How Do I know if Someone Put a Curse on Me (And Remove It)

How Do I know if Someone Put a Curse on Me

As much goodness and light there is brought by witchcraft and spellwork, there’s also the potential for darkness and black magick. Knowing if someone put a curse on you is the first step to doing something about it.

We’ve looked before at the signs someone is hurting you with voodoo but this time we need to take a closer look at curses overall which, in many areas, are more common.

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Be Aware!

Signs You've Been Cursed

Most often, when we suspect a curse it isn’t the case. We all go through bad luck and tough situations and sometimes that’s all it is.

We don’t want anyone falling into the trap of blaming everything on a curse. However, if you have reason to believe that someone has then we can help you narrow it down and beat it.

If in doubt, you can always cast a spell to banish negativity or perhaps a salt protection spell. It will do no harm if you are cursed but we’ll look at some more specific rituals you can also use.

Common Signs of Curses

Signs Someone Has Placed a Curse on You

Unexplained Physical Ailments

Physical symptoms without a clear medical explanation may be an indicator of a curse. Persistent headaches, fatigue, or sudden illness might be signs that negative energy is affecting your well-being. But be very careful here.

Always seek professional help and don’t assume this was something to do with a curse.

Persistent Bad Luck

Have you had a real string of bad luck? Not winning the lottery doesn’t count.

A series of unfortunate events or continuous misfortunes may signify a curse. An unusual streak of bad luck that defies normal probability, could be the result of someone’s malicious intent. The kind of things that get your attention because of how unlikely they were.

has someone put a curse on you

In reality, this means plenty of things going haywire over the past few weeks when you are usually quite lucky. Bad luck of course is a ‘blanket term’ for sudden health problems, money worries, techie issues with your mobile and laptop and your car breaking down.

Animals Behaving Strangely

Often curses include having familiar animals being sent to spy on you. Have you seen an animal around you more than usual or worse still, have you found an animal dying on your doorstep?

Some are more spiritually aware than humans and they’re able to physically see the curse happening. A close animal might try to move toward you but most will likely sense the danger and try to get away.

Disturbing Dreams and Nightmares

Frequent nightmares or unsettling dreams may be a sign that a curse has been placed on you.

Pay attention to recurring themes or symbols in your dreams, as they may hold clues about the nature of the curse (or even who is behind it).

Strained Relationships & Low Energy

If you notice a sudden change in the dynamics of your relationships with friends, family, or colleagues, it may be due to a curse. Negative energy can drag you down, lowering your vibration so you just don’t on with people as you normally would.

This can manifest as unexplained arguments, misunderstandings, or feelings of isolation.

Are you usually a bubble extrovert and a positive person who suddenly seems to be weighed down by depressing negative thoughts? Think about the source of these thoughts. Do you feel that they are coming from deep inside you or are they from outside?

Beware of Broken Glass

Again, this can be a warning if you find it on your doorstep or garden.

This is an ancient sign of a curse as bottles containing the curses would be thrown at the front door, and they would smash, releasing the curse. These days, spell jars are used quite differently, but some of the old practitioners will still do this, and these traditions are often passed down.

Strange Items or Markings

Discovering unusual symbols or objects around your home or personal belongings can be a sign of a curse. These items might be used to direct negative energy or symbolize the malicious intent of the person who placed the curse.

Sometimes these can be very obvious to a practiced witch. A known sigil or herbs that attract negativity are a dead giveaway. Sometimes it’s not always that obvious, but the item will look out of place.

Intense Feelings of Being Watched

A constant sense of being watched or followed, even when alone, may be indicative of a curse. It might be that something is watching you through the astral or physical plane.

This feeling can create unease and paranoia, making it difficult to feel safe or secure.

Localized Weather Problems

This is a rare one but the stories go back throughout many Books of Shadows. A strong enough curse can actually cause a noticeable change in the local weather.

Believe it or not, if the spell that has been cast against you is strong and effective, you could find yourself experiencing really bad weather that is localized to your house!

How to Break a Curse Cast on You

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. We do have a series of spells to break a curse that has been taken from our old Grimoire and updated to modern household items.

The ritual itself does not have to be overly complicated as breaking a curse is far, far easier than casting it to begin with. If you don’t want to do this (for whatever reason) you can always have us do it for you. Or ask someone you’re more familiar with.

Sometimes you won’t have to do anything. Malice is hard to keep up and hate often burns hot but fizzles out. A curse will often fizzle as soon as the caster can’t keep this focus up so you could just wait it out.

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