Cinnamon Magical Properties

Cinnamon Magical Properties

Cinnamon, with its enchanting aroma, has long been held for its cinnamon magical properties in our mystical practices. Our modern-day coven celebrates this warm spice by using it for protection and prosperity rituals, binding us together as we relish the shared experiences of cinnamon’s ancient powers. ✨

Whatever magickal work you are doing with cinnamon, take the magick ability test and uncover your unique affinities.

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Cinnamon for Spells

Cinnamon for Spells
  1. Attraction Spell (Love and Friendship): Cinnamon is known for its warm, enticing aroma, making it ideal for casting spells that draw love and companionship from those around you.
  2. Prosperity Spell (Wealth and Success): With its association with abundance and good fortune, incorporating cinnamon in prosperity spells attracts wealth, career growth, and overall success. It’s often used in a money spell jar (for example).
  3. Protection Spell (Warding off Negativity): The potent energy of cinnamon makes it effective in banishing negative energies and guarding against psychic attacks or curses.
  4. Cleansing Spell (Purification of Spaces): Cinnamon’s natural purifying qualities assist in dispelling stagnant energy or negativity from your home or sacred spaces.
  5. Healing Spell (Emotional and Physical Well-being): As a natural anti-inflammatory, using cinnamon in healing spells can aid both physical recovery and emotional healing by fostering inner strength and warmth.
  6. Divination Rituals (Enhancing Psychic Abilities): Due to its spiritual potency, including cinnamon in divination rituals strengthens intuition and heightens psychic abilities while seeking guidance through tarot readings or other forms of foresight. You can also use it to boost more physical traits, like in an intelligence spell.

Cinnamon Magical Correspondence


  • Fire: Cinnamon’s warming energy aligns with the element of fire, which represents transformation, creativity, and passion.
  • Air: Its aromatic nature is associated with the air element, signifying communication, wisdom, and intellectual growth.

Spirit Animals

  • Dragonfly: With its adaptability and emotional depth, the dragonfly spirit animal resonates with cinnamon’s transformative powers.
  • Phoenix: The legendary bird mirrors cinnamon’s regenerative properties, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.

Astrological Signs

  • Aries: Cinnamon’s invigorating energy complements Aries’ natural drive for leadership and unwavering determination.-
  • Sagittarius: As a sign drawn to adventure and spiritual growth, Sagittarius finds synergy with cinnamon’s ability to ignite inspiration and expand consciousness.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of cinnamon hold a special place in our hearts as they whisper of warmth and comfort pulsating within this irresistible spice.

The intrinsic energy of cinnamon kindles creativity like the crackling embers of a hearth fire 🔥 and reawakens our passion for life, taking us on an invigorating dance through the flavors of existence.

Breathing in its enchanting scent can expand our intuitive powers, opening hidden doors to realms of insight tucked away in our souls’ corners. Allow cinnamon to be your trusted companion, nurturing your inner growth and illuminating the path toward a more compassionate world. 🌟

Magickal Affinity Test

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