How To Find Out Who Cursed You [And Fix It]

How To Find Out Who Cursed You

Someone has threatened to curse you, or you just feel cursed. You’ve been having the worst time of your life, with one bad thing after another happening, and you can’t shake the feeling that you’re definitely under some type of curse or hex. This is our covens guide on how to find out who cursed you and spotting the signs of it happening. From there, you can start taking steps to counteract it.

Before we look at who cursed you we need to figure out if you’ve been cursed. We’ve already covered knowing if someone put a curse on you but these are the basic signs you can start watching out for. These signs are usually a lot easier to spot compared to figuring out who is doing it.

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Signs You Are Cursed

Although a curse is highly unlikely, they are still happening. If you’ve been cursed by someone else, your entire life will slowly start to deteriorate. There are several signs that you need to watch out for to determine if this is the cause of your bad luck.

  • Unexplainable illnesses or injuries that seem to come from nowhere
  • Relationships with friends and family slowly fade away or have problems
  • Missing or dying animals
  • Missing objects (it’s easier to curse someone if you have something of theirs)
  • Someone specifically told you they were going to curse you
  • Transportation problems, such as your car having consistent problems although it used to be fine
  • Financial problems, like a sudden job loss
  • Bad omens (if you see bad omens at the same time as the other signs, you’re under a curse)

While one or two things on this list are easily explainable, the more bad things you have in your life, the more likely it is that you are cursed. If you notice these signs, and you’re involved in a witch war or guides are telling you that you are under a curse, you have indeed been hexed.

Signs Of Curse On Family

Although it’s more common to hex an individual, curses on families are quite common too. These are signs that the entire family is under a curse:

  • Bad luck will plague the entire blood family, including pets
  • Severe illnesses and injuries
  • Bad weather around the house
  • A generational curse will continue to hex the family for many generations
  • Horrible things happen to every member of the household
  • The above signs of trouble also ring true if there is a hex on the family. Expect to see consistent financial troubles, career troubles, health problems, transportation problems, and overall horrible luck in business ventures.

Signs of a hex on the family are often similar to those of an individual, but it occurs across every member of the family. This is commonly seen when someone puts a hex on the family name. Often, later generations have a difficult time in life until they discover the truth behind their misfortune and strive to break the hex themselves. It is only then that the family can experience any type of good fortune.

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How Do You Know If Your House Is Cursed

If your house has a hex on it, you’ll know. This doesn’t just mean that curses and negative things will happen to family members. Instead, it will affect anyone in the house, or the house itself. It may even appear as though the house is haunted. Random objects may fall on people to cause injury, for example. Other examples include:

  • Bad omens consistently found around the house or in the house
  • Negative energy and people in the structure have negative thoughts
  • Unbelievable bad luck to anyone that lives in the house. This will come and go depending on whether someone is in the house.
  • The same signs of curses that are listed above will befall those that live in the house. People may have amazing lives before moving into the home but will quickly see their life deteriorating as long as they live there. After moving from home, their lives will slowly be restored to their previous good fortune.

When there is a hex on a house, it will affect all living things in the house. This includes members of the household, guests, and even pets. Upon moving, all of the bad energy will be gone. You’ll be able to feel it in your gut if something is wrong with the house.

How To Know Who Cursed You

Finding out who is behind the cursing is the hard part. Discovering this can be helpful to protect yourself from future hexes. First, consider anyone you may have wronged. If you are in the middle of a witch war or have seriously angered someone that practices witchcraft, that is more than likely where the hex came from. Think back to any arguments you may have had before the negative things started to happen. Did anyone mention anything, even if it was jokingly, about casting a spell on you? Or does your man have an ex and he’s mentioned that she enjoyed magick? Another key way to find out who it is would be if someone has personal items of yours at their house, or if they mention odd things, like cleaning out your brush for you.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to determine who the person is behind the hex though. Although this can be helpful in preventing future problems, it is not necessary to break the curse.

If this is the case, use a protective spell to protect yourself from future harm while you work to break the curse. A simple ritual during a full moon will easily break the spells that have been cast on you, and this easy ritual can be used by beginners, or anyone, to remove the hex.

In addition to removing the single hex, it’s important to cleanse yourself and your home on a regular basis. Complete cleansing rituals, such as salt baths, weekly. Cleansing your entire home should be seen as routine maintenance for those that practice magick. If you are concerned about evil witches casting bad magic your way, include a protective spell for yourself, your home, and your family in your regular maintenance as well. Even if you know where the hex came from and have successfully broken it, it’s always important to protect yourself from the negative things that are found in the universe. You never know when someone will try to cast another one on you, your family, or your house.

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