Amethyst Magical Properties

Amethyst Magical Properties

Amethyst’s magical properties have been relied on by mystics throughout the ages, as it’s believed to possess healing energy and spiritual fortification. In our modern-day coven, we harness these abilities by utilizing amethyst crystals during rituals, meditation sessions, and even in our sacred adornments.

This deep connection with amethyst allows us to foster serenity, wisdom, and a little touch of magic throughout our daily lives. ✨

  1. Spiritual Growth and Protection (🏔️): Amethyst is revered for stimulating spiritual growth and enhancing the connection with the divine. Its purifying energy aids in meditating, strengthening intuition, and clearing negative thoughts. It acts as a protective shield against psychic attacks and lower vibrational energies.
  2. Emotional Balance (⚖️): The soothing vibes of amethyst promote emotional well-being by helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and mood swings. Its calming presence encourages mental clarity and balanced emotions, allowing the mind to focus better on productive activities while avoiding pessimistic thoughts.
  3. Sobriety Stone (🚭): Amethyst has long been associated with sobriety as it helps to counteract addictive behaviors and physical dependencies. This magical gemstone supports self-control and detoxifies your body while providing the inner strength to overcome temptations or cravings. It guides individuals on a path towards healthier habits both mentally and physically.

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Amethyst for Spells

Amethyst for Spells
  1. Protection Spells (🛡️): Wiccans often use amethyst in protection spells due to its ability to ward off negative energies and psychic attacks. Incorporating amethyst in these spells helps create a barrier around oneself or a designated area, providing safety from external harm. We work with Amethyst often in our candle protection spell.
  2. Meditation and Divination Spells (🔮): Amethyst’s connection with the spiritual realm makes it an ideal choice for meditation and divination spells. By including amethyst in these rituals, Wiccans may experience enhanced intuition, clarity, and spiritual insights while seeking answers from higher sources.
  3. Healing Spells (💚): The therapeutic properties of amethyst come in handy when performing healing spells for emotional or physical well-being. Using the crystal during these rituals amplifies positive vibrations, making it easier to release guilt, fear, and anxiety that could hinder mental, emotional or physical healing. This isn’t just physical, and we use it for spellwork like our karma cleanse spell.
  4. Cleansing Spells (🌊): As a powerful purifier of negative energies, amethyst is useful during cleansing spells for individuals or spaces. When incorporated into these practices, the stone helps clear out stagnant energy, promotes balance within the environment, and infuses the surroundings with harmonious energy – paving the way for personal growth and development.

Amethyst Magical Correspondence

Planetary Correspondences

  • Jupiter: Amethyst is associated with the expansive energy of Jupiter, enhancing spiritual growth and abundance.
  • Neptune: The magical properties of amethyst resonate with Neptune’s influence on intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual awareness.
  • Uranus: Amethyst’s transformative energy aligns with Uranus’ ability to encourage sudden changes for personal evolution.

Deity Correspondences

  • Diana: Amethyst is connected to Diana, the moon goddess and protectress of animals, representing wisdom and healing.
  • Artemis: This enchanting crystal is also linked to Artemis, goddess of the hunt and the moon, embodying purity and empowerment.
  • Bacchus / Dionysus: Legend has it that Bacchus or Dionysus (the Roman god/Greek god) created amethyst as an antidote for intoxication – hence its association with sobriety.

Spirit Animal Correspondences

  • Unicorn: Amethyst shares the unicorn’s symbolism of purity, serenity, and magical power.
  • Owl: Like the wise owl, amethyst promotes intuitive insights and higher wisdom in those who work with it.
  • Butterfly: Amethyst embodies transformation and renewal, like a butterfly’s journey during metamorphosis.

Chakra Correspondences

  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): As a powerful spiritual stone, amethyst is well-suited for balancing this chakra responsible for our connection to universal consciousness.
  • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna): Connecting to amethyst can help open and balance the Third Eye chakra – which is responsible for intuition, insight, clarity of thought, and psychic abilities.
  • Heart Chakra (Anahata): Although not predominantly associated with the Heart chakra, amethyst’s calming energy can facilitate emotional healing and balance in this vital energy center.

Metaphysical Properties

Peering into the depths of amethyst, one might glimpse its enchanting secrets, with metaphysical properties that sing to the rhythm of our souls. This alluring quartz captures our hearts with its mesmerizing violet hues and its ability to open doors to otherworldly realms.Along this mystical journey, amethyst whispers the serenade of:

  • Serenity (🌬️): Embrace the gentle embrace of peace and tranquility that radiates from this gemstone as it sweeps away stress and anxiety like a tender breeze caressing your spirit.
  • Spiritual Connection (🎇): Let amethyst be your beacon amidst uncharted spiritual territories, opening pathways to heightened intuition and psychic abilities that intertwine seamlessly with universal wisdom.
  • Healing Powers (💟): Grasp hold of amethyst’s healing vibrations; it yearns to mend emotional wounds, soothe physical ailments, and create harmony within your heart and soul. Like seeds planted in fertile soil, these metaphysical gifts flourish when amethyst is integrated into meditation practices or worn as sacred talismans.

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