “I am banishing this room of all the bad vibes and restoring peace and positivity”.

If you are using it as a protective or personal cleansing spray for yourself when outside, you have two options:

  1. You can squirt the spray into the area in front of you and walk into the mist.
  2. Spray your body all over with your solution.

Again, if you are cleansing yourself, have an intention in mind as you are spraying. It could be “I am cleansed and protected from all negativity.”